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Soren the German Shepherd Dog  🎂🎈May 1, 2015 🍖🍱Raw fed 🚻 @alexandermoffitt | @cocomoff

Waiting patiently while we do our Friday cleanup. 😇 #goodboy #gooddog 🌈Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @sourthernshepherd @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

These boys have been playing all afternoon. Cute #headtilt courtesy of Duke💙💚. Also Soren has been very patient when it's time to rest. 🐶Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @sourthernshepherd @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

It works! Glow dog and glow ball 😊Good Morning world! 😇Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @sourthernshepherd @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

Soren is too big for this tiny door 😜💄
🚪Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @sourthernshepherd @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

When you drop your toy, but you were told to "stay" 😂
👍Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @sourthernshepherd @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

It says this toy will bring entertainment for hours!😂👏 He definitely likes the squeak 🐀
🧀Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @sourthernshepherd @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

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