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Adri  Obsessed with skincare & beauty ✨Skin Type✨Oily T-zone|Slightly dry elsewhere|Congested pores|Acne scars|hormonal breakouts|

✨Mini Updates on Skincare & Beauty✨
I had a lovely day at Disney California and now it’s time to unwind. My favorite way to relax after a long day out is to mask and watch Netflix. I’m currently catching up on Queer Eye ☺️, p.s is anyone else super jealous of Jonathan’s hair?? He has the prettiest hair ever & I want to know his hair routine 😍!!
💎Kush Brow Gel #milkmakeup in Dutch
I been using this for a couple of days and I’m really liking it. It makes my brows look a lot fuller, it feels like I have nothing on, and I’m digging the medium shade. I’m still not sure if I like this as much as Boy Brow (i love boy brow) but I am enjoying it.
💎Brightening Dragon Fruit Mask #origins
I have used this 3 times. The first time I tried it I felt a slight tingling sensation but on the 2nd & 3rd time I felt absolutely nothing. For me the results have been pretty minimal. My skin does feel softer, looks a bit brighter in the morning, but I’m not a huge fan of the crushed walnut shell (I’m not really a physical exfoliant type of gal). I will continue using it, but I don’t think this is going to be a “go to” mask in my routines.
💎Rose Lip Polish #frenchgirl I got this on sale and I’m so glad that I purchased it. It leaves my lips feeling so dang soft, I love it’s light rose aroma, and it’s also moisturizing 😍.
💎*Spot Treatment #katesomerville Eradikate Every once in a while I get large pustules on the side of my nose. Welp I started using this on the pustules and literally over night I been seeing a huge difference! I still have some of the bump left over but it no longer looks angry 🙌🏽. I want to try the Sunday Riley Sulfur Mask next, have you guys tried that one?
💎Jasmin Lip Balm #korres I got this on a whim (I thought the packaging was cute) but sadly I’m not a fan. It just doesn’t feel moisturizing and it leaves my lips looking kind of pale. The texture is also a bit difficult to spread.
💎Moisturizer #bioderma Sensibio Light
This is so nice! I been reaching for this whenever my skin is feeling sensitized and it really helps to calm it down. The texture is also nice for summer time, not too thick, yet manages to seal everything in ☺️. I’m almost out 😭.
*PR Gifted

✨💖My summer essentials💖✨
I know that we are still in early summer, but I wanted to share with you some products that have been aiding my skin during these hot summer days :). A couple of these have been well love since 2017 others since 2016!
💎*Cleanser #kravebeauty Matcha Hemp Cleanser - A little goes a long way, it doesn’t irritate my eyes, & it leaves my skin feeling completely revitalize. Which is exactly what I krave for specially during hot summer days ❤️
💎Moisturizer #tatcha The Water Cream -
This is my favorite moisturizer for blazing summer months (I been using it since last year). I adore it’s airy texture, how it instantly cools down my skin, and how it still manages to give my skin a lustrous finish ✨.
💎*Moisturizer #herbivorebotanicals Pink Cloud ☁️ - This has a thicker viscosity so I been reaching for it at night. I enjoy using this after I have exfoliated my face, since it feels pretty calming. It also provides
my skin with a little extra moisture (i have either the fan or AC on at night) hence why I appreciate the moisture boost.
💎Eye cream #tatcha The Pearl in Moon Light
Lately I been skipping my tinted moisturizer (I just can’t with this heat), but I still want some brightness underneath my eyes so I been reaching for the pearl. It provides me with some hydration and I’m addicted to how awake it makes me look 👀 .
💎Sunscreen tatcha This is my holy grail sunscreen and it’s a summer favorite. It keeps my t-zone shine free, blends with ease, doesn’t feel thick, and leaves no white cast.
💎All Over Moisturize Stick #cocokind Matcha Stick. This is the best stick ever. I apply it on my under eyes, sides of nose, on my lips. It’s quite calming & v moisturizing. It’s also a staple in my beach bag.
💎Cherry Balm & Haze Cloud Paint #glossier
I love the slight cherry tint that this lip balm gives and haze has been my go to cloud paint. It just makes me look like I got a little sunburned.
💎*Wave Spray #gisou It gives a nice amount of waves to my hair without it feeling heavy or sticky. It also smells delicious.
💎*Powder Sunscreen #supergoop I use this after my skincare, to set my makeup, & to retouch. ❤️
*PR Gifted

