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Happy Friday! So happy it’s the weekend and just arrived for Harry’s birthday weekend in the Cotswolds, so excited for a cosy fun weekend with friends and family ❤️ feeling very thankful for my little clan and spending the weekend my favourite way 🙏🏻 our next episode of ‘Keeping it Real’ is available to download, a heartfelt chat with a very brave lady who makes us realise how lucky we are to have our health and happiness #friday #podcast #keepingitreal #family #weekend #thankful ❤️🙏🏻

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ •
I hope you all feel the love today from loved ones - a day to feel and share love with all ❤️❤️❤️ •
I’m proudly supporting the #charity @raysofsunshinecc and their #KISSES4WISHES campaign to help brighten the lives of seriously ill children 💛 You can share the love today by posting your pout on social and text ‘KISS03 £3’ to 70070 to donate £3 to #RaysOfSunshine and enable them to continue their incredible work ❤ #valentines #love #thursday ❤️😘 💋

Happy Wednesday... off to a very productive start working on a new interior project which I will share with you soon ... Harry still off school so more of a challenge to balance work and motherhood but somehow managing to get it done and praying he will recover in time for his birthday on Saturday 🙏🏻 at least the sun is out today so getting some vitamin d - it’s amazing how putting on a favourite outfit can really boost your confidence - today’s outfit put a spring in my step ... and @celestepisenti have offered my followers 10% discount using code SOPHIE if you feel like a little indulgence for valentines ❤️ @celestepisenti #fashion #empower #feelgood #confidence #ootd #style #elegant #dresstoimpress 👌🏻

Happy Tuesday •
Going Vegan 🌱 - instead of a January detox I took the 2 week vegan challenge to see how easy it was to follow and to see if I could live without meat/ fish in my diet - it was made a little easier as I was lucky enough to be sent some delicious ready made meals from @allplants but I also really enjoyed making lots of roasted veg (miso aubergine, roasted butternut squash and sweet potatoes) which I’ve now a new found love for - i ended up loving the break and really thinking about what I put on my plate and who I am eating - the boys joined in when they wanted to but I didn’t want to impose my detox on them plus I was taking lots of supplements at the same time - the @udoschoiceuk greens powder and their ultimate oil blend - full of omega oils - the result I loved it and will be vegan part of the week and have fish once or twice but on the whole the vegan lifestyle is healthy, happy and just as tasty - thankful for the opportunity to try and learn if you haven’t tried give it a go I’ll start posting more of my meal ideas on stories 🙏🏻 #food #vegan #plantbased #ad #gifted

Monday motivation •
Kickstarting my Monday with fitness ... felt very sluggish today after a sleepless night with poor Harry and a high temperature but after dropping Finn at school I made my way to pbb studios and so happy I did - it’s amazing how an hour workout can re boot and make you feel more energised and ready for action 😊 Harry feeling a little better and we’re looking forward to a good night sleep tonight!! #monday #fitness #paolasbodybarre #reboot #reset 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Happy Sunday 😊 •
Microblading; I’ve had lots of questions about this, does it hurt, how long does it last etc so @sumanbrows and I put together a little edit here to show the process and the full version will be on @youtube for you shortly - this for me is one of the best investments - they stay in shape for at least 6-7 months and then you need a little top up - it’s very important to go to a reputable person as you are cutting the skin and it needs to be sterile and pain free • • Step one you numb the brows (this takes about 40 mins so take a magazine or your lap top) •
• once brows are numb the brows are measured and aligned and threaded to get the best shape possible for your face •
• then a tiny blade cuts the skin to make little strokes that look like hairs to fill in the gaps (it doesn’t hurt) •
• finally the dye tint is added to fill in the strikes in the skin, it’s left on for 5 mins and then wiped off •
The whole process takes about 1 or 1 1/2 hours, they fade after about a week as initially they are very bold and you will have some flaking, it’s best not to do anything to them and don’t wash your face for 48 hours (use wipes)
The result is amazing, no gaps or holes and a perfect shape that saves so much time and gives you a finished look with or without makeup - it’s honestly one of the best treatments I’ve had - thanks @sumanbrows for your expertise - I know I’m always in safe hands 🙏🏻 #microblading #eyebrows #brows #browshape #defined #clean #browyou #sumanbrows thanks 🎥 @juliatoppel 🙏🏻

