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Soren the German Shepherd Dog  🎂🎈May 1, 2015 🍖🍱Raw fed 🚻 @alexandermoffitt | @cocomoff

We went jogging in the woods. Soren is so tired 💤 But he is the best jogging buddy and runs right beside me. 😇
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How we feel after not sleeping much. Can't wait until it's the weekend 👏🎉
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About 1.5 years ago, Soren and I went into Petco and he started barking at this lady that worked there and it scared her. She said she was afraid of dogs (why she works at a pet store is beyond me). So we went in today and Soren was perfect and happy with everyone and then we saw the same lady as we were leaving and Soren started barking at her again. I think its kind of funny. But we should talk to our trainers about it. I hope you guys are having a great Monday. We obviously are!! 😀😘
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Soren looooves elevators! 🚪⬇️⬆️
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Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 Stay safe everyone 🎆🎉
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Soren actually likes fireworks🎇🎆. It's kind of funny 🤣 Stay safe everyone! 🇺🇸
Partners: @grischoff_the_gsd @beckpack4 @sourthernshepherd @kastor.akira.gsds @molson_gsd @camelotshepherds

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