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In a very meta insta, I got these photo booth style Instagram prints from @socialps and I'm in love with them 😍

Flowers from bf, green on the trees, flowers everywhere really. I'm into it 🌻

If you were wondering, this is what it looks like when a bird cuddles with you (poofy and nestles in close)

I did finally walk over and check out the Bean this week, so I'm either more of a real Chicagoan or took a step backward into touristing. (No one told me about the weird hip bone vortex underneath)

My favorite part of this photo: my dad missing three teeth lmao

Jellyfish and nightmarefish

Zoo day with the family – probably the only time I have ever seen the leopard awake

For when you want to pretend your pets are friends

I blinked. Swipe for a pretty skyline though πŸŒ‡

Begged a quick photo from a seat neighbor. Here is the least blurry result lol

Now squished into the lobby foyer before the show. AHHHHHHHHH.

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