Happy Saturday, what an exciting one it’s been! Productive, happy, relaxing everything I’d hoped for ... I am manifesting great things today and one step closer in developing my dream, it’s a long and frustrating process but I won’t stop until I reach my goal, set backs, ups and downs and starting over but the main thing is to keep going and not give up, this year has so much promise ahead and the harder you work the closer you get! I’ve realised how important it is to have a clear head and a focus which is a challenge with children and work but in those moments of clarity and focus it’s amazing how you can push things forward and really get things rolling as well as finding someone to give you great advice, drive and a nudge in the right direction 🙌🏻 #manifesting #success #goals #dreams #entrepreneur #weekend #dontgiveup

Happy Friday and so happy it’s the weekend 🙌🏻 our next episode of “Keeping it Real” is available to listen to on @spotify @itunes we are delighted to have @paolasbodybarre talking about the benefits of exercise, how she started her entrepreneurial business - top tips on how to stay in shape, happy and balanced and how to start and grow your business, keeping you company at home, on your way to work or taking the dog for a walk, hope you enjoy listening 😊🙏🏻❤️ #podcast #exercise #entrepreneur #keepitreal @carolineflemingofficial

Happy Thursday back to running around trying to fit it all in ... I take my hats off to all the mothers out there who make it anywhere on time 🤷‍♀️ I really struggle with time management and try to fit so much (or too much) into one day as working on lots of different things means lots of meetings and then not enough day time to reply to emails ... I did manage to get my mood boards to a client today but It made me 20 mins late to school so after school prep again for Harry which always makes me feel guilty ... how do you make it work? Does everyone have the same challenges? #workingmum #nonstop #challenge #timemanagement

Happy Wednesday from Stockholm, what a wonderful 24 hours it’s been in this lovely snowy city and what a privilege to work with a fabulous beauty brand, we had such a productive day planning for the next quarter, events, product launches and shooting lots of tutorials, this really is a highlight and for me learning and sharing beauty tips for busy working mums like me who want to stay glowing and youthful, trust me I only share what works for me ... thank you for your lovely messages and I can’t wait to share lots more with you, so grateful for the lovely support always and loved getting dolled up today rather than dashing from school run to meetings what a joy 😊 be home soon for bedtime stories 🙏🏻 thank you @lowengrip loved every minute ❤️ #beauty #stockholm #ambassador #travel #thankful 😘 #glowbalbeauty

Monday morning always starts the same way... a little bleary eyed, wishing there was one more day to the weekend and turning off the alarm at 6.45 at least 3 times until there is only 5 mins to shower and dress but we always just about make it to breakfast and school and then It’s off to workout which gives me such a good mindset and sets me up for a super productive day and start to the week, it’s not always easy getting started or feeling motivated especially on a cold and rainy Monday but this definitely helps put me in a good frame of mind 😊 then a quick dash home, heated rollers and makeup and then off to meetings in my workout gear under a cape - fitting everything in before school pick up - and now the boys are in bed it’s back to my desk to finish my emails 🙌🏻 #monday #routine #productive #motivation #mindset #fitness #stayontop

Happy Friday from me and my gorgeous fluff ball Basil, I’m delighted to let you know that our next episode of “Keeping it Real” is ready to listen to on @spotify @itunes and I will pop the link in my bio and stories, a kitchen catch up counting our blessings and being on the right track for success before we have a few amazing guest speakers in the next few weeks so stay tuned... we hope to keep you company at home, out for a dog walk or driving on your way to work ... thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy our new found energy and excitement for the year ahead #podcast #keepingitreal #friends #goodvibesonly #countyourblessings

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