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Amy Miles 

Celebrating with our California girl. Mom's showing us the sights she knew in the 40's & 50's. With her dad as the photographer for the LAFD & they'd meet up at Clifton's for breakfast, walk up Angels Flight, and stroll downtown. We've seen her high school, church, first job, and houses.

Alex's joyful reunion. All the kids were excited to see Alex! They all had things to show & tell. Adam is showing his new water bottle, Enzo is jumping up for a hug, Alex gave Bailey a Philmont hat he got for her Birthday since he missed it. And Maebelle is just happy to see G. They were all so happy to be together. Bad picture- great moment & memory!

Happy happy birthday to the girl who made me a mom. She's a wise soul, great friend, has a wicked wit, gives killer advice, doesn't sweat the small stuff, and her laugh makes just make makes my heart happy. Bailey is becoming an amazing person & in one year will make a fine adult. So proud to be her mother.

"Just when you think you can't take another minute, you realize you're almost half way there". ๐Ÿ˜‚ -G's take on the drive from Dallas to Phoenix. #AZbound ๐ŸŒต

This was the week of camps!! Adam -adventure camp Monday, Bailey & I left Girls adventure camp and Alex headed to Philmont Scout Camp Thursday for an 80 mile, 2 week backpacking excursion. I had the most fun at camp heading the craft classes & having the girls come visit & craft at free time! Hearing about zip lining, rain cancelling the canoe adventure, an armadillo sighting, or the raccoon stealing food was fun. We colored 13 sets of alphabet flash cards for local refugees to help while they learn English, made & stamped 260 leather bracelet cuffs, painted nails, & went through 220 skeins of floss for friendship bracelets. My cute sister created 2 huge engineer prints for the girls to color on the wall & they were a hit! I was so grateful everything came together like it did. I loved spending time with the girls & getting to know them. This relaxed environment couldn't have been more heavenly for that. Now I'm praying Alex comes home safe & sound.

Celebrated these five June birthdays this past weekend! Next year we'll add one more to the party with my niece coming this month. We're so grateful to have family in Dallas.

I am so proud of this boy! Over 200 hours have been put in to this Eagle Scout project, a little project creep, lots of organizing, detail, and leading. Alex stepped up like a man & did what needed to be done to do this project. He oversaw & directed the prepping, scraping, painting, repairs, shimming, re lighting, carpet removal, & trash disposal on this property. He has an amazing scout leader who has helped him with every step along the way. It felt good to be a part of this day, Change the World Allen, TX. It humbled me to see volunteers show up for Alex. They came & stayed and worked along side us. People who don't even know our family personally!! We are new to the community & with so many projects going on, volunteers needed to come from places that were not from our circle. Multiple service projects were going on at the same time, 7 were from Alex's scout troop alone. Various religions & members of the community came together with one purpose & it was a beautiful thing. Lunches & water were donated, along with the materials & supplies needed for the project. When I picked up lunch at a nearby church that was not our own, it was jam packed with families & volunteers packing meals to be shipped to starving children. Others gathered food for our local food bank. On my way to and from, I passed several sites with cars parked along the streets, volunteers grouped around helping those in their community. It made my heart swell to be a part of something bigger, a feeling that we are each other & we help each other. I love our local community & am grateful my family is a part of it.

Belts & belts & more belts. Many hands have donated & helped gather close to 100 used belts for our stake camp craft. I've been cutting them up & am excited to make leather cuff bracelets with the girls at camp! #recycling #reuse. One single donation at my door had this written on a sticky note: "After 20 years of use, this is ready to be retired. Put it to good use." The buckle was cut off, and the belt was stamped "Charlie".

Happy happy birthday to Enzo! His birthday always falls on Girls Camp & scouts camp. Bailey, Alex, and I will be gone next week so we celebrated this ray of sunshine today. Rain & thunderstorms are forecasted for all of today & the next 4 days. The rain held off from 10-12 and started pouring just as the party ended. True to form, Enzo has been a bright spot in our family since the day he was born. We all adore his happy self, raspy sweet voice, hugs, humor, cannon balls, intentional belly flops, dives, and his mad pull-up & parkour skills. This one is all action! Love you, Zo! (The older kids were a huge help with the party & had a quick afterparty with the boxing gloves.)

The house was full of family & friends. Missing those in AZ, happy we can hold close to those we do have in Texas. (Swipe )

Love us some U2 from the nosebleeds. Went with the wonderful @rmmilesfam & it was a memorable night for sure!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ

ONE YEAR ago Garrett & I came to Texas to check it out & look at houses. Under this tree we sat together and prayed again for guidance in the process. We had the overwhelming feeling we needed to move our family to Texas. That is was right for us & that all the details (so. Many. Details) would work out. The next weekend I flew back & our offer was accepted on the home we live in now. I'm not sure how it happens, but God can change hearts in a snap and that's exactly what happened to me here. Never in a million years did I have Texas or moving away from home & family on my radar, but when it's right, it's right. A year later, so much growing & stretching & homesickness & trials & healing & joy & laughs and good memories have come. On a Sunday drive last night, we took the kids for the first time to this spot. We feel happy & grateful & humble that a loving Father in heaven cares enough to lead each of us if we listen. (Swipe- Adam was overcome for some reason. ๐Ÿ˜†)

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