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Southern Prohibition  Great Beer Brewed in the Heart of the South.

Beer release • Stein hoisting competition • Food • Party

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We ain't doing nothing today. Shut it down. #eclipse #reasontoparty #soprobrewco

Hex Clouds tap and cans. Available today at noon. 7.5% ABV Wheat IPA and double dry-hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Vic Secret.
1 case limit. Hex Clouds Willi Blecher glasses until they gone.
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We have a SoPro Birthday! Our sweet baby Adam Bockleman aka "Puperine" turned another year older. Technically yesterday, but I didn't know it so now his birthday is officially on August 18th. And just like his birthday, we've changed a lot about Adam since he came into our lives.
Puperine: The Origin Story
Owner, Quinby Chunn, was trekking through the wilderness of South Dakota one harsh winter, reflecting upon SoPro and his quest for a team, when he happened across a tiny puppy with a tiny midwestern bark. "Bark bark, don't ya know, Bark. Tough tomatoes" he cried feebly into the night.
Quinby sighed a long sigh and said, "I can work with this", and took him back to his lab he suddenly has in this story, where he worked tirelessly for days. He replaced his puppy bones with the bones of a man, and his puppy muscles with muscles that can carry kegs. He replaced his puppy fur with outfits like the one you see in this picture..Quinby was really tired from all the work by the time he got to the outfits. He replaced his untrained puppy brain with a brain for beer knowledge and lots of useless trivia facts. Records from our research also show he tried to replace his midwestern puppy bark, but the midwest was strong and it stayed... but got manlier.
This little puppy went into that lab a pup and came out a warrior capable of running a taproom and lugging beer all over the place and correcting people in all of their verbal mistakes.
Happy Birthday, Puperine! I hope your day is filled with less errors than this essay on how Quinby plucked you from the South Dakota wilderness and made you a mutant superhero of our taproom.
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Prints of the incredible art from @fearandloading will be on sale this Saturday for the Hex Clouds can release. A double dry-hopped wheat IPA with Citra, Amarillo and Vic Secret. #thetruthisoutthere #sopro #soprobrewco #soprotaproom #hexclouds #art

Saturday, August 19th. Hex Clouds Double Dry-Hopped IPA. Available at noon in the SoPro Taproom.
1 case limit per customer $15.99/4pk.
Willi Blecher 16 oz glass $12.
Event link in bio.
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A Kölsch with Chamomile and Lime... That's a pretty straight forward description for the next brew from the SPB Rotator Series. Light and flavorful 4.6% ABV, complimented by lime zest throughout the drinking experience and finishing with chamomile. You'll start seeing this hit selves and tap walls in the next couple of weeks. Don't miss it.

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16oz Hex Clouds Willi Becher Pub Glass. Want one? Check out the link in our bio for the details on the release party August 19th.
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Those are 22oz bottles of Crowd Control, and they will be available throughout football season at the New Orleans Saints' Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Soooo.. you party? #whodat #crowdcontrol #football

Flash back to August 2016 when we posted about those 600 lbs of peaches we pitted. Remember that? Well that beer is on tap in the taproom this weekend.
A limited release from our Wild & Wood Series, MAENAD is a blend of three oak aged ales refermented with peaches.
Blend 1: 9 month oak aged Saison refermented in stainless steel with Brettanomyces bruxellensis and two pounds of peaches per gallon.
Blend 2: 12 month oak aged mix fermentation Golden Ale
Blend 3: 8 month oak aged Golden Ale refermented with Brettanomyces bruxellensis.
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The truth is out there and it's dank af.
HEX CLOUDS: A DDH IPA with wheat and dry hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Vic Secret.
Our limited Taproom Production will abduct your tastebuds on AUGUST 19th.
Available both on draft, and in 16oz cans, with 1 case limit per customer.
Small distribution throughout Hattiesburg to follow.
Check out the link in our bio and stay tuned as we get close.
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Team SoPro will be @gloryboundgyroco here in Hattiesburg today listening to some music and drinking our Ale for ALS we collaborated on with GBGC to give back. $1 from every pint sold goes to ALS Therapy Development. 3-11 today! #teamsopro #alesforals #lovelydayforagyro #hattiesburg

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