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When we found out you were a boy I already knew I was gonna name you Sage.. But I didn't know you would come out with those beautiful green eyes, I didn't know you would be such a wise & smart baby (well I actually did), & I didn't know you were the last thing I was missing until I held you on this day last year.. Happy 1st birthday Sage ! You were destined for great things & I'll always be there by your side every step of the way to help you become the best man you can be.. I love you son !

Feliz Cumpleanos Mi Amor ! 28 never looked so good. This year we got lil Sage to party with us now.. Each that day goes by I fall more in love with you. I'm happy we get to grow old together. I appreciate everything you do for our family & the kids most certainly do to cause they love you so so much.. Today is your day & I promise to treat you like the queen you are (even tho I do that everyday lol) Happy birthday babe ! Now let's go get some sushi

This shit betta be real or I'ma blow Def Jam up for playing with my emotions..

Time is flyin by.. I can't believe you bout to be 1 in a couple months.

Selena & Baby Joker..

My #wce I can honestly say I don't give you enough credit that you deserve. You been there when I been down, You helped build me up, & had my back thru everything. You gave me my baby boy Sage & treated Zion with nothing but genuine love even tho he's not yours. You're what I searched for my whole life & I'm so happy to have you. Te Quiero mucho mi Alma gemala πŸ’™

When I was a jit I used to draw old school cars on 24s.. Now I'm whippin one.

The newest addition to the family 🐢 Kodak πŸ•

I'm still gettin attacked for making this beat 5 years ago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ SpaceghostPurrp didn't produce this.. I made it

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