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With so many animal friends around I almost forgot to do anything but throw snaps to the wind with my human folk. This weekend was also our grandparents' anniversary party! What was the cue here, 'do something cute'? It was nice to see everyone come into town for Pap-Pap and Weezy's 60th 😊🌻

Newcomer Oso CRUSHES the classic head tilt

This was such a fantastic dog weekend between @saxonymarie bringing Baxter to visit and Oso (the puppy on page 2!) joining @kariannamae's clan. Mona was a magnanimous presence for both.

Baxter visits Pittsburgh!

@sara_day and I found this beautiful kitten chasing people up and down Sarah St. looking for attention. A woman who lived a few doors down said she'd seen her around for a while and didn't seem to have an owner.

Sara just took her to Humane Animal Rescue @harsaveslives on Western Ave, so if you want to adopt she should be available by next week! Very affectionate and relaxed, loved being petted and held. She appears to be less than a year old. #ARLSavesLives #adoptwphs #pghanimalswin #pittsburgh

When your nails match your comfy blanket and WOULD have matched your navy blue, metallic flecked sweater if you'd done this yesterday 😬

@Redhawkcoffee truck in the Commons parking lot this morning πŸ˜β˜• got sweet Vietnamese cold brew and a brie tart!

Late night post of the flight out to Chicago, killing time with color balance on the plane home. Starting to feel like home is in two places. Someday muggles will figure out how to apparate.

Anyways, outbound was cool because we were flying between two cloud shelves at sunset β›…

Orange pup, orange floor = really hard to find a flattering filter. Sorry Holly

Pros: new phone camera so good it picks up the pores on my nose.
Con: new phone camera so good it picks up the pores on my nose

A study in light. In the parking lot outside chipotle.

No filter on my mom's lilacs πŸ’

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