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Soren the German Shepherd Dog  🎂🎈May 1, 2015 🍖🍱Raw fed 🚻 @alexandermoffitt | @cocomoff

Look out, Soren's coming for you
🐕 Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

I hope you guys had a great weekend! We sure did👍
😍Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

Soren loves his car 🚗. He lays here while I clean it. 😇
💙Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

He's helping me plant flowers 😊 but I hope it doesn't become a habit. This is the first time he's done this. #ghcustomer 🌷Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

We're just hanging out this green space 🌳🌲
🐶Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

When he looks up with those beautiful brown eyes, how do you ever say "no". This was after I said "Let's go home" and he rebels by laying down. 😂#theneverendingwalk 😇Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

Enjoying the nice weather in the city 🌤️🌇
🔶Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds #citydog

I know I should have taken a video, but I just took a lot of pictures. Soren loves water!💧
💙Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherdsPartners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

Waiting for his early morning breakfast. 🧀
🐭Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

Happy Tuesday to my friends! 💙
😇Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

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