✨💖Where are the pink q-tips from?!💖✨
Hi guys! I thought it will be fun to talk about my beauty desk set up, how I like to stay “organized”, and list the places where I like to shop for decor. Basically, if you have ever wonder where the dang pink cotton buds are from, then please keep on reading ☺️.
— Fist I want to start by saying that all of my beauty products have to be out on display, if I have them in a drawer or sitting on a enclosed shelve, I will forget about them. That’s just how my brain works 🤷🏽‍♀️—
💎Lipstick/glossier organizer is from the container store, and all of my acrylic containers are from there too. I love the container store, everything I have purchased from them has lasted me a really long time. Pretty nice quality but prices can be a bit high (depending on what you get).
💎Pink plate and all of the plates that I show on here are from my local thrift store. I love going to thrift stores in search for decor pieces (my pink swan is from their too). Items are well priced, and if you take your time, you can find gems 👀☺️.
💎Small pink mirror is from Daiso Japan. It cost $3.00 and I have had the same one for over a year now! I think that by now a lot of you guys know that I love Daiso. They sell so many good items, makeup bags (like the one in the photo), eyebrow pencils, cotton squares, black cotton buds, sheet masks, snacks, stationery, etc. If you have a Daiso near by check it out.
💎Big marble mirror is from target, i love it so much! A few months back @ameliaasays posted it, and almost the entire skincare community bought it thanks to her post 😂❤️. Target is another great place to shop for decor. P.S definitely do not skip the $1 section at target, because every once in a while they have awesome finds.
💎Plant pots, skincare cart (Raskog), large white round tray, and pink vase are from Ikea. I’m not even going to talk about Ikea because I’m sure we all like Ikea already.
💎Finally pink q-tips are from Amazon! I’m an amazon prime member, so whenever I’m bored I go on there to look at what they have. Most of my makeup bags are from amazon as well :).
💖Let me know your favorite places to shop for decor/organization items ☺️ 💖.

Hi guys! Today I just want to ask you for sunscreen recommendations ❤️. Yesterday, I started roller skating and I noticed that my sunscreen was not staying put. I only skated for about 40 minutes, but since I was sweating profusely (tmi?)😓, I feel like the sunscreen just couldn’t hang (my arms got a little red and they were super hot after). Right now I’m using the Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen (as my body sunscreen) and while I like it for walks, I don’t think it’s working out for skating.
P.S I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday.
Oh and if you guys want to share your summer staples along 😍☀️ with your fave sunscreens, I will super appreciate it!! ❤️❤️

Morning Routine ☀️❤️. You guys it’s 110 degrees in Orange County 😅. I’m going to stay home all day in the AC with my fur babies, no way I’m going outside lol. Oh also my Moxi skates are arriving today and I’m seriously so excited to skate again! It’s been years! 😭 *Update the power went out in my block currently sizzling* 😭
✨Cleanse glossier (not pictured)
✨Toner acwell (not pictured)
✨Treat #benton Cacao Moist & Mild Serum just got this from #Sokoglam and so far I’m really enjoying it. Texture wise it reminds me of my favorite hydrating serum JS Hydrate.
✨*Treat #asarai Response Theory You guys I’m almost out of this serum! I been using it pretty frequently and it does an amazing job at treating my redness. It also sinks in with ease and just feels like pure bliss on my skin.
✨Eye Cream #tatcha the pearl my favorite eye cream for day time. It conceals and brightens my dark undereyes while giving some hydration to my skin. Sometimes I use it all over my face bc I love the finish this gives (don’t judge) lol.
✨*Face Oil #drunkelephant Marula Oil
Just a few drops and I always apply it with a patting motion.
✨*Sunscreen #supergoop Mineral Matte Screen
💎Also I am finally starting to like cream makeup products! I use to dislike them mainly bc I didn’t know how to apply them. I would always do it with a beauty blender and everything would just sheer out. Now I been applying my cream makeup with brushes/fingers and it’s been a game changer!! Lol If you have a favorite cream blush, bronzer, or highlight please let me know! I want to try more 😍. My faves right now are #jilliandempsey Cheek/Lid Tint, #etudehouse cream blush, Dewy Stix from #ciatelondon, #makebeauty bronzer in *Charon, and #glossier cloud paints (I’m finally loving them). 😂💎
*PR Gifted

