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Solomon Ojochegbe Shaibu SOS™  I only look 👆to God iShoot 🎥 I iDirect 🎬 I iEdit 💻 Head of Media at @waymediahouse Founder | CEO @yespictures_i

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The two Bus stops before success takes the Grace of God and a Lion heart to do - but they are hurdles that must be jumped to succeed - You have to Decide, You have to Commit and then by God's special grace - Succeed !!! #munamovie #filmdirector #filmproducer #filmmaking #africanfilmmaker

I'm really honored to be a tutor @mmpoffice Academy alongside my brothers in 🎥 @great_soja @bilal_salau @imfoj @sob360 @isob_abstract @rocksking4yahweh @cris_kesta
August summer school coming soonest.
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Hello Everyone.
We have had several complaints about imposters asking people to buy forms or send money to get signed, attend workshops or to become models.
Please beware of them as I or My Company have nothing to do with them, also pay careful attention to the information above 👆🏽
#stayblessed #clarenceshotit #therealcapitaldreams ✊🏽

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The effects of Prayers;
1; Prayer doesn't make you powerful, it's only makes tremendous power available for us.
2; Those who pray, the devil cannot make them his prey.
3; The more you pray, the more you want to pray.
4; Prayer makes heaven familiar with your voice, when you speak, heaven responds.
5; You may not take that business, breakthrough unless you have taken it in prayers.
6; Prayers is not a sign of weakness but absolute trust in your maker.
7; Those who stay in prayers carry an atmosphere where they go
8; Prayers accesses Gods Presence, Gods presence makes mountains melt
9; Those who seek God before they seek men will have answers faster than those who seek men before seeking God
10; Prayer is not a religious virtue, it's a spiritual venture
11; If Jesus who is God, prayed on Earth, Men should pray without condition
12; God doesn't interfere in the affairs of men, He only intervenes.
13; What an invite is to a wedding is what prayer is to God.
So pls Let's make time out and stand in the place of prayers together, Peace and God bless you and yours - @pasta_paul

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Episode 4 is here! Follow the link in our bio to watch the whole story of @shanehurlbutasc! Living proof that you can be whoever and whatever you want to be! #theremarkableones

I owe them alot @waymediahouse
@bilal_salau @abdulshahid_presh
They made me what I am today.

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I met a gift, yes the little girl with me in the photo is called gift. We met at a friends movie shoot and then we became friends, truth is sometimes you feel you are going through tough times and then you get to see other people going through worst things yet they are filled with some much happiness. We got to that environment and I almost cried seeing where certain people reside, Hmm it was just terrible. So what's the point of carrying "Grudges" in life? What's the point of losing love ones over silly misunderstanding and material things? What's the point of putting GOD in a place rather than first? And it got me thinking deeply, how I have lost contact,connection,relationships,emotions with close friends,loved ones and family and I asked myself why? And I realised I didn't really fight for them to stay in my life or rather I was the one who walked out on them. I made up my mind to change and i pray the ones I wronged would find it in their hearts to forgive me. Back to my new friend gift, we spoke for a while and then I gave her the little cash I had with me. I hope to visit her sometime and I pray she grows up to become someone great in life and be a GOD fearing woman. My name is Cris kester Odu Owan and I carry "No grudges" #Nigeria#Africa#music#christian#goodmusic #rap #Godovereverything #gospel #inspirational#theworld#photography#movies "No grudges" video link in my bio

Art is Beautyful
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#filmgang @waymediahouse @yespictures_i inspired by @isob_abstract the greatest photographer

Art is everything
Model @ochai_ogaba 📷 #sosexpression
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Inspired by @isob_abstract the greatest photographer...

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