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Sophie Thomas  20. Luton/University of Warwick/NAU. ΩΦΑ Sister. 💛 ✨Spreading positivity and love. ✨

TB to @charlottecruiseox posting a panto pic on Facebook from when I was 17. Easily the best figure I've had. #fatdancersdontwork

I will always love London. This is an old picture of me at Big Ben and the surrounding area. As I woke up, I was inundated with the horrific events. I was on my own, independent and even had a stranger get in this photo. London is a fun, vibrant city and one sad day is not the be all and end all. London is my favourite city and one of the happiest places. We must remain thankful to the emergency services who are selflessly working to keep London a safe place and help those who are in need. In shock at the breaking news. I bloody love you London, and rule Britannia. 💔🇬🇧

Just your fave sisters keeping it positive. 🇺🇸

If this picture doesn't scream TRAGIC FRESH with the new, coolest 21 year old chica on the block, what does? Happy birthday to the best Hammerhead shark I know, @bethanynadine is a lil star. ✨

There's an ocean I know, in a nearby part. Wanna run away for the rest of the semester and take a break.

When your favey beans from home are setting off on tour and you're back to reality of classes and assignments. Segway fun in Prague! 🇨🇿

Reading about the police force is more exciting when you've been to a police department and realised how uncomfortable the back of a cop car is.

Spring Break 2017: Smashed it. Beyond thankful for @livhankins and her family's hospitality, open heart and all the car journeys. One more roadtrip until we're back in Flag, but I wish we could keep frolicking on the piers of SoCal for a long time. Determined to make these last 8 weeks the best 8 weeks yet. 🇺🇸

Twerking on the pier. Of bloody course.

Last time I went to Santa Monica, I did a star jump on the beach and flashed my boobs to the people around me. Let's hope I don't do that today.

@livhankins doesn't feature in this because she outshines the morning sun.


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