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  There's worse things than death.

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A confrontation is coming to Standing Rock. After President Donald Trump signed an executive order to restart construction for the Dakota Access pipeline project, both sides are settling in for what could be the final confrontation between law enforcement and the peaceful resistance at Standing Rock. Leaders of the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies have received word that after Feb. 22, the evacuation deadline set forth by the Army Corps of Engineers, police will begin a forcible evacuation of the camp and its structures. According to Chase Ironeyes of the Lakota People's Law Project, this could begin as soon as the day after the deadline. As they hope for thousands of additional bodies to arrive in time for the showdown, hundreds remain at the Standing Rock camps intent on seeing the resistance through. But reinforcements are on the way. A second contingent of veterans has raised over $256,000 to bring a new wave of bodies to stand in support of the resistance movement. The first wave brought over 2,000 to the front lines. Meanwhile, the water protecters have successfully established new camps. Come Feb. 22, the water protecters will stand, unless they are forcibly removed. With the potential showdown just over a week away, that's exactly what Ironeyes is worried about. "We're most concerned about a highly militarized police forced and physical removal of people," he said. "We don't want that to get out of hand — for people who are unarmed, people who are peaceful, standing on their treaty rights, who have made it known that they intend to stay."

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