✨Mini skincare & makeup updates✨
Hi guys ❤️ for the last 2 weeks, I have incorporated new beauty products to my skincare & makeup routines.
💎*Moisturizer #youthtothepeople Adaptogen Cream. The texture of this moisturizer reminds me of Belif Moisture Bomb (medium airy texture yet incredibly moisturizing). I been using this mainly at night, it brings comfort to my skin, & I wake up feeling soft not oily.
💎*Sunscreen #supergoop Mineral Matte Sunscreen Spf 40. If you are looking for a matte sunscreen, like v matte, then this might be for you. When I wear it my face stays 100% shine free. Furthermore, it doubles up as a primer, blurs all of my pores, and prolongs the wear of my makeup. The only down side is that it has a dimethicone slip on the skin.
💎Sunscreen #tonymoly My Sunny Watery Sun Essence. Blends in with ease, partners well over skincare products, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes.
💎*Powder Sunscreen Supergoop I use this to set my makeup and at the end of my skincare routines (but I still always wear liquid sunscreen). It feels pretty silky on my skin, keeps everything in place, and i like the spf.
💎*D-Bronzi #drunkelephant My face is lighter than my body so I’m always trying to warm up my complexion. I been using D-Bronzi and I love the warmness it brings to my skin. I mix it with my sunscreens or moisturizers (except Umbra Sheer).
💎Skin Tint #glossier (new formula) in Dark
Love the new formula! It’s longer wearing, has a bit more coverage, and it’s deff more matte. However, it still feels light & moisturizing ❤️.
💎Cloud Paints Glossier in Storm & Dawn
Storm is my go to shade! It looks like if I’m naturally flushing. Dawn is a pretty unique Orange shade but idk if it’s for me. I’m still experimenting with it.
💎Tint #bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch I love this tint. Spf 50, light coverage, stays on all day, and its matte. My t-zone gets really oily during the summer, so I appreciate this for the summer time.
💎Lid & Cheek Tint #JillianDempsey
These are so dang pretty, super easy to blend, give a natural glow, & give decent color payoff. The lid tint does crease on me though (I don’t mind).
*PR Gifted

This week has been stressful. My mom’s birthday was on the 13th, but I didn’t get to spend time with her (she is in MX), and on that same day we received terrible news that our family members were in a horrible car crash. In order to handle some of the stress I been taking walks at night and it’s been nice. I carry some cat treats in a little baggy and give them to the neighborhood cats (they are so dang cute this cat name Jack literally inhales the treats 😂). I been also masking and watching some Disney movies just to have some comfort. Now it’s Saturday and I’m getting ready to go to work. What are your plans for today? ❤️ Oh and here is my morning routine🐱.
✨Cleanse #weleda
✨*Mask #tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask
✨Spritz #saturdayskin
✨*Treat #asarai My skin has been loving this serum I’m already half way done with the bottle. It calms my cheek redness and feels so light 🙌🏽.
✨Treat #milkmakeup Watermelon Serum
✨Jelly Watermelon Sheet Mask #glowrecipe
First Impressions: It took me a couple of minutes to apply the mask correctly, but once it figured it out I was like dang, this feels so freaking refreshing. The mask has a slight watermelon aroma and the jelly adheres perfectly to the skin (it stays put)! I was doing laundry (moving around), and I had zero problems. Plus the entire time I had it on (30 min) it managed to stay feeling cool and calming 😍.
✨Eye Cream Tatcha The Pearl Lately I haven’t been wearing concealer I just use this and a little bit of a tinted sunscreen. The eye cream gives my under eyes enough brightness and it looks so natural ☺️.
✨Moisturizer #summerfridays
✨Face Oil #leooil I been using this for a week and I’m enjoying it. I add just one small drop to my face and that’s all I need. It doesn’t make me oily, instead it sits nicely on the skin, giving me an extra amount of moisture. It’s also nice and soothing.
✨Sunscreen #tatcha My holygrail sunscreen ☺️.
*PR Gifted

