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S O R E L L E A M O R E  ♚ Please Wait...Building of a Filmmaker is in Progress ☥ Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience ⚔︎ YouTuber LATEST VIDEO↡

I meaaaan...I think this might be my best photo I’ve taken of myself to date. Advanced selfie on steroids 😱 I’ve also whacked on one of my presets which will be fricking available on Sunday! What?! My moody as hell, vintage feel preset collection will be out in just a few days.
I’ve called the collection...hem hem...HIPSTER AF! 🕺🏻 It’s to celebrate my recent major hipsterification of eating as organic as I can, trying to be as plastic free as possible, 90% vegan, dressing in second hand or organic clothing, drinking filtered water. I’m ridiculous.
But anyway...can’t wait for you guys to get these presets in your little hands. It’s gonna be swell.
Show me your poops 💩 if you’re excited (if you know, then you know). .
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Well this is funky. I’ve never had a chance to give away a free holiday before. But now is the time! And it’s to one of the most interesting places on Earth - Greater Palm Springs! (I love the desert). If you want in, link in bio.

In the video at the end I explain why your chances of winning the holiday are reeeaally high. So my lovely awesome tribe, go check it out 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻 .
📷 @fuvm - thank you queen of photography for taking this breathtaking photo of me.
Ps. My previous post with the poops gave me life. Secretly wish we could continue poop commenting forever 🤷🏻‍♀️
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🖤= meh 🖤🖤= Ohhhh! 💩= I LOVE IT SO MUCH IMMA POOP MYSELF!!! Honestly just wanna see how many poops I can get on this photo. Because when Sorelle can’t think of a deep caption to post, she’s probably thinking about poop 🤷🏻‍♀️

Woke up yesterday and decided...meh. Being a filmmaker sounds pretty good. I have so much from my heart I want to say so why not. Thanks to YouTube and the ‘accidental’ direction my channel went to with photography and videography tutorials, I’ll continue sharing my journey of growth on this new filmmaker journey.

So please wait...building of a filmmaker is in progress. .
Thank you @dt_416 for this epic photo! 19 year old kid joyfully and enthusiastically takes pictures of me like a boss and within seconds I’m comfortable as hell modeling for him. Thanks @dt_416 you legend!

Friends that film together, ride together. I dunno. Something like that.
SO! I had the pleasure last week finally meeting Thor...or I mean @thechrishau. Legend. We also filmed a video together and it just launched. It’s pretty ridiculously awesome. Thought you’d wanna know and feast your eyes on the beauty. Link in bio! Byyyyeee!
Ok really...why are you still reading this?
Excuse me? Time for you to check out the video! Helloooo! 🙄
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This image is boring.... At the start of the year I had a somewhat traumatic spiritual experience that shook me up even until today.
I think about it daily.
This experience led me to examine my life and life in general. What for?
All of us have this question of course - what is the purpose of life?
Being exposed to huge spiritual growth in the last few months, i can never deny that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
We chase after shiny, bright, new, popular things when we forget the essence of life.
We always want more until we remember that no material thing will ever stick past this life.

And when we think about our favourite things in the world, it’s the kisses and hugs from a loved one, the feeling of sun and a warm breeze on your skin, it’s seeing the beauty of flowers, rainbows and star lit skies, it’s feeling our legs move, feeling air fill up your lungs, feeling water go down your throat, the ever satisfying feeling of doing a poop (🤷🏻‍♀️). These small tiny moments are so damn perfect because our souls (being just a blob of energy) cannot feel this. It can only be done through living this human experience.
So this image may not be anything special, but it represents so much of what our souls adore to feel. And that’s why I love it. .
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I live by the notion that ‘true’ photography is art. We live in a beautiful time where it’s easy to capture moments, but in order to shoot art, you need a change of perspective.
Being able to visually wow, tell a story and/or share a feeling.
Of course what makes art is subjective which is another exciting part of this world.
No boundaries and endless expression.
I’m not even at 1% of where I want to be with my photography and I presume no matter how good I get in the years to come, I’ll always feel like I’ve just started.
It’s a combination of the artists constant self criticism which drives us to be the best version of ourselves and the endless room for self improvement in photography which keeps us artists constantly dissatisfied.
And it’s the best that with art, you can never compete with anyone else but yourself. Your art - your journey. .
Do you consider yourself an artist? What are you working on right now? .
This photo was taken in Croatia during my @3rdhome Best Job On The Planet trip (which started 10 months ago already!). Adore this photo. So very sophisticated which is hilarious since I ran into place, dropped my pants, luckily was wearing nice undies and voila! The result ain’t so bad 🤷🏻‍♀️
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The more I know, the more I realize I don’t know anything. I’m inspired a lot lately by my boyfriend who is constantly pursuing knowledge. He’s recently started reading books which are opposing his own views to challenge his deep rooted beliefs. I now have too. It’s uncomfortable, but necessary.
I personally think it’s a very dangerous position to be in, to constantly read work that reinforces what you already know. You’re not growing or learning in this case. Being open to both sides creates wisdom and the rare skill of formulating your own opinions.
I’ve noticed in the last few years that my brain is stagnant and I feel myself getting dumber. Not only because my attention span is less than a gold fish now because of how social media has trained us to lose all focus, but also because all the information put in front of me has been filtered by corporations that are all one sided. Facebook, TV, news.
Anyone with a differing view is condemned instead of a discussion being formed. (Is free speech really a thing?) I’m at a stage where I don’t want my beliefs to be concrete. I want to have beliefs but I want to be open for someone to share their view in an educational manner and try to convince me otherwise.
After all, your truth is always a perception and maybe a better truth will be revealed to me that I might have otherwise missed if I clung onto my old beliefs?
The biggest eye opening piece I’ve been exposed to lately is the heart wrenching documentary ‘The Red Pill’. Can’t recommend it enough.
Education will free all of us. I’ll be sharing my podcasts and books I’m reading on my new education journey for anyone else interested. Yes? No?
Ps. This water is crocodile free. Please don’t stand in water like this for a photo in areas where it’s not safe. .
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I grew up questioning authority (thanks to my parents lead), I questioned society’s values, I questioned the way things were done. I always looked at filthy rich scammy corporations and wondered whether you could create a huge and successful business and do right in the world with it, or if you had to be corrupt in order to grow.
These days it’s obvious that consumers are seeking more mindful companies and more of these companies are popping up everywhere. Which is the only way companies in the future will survive. Yessss!

