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Legendary Queen Lo From Da 4  @StandOutSocietyLLC (CEO) @OnTheLoKey 📈Forex Trader📉 #MotivationMonday #PublishedModel #BrandConsultant #SoOfficial #FleetDJs 👇🏽New Album Review👇🏽

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First Pic: “Ls Up, Toes Down...”
Second Pic: “SHMRRR”
Third Pic: “I Cant Believe God Blessing Me Like This.”

Im So Blessed To Be Given These Opportunities... I Hope You Enjoy My Latest Interview With @nakalaviiv On My YouTube Page RIGHT NOW.
Make Sure You Go Listen To The Project She Dropped Yesterday, “GIRL.” It Os On ALL PLATFORMS NOW!!!
No Lie, It’s One Of My Top 3 Releases From October So Far!!! #SoQueenLo

I’ve Been Havin Lately
I’ve Seen People Hatin
Life Is Lovely Though
And For That Im Thankful

Buy Those Shoes Once You Flip That $200

I’m Just Thankful We Can Experience Life Together...

Today, I had a wake up call. Of course I stay grinding and moving, but even taking one step out of bounds could send any of us all the way off course. I’ve realized That I , myself, went out of bounds. Luckily, I have refs in my life to check me. From here on, I’m hella excited to not only put myself back on track but ten steps ahead with a new view on life and how I move. MORE GREATNESS COMING. The gLO Will Be REAL!!

Living In My Happy Place...

What Are You?
Comment Your Favorite Trait About Yourself!!
I Am _________!

I have only have a high school diploma, I am a felon, college drop out, domestic violence and sexual abuse survivor, and an overcomer of self hatred.
I own my own consultation company, run my own website, contribute to the community, trade forex, I’m even writing a book, plus more and I can do it all because of my own self awareness of my potential; as well as my knowledge that I must educate myself in order to take it to the next level!
I just want you all to know the same! What you’ve done and even where you are now has no definition or hold over your future. ITS IN YOUR HANDS. TAKE CONTROL OF WHAT YOU KNOW!!! #SoQueenLo

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