It’s starting to get so hot in Southern California, basically all I want to do is go to the beach, lay down under a huge umbrella, put a sheet mask on and nap 😴. Then go into the ocean with a bunch of sunscreen on. Idk but that just sounds pretty freaking amazing to me. Also I’m happy to say that after talking to my love ones MULTIPLE times, about how freaking important it is to wear sunscreen (on the daily), they are finally starting to wear it!! 🙌🏽 Well here is my morning routine ☺️. Today I’m going to be at work all day, hope you guys have a lovely Sunday 💖.
✨Cleanse #glossier
✨Toner #cocokind their rose water toner is my favorite 🌹.
✨Essence #saturdayskin I’m almost out of this essence but this is for sure a repurchase. I feel like it keeps my skin super hydrated and my skin analyzer agrees!
✨Treat #milkmakeup Watermelon Serum
✨Eye cream #tatcha (not pictured)
✨*Moisturizer #herbivorebotanicals Pink Cloud ☁️. This is such a lovely and refreshing moisturizer I’m almost out but I’m deff going to get a new one! ❤️❤️
✨Lips #kopari Lip Glossy
✨Sunscreen #missha
*PR Gifted
Btw have you guys worn a sheet mask to the beach? Or where is the most random place that you have worn a sheet mask too?? Lol
Let me know in the comments so I can read it during my break :).

💖✨Makeup items that live on my vanity✨💖
⭐️*Primer #tatcha the silk canvas
This is my favorite primer it blurs pores, gives my skin a glow, pro longs the wear of my makeup, and it feels pretty light. This is deff worth the hype & oh yeah it also doubles as a lip & eye shadow primer ☺️.
⭐️Primer #toofaced Hangover Primer
This makes me a bit too oily but I feel like it might be a good option for winter months ❄️
⭐️Foundation #bobbibrown Skin Foundation SPF 15 This reminds me of glossier skin tint but if skin tint gave a nice medium coverage. Well this stays on all day, gives a radiant finish, and it doesn’t settle on my pores (so I can use it without primer).
⭐️Foundation #hourglass Foundation Stick
This is my go to foundation for whenever I’m in a hurry or when I want full coverage. It blends with ease (i do have to use a primer other wise it settles weird) & it completely evens out my skin without it feeling heavy or looking thick
⭐️Concealer #lauramercier Flawless Fusion
This concealer is a-okay. It doesn’t crease, feels hydrating, but it doesn’t manage to completely cover my dark under eyes 😭👀. What’s your fave concealer?
⭐️Setting Powder Hourglass this feels finely milled and silky but I feel like $46 for .36oz is a lot of $$. This does keep my makeup in place, blurs pores, but sadly it makes my under eyes look so dry. I’m sticking with my Chanel loose powder.
⭐️Finishing Powder Hourglass in Dim Light Ok this is another expensive $$ powder it’s $46 for .35oz 😫 but I actually feel like this one is worth the money. With finishing powders I tend to use a lot less so even the little dim light that’s in the palette has lasted me a while. I place a small amount all over my face and i swear it looks like have a filter on.
⭐️Bronzer #marcjacobs O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan. This is lovely it blends with ease, doesn’t look muddy, & I can really build it making me look like I have a tan. The only down side is that the pretty rose gold writing is starting to fade 😭.
❤️Cont. in Comments❤️

You guys! I just received @drunkelephant D - Bronzi 👀☀️ in the mail. This is their Anti-Pollution Sunshine Serum. It claims to give a “shot of sunshine to the skin” while protecting it from environmental stressors. I’m really looking forward to trying this out, my face is a lot lighter than the rest of my body... So if this manages to warm up my complexion and it feels nice on my skin I’ll be v happy. Thank you so much Drunk Elephant for sending it my way ❤️ (along with their sunscreen and marula oil). If you guys are interested in seeing a first impressions on D- Bronzi please let me know 💖. Also on a complete side note I passed my Math class!!!
✨P.S if you guys have any questions on the #DrunkElephant products that are on my vanity, let me know and I’m more than happy to answer ☺️.

