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Amy Miles 

Downtown Dallas with my sister & fam!! Started with the grassy knoll, commemoration, & conspiracy theories, walked the streets to BBQ, and ended at the tiny metro park featuring the giant eyeball. Topped off with lots of people watching & rain! A fab day with people we love.

Six Flags was so much fun with the Soelberg cousins!! The weather was 👌🏼. Swipe left.

I taught Enzo the phrase "signs of spring" and now he is always pointing them out. We are loving this huge ornamental pear in the backyard! It's gonna be a stunner all decked out.

Dilated pupils n such. Enzo was very sad not to get glasses.

It's been a slow process & it's not quite finished yet. Waiting on prints for this wall. And taking old picture CD's in to be transferred to a thumb drive. #onepieceatatime

So much flower inspiration. I'm ready for spring. Allergies are starting up, our grass is sprouting up, the birds are returning. All signs that spring is on its way.

The glorious sun came out! (And so did Enzo's sword, light saber & ball.). This room gets good winter light when it's available. Everyone's favorite spot.

Dreaming of spring.

Taking down Valentine's sentiments. Also, this bench may have collected a few too many pillows.

So happy to have him by my side.

Writing love notes to the kids & Garrett on this rainy day. Feeling so happy to have each in my family. We are so blessed with amazing family & friends!! I hope each one of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

It's a gray one out there today which means the lamps are on from the minute we wake up until the minute I go to sleep. In Arizona we didn't need to use lamps during the day. In Dallas we make our own sunshine.

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