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S O R E L L E A M O R E  "I'm going to make everything around me and within me beautiful. That will be my life. " 📍Iceland

Mother Nature does some incredible things. ✨💕 #travel #cyprus #liveoutdoors

Having traveled to over 40 countries, without a doubt I can say the greatest teacher is our world and the beautiful experiences that lie within each corner of the Earth. Can't wait to explore more.
#travel #cyprus #liveoutdoors

The ocean is one of my favorite art pieces of Mother Nature. The colours, shapes, the mysteries that lie beneath, the birds flying past providing a sense of scale for this aquatic world. Being obsessed with the ocean from a young age, being a professional swimmer for years, being a lifeguard on some of Australia's busiest beaches - the ocean will always hold a very special place in my heart. 💙

#iceland #iśland #ocean

Iceland is a land full of contrasts. Dark mysterious landscapes mixed with adorable, dreamy, fairytale landscapes. There's something for everyone. ✨💫 #iśland #iceland #westfjords

The second art piece of me photographed by Danny Eastwood (@make_strange). I'm constantly mesmerized by this unique series - the concept, the colors, the execution. Perfection. ✨💎 #art #waterart #beauty

When in doubt, photograph Greenlandic dogs - the most photogenic and badass dogs in the world 😏
#greenland #greenlandpioneer #dogsofinsta

The secret gold sand beach in Iceland is proof that Iceland is number 1..................mic drop. 😏✨ #iceland #iśland #icelandsecret

Obsessed with the female form. Obsessed with nature. This is the result. ✨
(Original photo concept by the mega babe @themagdalenaexperience)

#iceland #natureart #mothernature

They call it Iceland's bluest waterfall. And there is no question as to why. 💎💙 #iceland #ísland #icelandsecret

Incredible patterns of the icebergs. 💎
#greenland #icebergs #mothernature

Within my three day trip in the Westfjords with @inspiredbyiceland, we came across just a handful of cars. That meant that the curiosity of the animals of that part of Iceland towards humans was greater than I had ever experienced. I loved being surrounded by these little cuties whilst they nibbled on my clothes and sniffed by camera. Cute moments shared. ✨
@visitwestfjords #inspiredbyiceland #westfjords #icelandsecret #iceland

During my trip to the Westfjords, it felt like I was in a different world. So much so that at times I was working out what the time was back in Iceland, quickly realizing I was still here. Perhaps one of the reasons were the low rainbows we saw everywhere which looked completely surreal.
@inspiredbyiceland @visitwestfjords #icelandsecret #westfjords #inspiredbyiceland

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