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Kenna  || And at last, she felt alive || Follow the adventure @travelingbyteardrop

Hey Guys! We are starting a new project! Take a look and follow along with our adventures @travelingbyteardrop πŸ—Ί

Gazing at last light

🎢 In a field with yellow flowers, underneath the sun 🎢

Today's breakfast: Rutabaga "hashbrowns" from @simplytaylorblog
I deviated a bit and used a mix of coconut oil and bacon fat so it has a bit of a smoky flavor. I def worked up an appetite peeling the rutabaga. I stopped after 45 mins and have plenty left over. It tastes so good! Well worth the effort and now I have leftovers for tomorrow. 😍πŸ’ͺ🏻

First sunset of the season!

Spring rains

Some days feel like a slow crawl 🐌

Childhood dream house, tree house

Downtown Gahanna was a sweet surprise. Lots of great restaurants with awesome patios! I'll be heading back as the days get longer and warmer. 😊

Spent a quick morning walk at Creekside Gahanna. So nice to be out and about! 😊

Back to cold and fog ☺️

I need some color in my life.

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