💖✨Morning Routine✨💖
Summer is quickly approaching and this summer I’m planning on hosting a little skincare picnic at a park in Orange County. I think it would be so much fun to hang out with y’all, eat snacks, talk about skincare, and perhaps paint a little. If this sounds like something that kind of interest you, please let me know ☺️❤️.
⭐️Cleanse #biologiquerecherche Lait U
The most gentle cream cleanser I have ever tried. Has a thin texture that spreads on the skin with ease, clean rinse off (no need for a washcloth), and leaves my skin feeling supple yet refreshed. I really want to build my collection of BR products, do you guys have any faves from them?
⭐️Toner Biologique Recherche P50W
Sooooo this product has been a game changer. I use it every other day and my skin absolutely loves it. My skin looks pretty dang even, I have experienced less breakouts, & not to toot my own horn but I really feel like my skin has been looking it’s best since I included this product in my routines. Now I’m waiting for Masque Vivant to be part of my collection but i swear that mask is impossible to find, it’s backorder & suppose to ship in June 🤞🏽. ⭐️Spritz #cocokind Rose Water
⭐️*Treat #asarai Response Theory
⭐️Treat #milkmakeup Watermelon Serum
⭐️Eyes Cocokind Matcha Stick to help de-puff 👀
⭐️Moisturizer #summerfridays This has been my go to moisturizer whenever my skin is feeling combo/dry. It pairs well under makeup, and it equalizes my combination skin.
⭐️Sunscreen #coola I been using this as a regular sunscreen. I apply a nickel size amount on my face (I don’t mix it with a moisturizer or foundation) and it’s actually pretty nice. It sits comfortably on my skin, doesn’t break me out, and it doesn’t move around. Even though I like the way it feels I don’t think this is going to be a repurchase. I feel like it’s pretty expensive specially when my Missha sunscreen is only $14 and feels just as nice.
⭐️*Sunscreen #supergoop I didn’t wear this today but I wore it the other day. When I put it on it made my eyes water like crazy to the point that I had to rinse it off. It also felt heavy on my skin, I don’t know if I will reach for it again :(.
*PR Gifted

💖✨Haul - Repurchases - Mini Updates✨💖
⭐️Milky Jelly Cleanser #glossier Favorite morning cleanse of all time! This lives on my bathroom sink since I reach for it that often.
⭐️Super Lash Green & Pink Mascara #byapple Favorite Mascara. Brush is huge so I have to be careful but this keeps my stubborn straight lashes curled all day, gives me fluffy lashes, and doesn’t look clumpy.
⭐️Boy Brow #glossier in Black holy grail brow gel. I use it on its own or i pair it with my wet n wild powder for a more “dramatic” brow.
⭐️Sunscreen #Missha All Around Safe Block SPF 45 one of my holy grail sunscreens. Does anyone know if they changed the packaging? I got one through amazon & it looks different...
Mini Updates
⭐️Lash Slick #glossier been using this for a week and it’s a good mascara. Formula stays put ~ doesn’t flake or smudged. Even after crying which I did during finals week 🤷🏽‍♀️. But I have to admit that this is a very natural mascara (on me) and it doesn’t hold my curl :(. I do have extremely stubborn lashes though.
⭐️Lip Glossy #kopari bought this after seeing it on Jaclyn Hill video and I’m really enjoying it! It’s extremely glossy, smells amazing, and it does a lovely job at moisturizing my lips. It’s also pretty light weight :).
⭐️The Pearl #tatcha I think my favorite way of applying this is over my sunscreen. I always apply sunscreen under my eyes & since sunscreen is my last step I feel like it moves the eye brightener around. How do you like to apply this?
⭐️Foundation #hourglass Vanish. Ok this is quickly becoming my favorite foundation. It feels lightweight seems to stay throughout the day and it looks like skin (paired with the tatcha primer). Also every time I wear this I get compliments on my skin lol.
⭐️Lip Mask #bitebeauty This tastes amazing lol. It’s thicker than the kopari one but not as goopy as the Laneige. It’s a good lip mask but I still prefer the Laneige one. I feel like that one does the best job at moisturizing my lips specially over night.
Haul/New New Products
❤️Cont. in Comments❤️

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