Eco friendly companies, sustainable companies, cruelty free companies, companies with a purpose.
It’s about taking an existing industry and making an obvious replacement where the consumer would be thrilled to choose the sustainable option.
Watches are a great example of this. There are hundreds of watch companies on Instagram pimping their watches without any heart or story behind it. Only one or two watch companies I’ve seen can justify their existence.
But what if someone took the concept of watches and made it worthy of your attention?
My friend created @tukwatches. For every stunning watch you buy, you also buy a water filtration system in remote areas of the world such as Cambodia where clean water has previously been impossible to access.
Simple idea, yet so effective for the good of the world.
Thanks @sashajuliard for spreading good in the world.
He didn’t pay me to write any of this or even to post about @tukwatches. I just really love what he’s created. Well done fwend. .
#DoGood #StandForSomething #TukWatches #GoodCompanies #HelpTheWorld #AdvancedSelfie

YouTube had a glitch or something and I’m about to hit 300k on there. 2 months ago I had 130k.
So before this glitch resets, I could pretend that this many people care about my videos and celebrate this right? Fake celebrations are better than no celebrations maybe?
How on urf to mark this milestone? 🤷🏻‍♀️😳😱😍
Epic photo from @fuvm. Reminds me to smile more in piccies. I guess my smile doesn’t suck so I might as well!

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My average likes in the first hour of posting a photo are about 6k. As my engagement is about the average of 10% engagement, that means at any given time just out of my tribe, there are 60,000 people online.
Why are we always online? How are we constantly online?
I would say I’m not the only one that has a seriously tough addiction to social media. The average person checks their phone over 100 times a day!
Anyone else roll out of bed and grab their phone first thing without having a chance to thank life, breathe in and open their eyes properly?
I’m forcing myself to do my awesome morning routine but I for sure feel the pull of my phone the whole time. Ouch.
Currently I’m going through recognizing a tough habit to break - the one where my body and mind physically feel agitated if I don’t just open Instagram every two hours. Just need to open it, nothing else. That’s my ‘hit’. We have to remember that social media was specifically designed to have us hooked more so than a very, very strong drug.
I’m learning to detach. Learning to fill my extra 3-5 hours a day that I would otherwise have if I wasn’t on my phone. 3-5 hours is my average (track your phone time by downloading Moment. It’s scary). And it starts with the small steps. Awareness is one. Do you recognize a problem with your usage too?
Secondly, it’s taking action. Today I say ‘no’ to my addiction and yes to life by giving myself 3 checks of social media all day. No more. Who’s in for this epic challenge? .
Adore this photo because it was the brain child of @rachelgulotta & myself. I loved the ‘no’ and me lying next to it. Rachel came up with the plan just to have my legs in it. Looks DOPE! And the picture says a thousand words!

Video of my collaboration (eeep!!) with the insanely talented @mangostreetlab coming in the next few weeks!
Pretty surreal sitting on Rachel and @danielinskeep’s couch. Hehe. .
#AdvancedSelfie #MangoStreetLab #NoToSocialMedia #YesToLife #TravelMore #SorelleAmore

Do you get negatively impacted by social media?
I’ve been having chats with friends lately again about the dangers of social media.
I wonder how many of you still have a feeling that everyone’s life on social media must be 100000% better than yours or do you now understand that social media is just the highlight reel of someone’s life?
I’ve been professional online for just over 18 months & I’ll admit I now treat my channels as a business and I understand what goes into creating an online presence.
Beautiful captured and edited images, most insta famous people edit their bodies (not me or a very small select few of my good friends), lots of fake smiles all around, lots and lots of time working and hustling behind the scenes - lack of sleep, crazy travel hours, addiction to social media as it’s our ‘job’. The list goes on.
I up until a few months ago was for sure still affected negatively, so I personally unfollowed countless accounts that made me feel bleh and only follow people that inspire and uplift me.
This made a massive difference for me to not feel poopie.

But as I said - this now is a business for me and I just a put my work filters on. But I wonder if vulnerable eyes still believe this is all truth?
Let me know! .
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