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Soren the German Shepherd Dog  🎂🎈May 1, 2015 🍖🍱Raw fed 🚻 @alexandermoffitt | @cocomoff

Gotta tire this boy out😎 and probably get a new Frisbee😉

Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

Soren is feeling much better already. He has both ears up 😎and isn't shaking his head anymore. He is ready to take on the weekend🎉
Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

We're at the vet. Soren has an ear infection😟. But he's being so good. He's hiding under the chair while we wait.
🐶Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

He's happy to be out in the sun🌞 we're enjoying this weather! We hope you are having nice weather too.☀️
Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

Soren's Birthday meal!
🎂Do you see the drool? We didn't do the whole cupcake and hat thing this year because he never really liked it anyways. He prefers meat🍗 Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

The biggest meal prep we've ever done. Hopefully, this will last awhile🍗🍖

This is the look of a tired Soren after playing Frisbee😎 Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

He's a good puppy, we couldn't ask for a better dog🐕🎾
Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

Morning playtime! Happy Holiday weekend!🎉🐇💟🌷🐣

Well, that didn't take long. Nap time it is👍😴 Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

Happy #nationalpuppyday. I can't believe he was ever this small💙 Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

He has to get the new couch ready for lots of naps.😺Partners: @beckpack4 @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

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