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Amy Miles 

Lovely fall backdrops. And Enzo took this first picture.

"Hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes. You have more faith than you think you do." We've been taking life one step at a time for a while now & must daily choose to enjoy the journey. We stopped at the perfect park yesterday for Enzo with vistas of the highest mountain in Colorado, only to see this beauty across the street next to the most amazing tree. This little chapel reminded me that life is richer when we enjoy the journey. Yesterday morning in our prayers, I was overcome with gratitude for living in a beautiful place that fills my heart. I tell people that living in Colorado for me is a lovely backdrop for a challenging life. Recognizing & enjoying the beauty of His creation all around us serves as a reprieve from the "hard" and I'm grateful the Lord brought us here. Counting our blessings today. Also gearing up to hear Garrett speak in church. Bailey is a youth speaker next week. Happy Sabbath!

I think Enzo's face says it all. But I'll say more anyway. It was a beautiful day with our youngest. The 3 olders chose to stay home. I was sad not to have them with us & really missing them. Gar took us to the first place in Colorado he came as a kid. It turned into a perfect opportunity to cater to a 6 year old's wishes. We drove while he caught a quick nap (older siblings on a weekend night usually means the youngest goes to bed too late.) We kicked the snow banks, wondered at the crystal forms in the ice sheets, cracked the ice forming on the creek behind us, threw rocks into the creek, enjoyed hot chocolate, stopped at a beautiful lake on the side of the road, then stopped at a mountain park in Buena Vista on the drive back because he wanted to. We finished it off by stopping by a favorite fishing spot at sunset. At the mountain lake surrounded by pines & 14,000+ ft peaks, Enzo said to me, "I'm so happy I could explode. This is just so amazing." ❤️

These are some sketches my Uncle @allengarns drew of my grandparents. I believe the one of my grandpa was sketched on a Denny's napkin.
Written on each picture: "Mom from a photo of Dad's in the 1940's." And "Dad at Denny's 18 Dec. 1997. We'd just been to see Dr. Pace." The sketch of Grandpa was done much later in life, after Alzheimer's had slipped in. This sketch is the perfect capture of him in those days, right down to the stray hair hanging off the back. He had the best head of hair and thinned his own with thinning shears until the end of his life. My sister @shellesoelberg copied these a few years back for me & I'm just now framing them for daily enjoyment. They're a family treasure for sure & I'm so grateful for them. Why didn't I do this sooner?

Woke up to a mere dusting but was hoping for a snow dump. The kids were all ready to stay home. Alex, wearing shorts in the 31* weather, was still trying to negotiate a day at home while I drove him to seminary. He was at it again on the way to school. And the rest of the week calls for sun & fall weather. #LearningColorado

The fall leaves were too good today. I was that crazy lady snapping pictures of the trees while walking into church.

Bailey is off to homecoming 2017. We enjoyed an afternoon of curling hair & doing make up while watching the Office. Loved the girl time & now I'm anxious & waiting to hear how the dance went with a group of new friends here. I have been continually amazed at how gracefully Bailey has handled our move in her SENIOR year. I don't take it lightly that we moved her now. She has been a champion & had the best attitude of doing hard things with a smile & facing them head on. She's my hero for sure.

Stairway vibe this October morning. I've been planning the stairwell/entry short-game this week. (Long-game is to have it paneled out in painted white wood.)

Pumpkin patch date with my littlest. His smile melts me. And there were plenty of smiles today with all of the fun activities.

Next time we'll bring the kids & stay a while. (Bribing will be in order.)

And then I fell in love with this town. So similar to our beloved Silverton, Co- but it's a mere hour from my door.

That arrow right there represents hours of work and sticking to it. Adam earned his Arrow of Light & his Webelos badge last night. It was wonderful being his scout leader the past year and watching him grow in different aspects. Also- meeting in the woods around a camp fire with misty pines surrounding us was not too bad. We are loving the outdoors & cool weather.

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