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Legendary Queen Lo From Da 4  True Self Enthusiast Aveda Esti Student #SoQueenLo @wakethedistrict @FleetDJs @ZebaCastingAgency #SOMW Click Below For New Podcast

It’s In Your Hands...

Random: I Love My School Homies. They Brighten My Day. @faithhh_emrich @sunkissed_shunii @ohh_thatscorpio @dreambliss___ @meezyscissorhandz and plenty more but idk yalls IG. S/o To @ohh_thatscorpio for picking this pic😂
@thefeelosophy #SoQueenLo @thecommonmarketplazamidwood

Sooo I Am Officially Dropping My First Podcast “Queen Lo’s Coffee Corner” On YouTube And SoundCloud TODAY. I’m A Freakin Perfectionist And Wanna Change It Up But I’m Also Like “Queen If You Don’t Just Let It Out For The Public And Just Grow On The Way, Imma Kill You!!!”
So Here It Is , My First Ever Solo Podcast. I Recorded It In My Car, Edited It Myself, Made This Flyer BUTTT I DID IT. Faced My Fears And Said Eff It! So Go Take A Listen, Let Me Know Your HONEST Opinion. And Then Go Do Something You Keep Stalling. Love You Guys.
Met Jonah In A Mall About A Year Ago. Who Woulda Thought He Would Be My First Interview On My First Podcast God I Guess. He Be Plotting In My Life. @jonahcruzz
#SoQueenLo #QueenLosCoffeeCorner

Where Do I Go From Here.
Can’t Be In The Present When I Think Of All The Years.
I Can Never Find Myself In These Past Moments.
How Can I Get From Here?
From My Fears.
Out The Worries Of My Future If I Never Persevere?
The Only Place Is The Present
Where You Plot For Your Come Ups and Switch Up Where You Lack.
There’s Only Time For Right Now,
No Future No Past....
#SoQueenLo @thefeelosophy

When They Leave You On Read... Boy Don’t Play. #SoQueenLo

Golden Arches.

Dayum That Sun Hittin Right.
That Highlight Schpoppin Out. @sunkissed_shunii @dreambliss___

I See You.
I Love You.
#SoQueenLo @thefeelosophy

With All Your Senses #SoQueenLo

Happy Earth Day Earthlings 🍃 #SoQueenLo @thefeelosophy

Pounce On Your Day #SoQueenLo

Sky High #SoQueenLo

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