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When your kid wakes up during your workout and wants to be held you do it. When you finish your workout and your baby says again. lol you do 25 more. When you finish the extra 25 and she says more again. You say don't you want breakfast. She says yes. Thank goodness this is definitely my kid. Haha

This little angel is so spirited and I love her gorgeous blue eyes. 💙 Love her with all my heart.

The rain sure made the flowers come on nice.

Love trying latte art on the flats whites! @sbux.watt.elkhorn @starbuckspartners @starbucks

She's in love with her new tent. It's much bigger than I thought.

I love her so much. She's so beautiful. #15montholdgirl

#momlifeisthebestlife she fell asleep on our way to meet my friend and her son. Slept through our entire lunch and slept most the way back. Transferred to the carrier and to the car seat asleep. #momlifewin #valentinesdate

She is my one and only valentine and all I ever need. #15MonthsOld #forevermysweetgirl #valentinesdate #loveherforever

These little feet! I love them. Cosleeping is good for both of us! Only time I get to relax. #15monthstogether #mylittle💙

When you say come snuggle with mommy and she brings the blanket and lays down. Score!!!

Not sure if she was jealous of me or the caterpillar but I laid down and she ran over fussy crying and laid on both of us. Well, I guess it's nap time.

Guess who loves the caterpillar I got her? I need a video of this. So cute.

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