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Thanks to @tararach417 and @toneill19 for their culinary skills in a nice dinner tonight! See, sometimes I spend actual time at a dining table

Great news, everyone. I also still can't remotely pull off looking into the camera correctly, so the perturbed faces will live on

The first thing I did with New Phone (yet to be named for network purposes) was take fifty pictures of my dog. I have graciously reduced that to two :P

From 4.2.17 ♥
Can't wait to get my new phone this week... then I can post cheesy sunsets with less grain

Found Mona in my drafts. I'm gonna cuddle this pup in T minus 2 hours

☕ and Catfish with @malleyways. Two weeks out from retiring my s5 and I'm basically just borrowing his phone to sigh over dat picture quality 😍😢

We have entered #foodtruck season in South Side. Amazing ramen burger for lunch from @bluesparrowpgh (no pic of that bc it looked way too delicious to wait)

Woolies. (Snaps for how many times I struggled to actually look at the camera properly...)

Shopping, hotdogging, weather-enduring, happy houring in Reykjavik.

Black sand beach, Atlantic bay, South Shore waterfall.

Viking sculpture by the bay.

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