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Loved wearing @thefashionbasement last night. Can't wait to put on their other outfits tonight 😻✨ follow their page and order yours now

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Fontaine bleau wearing my @thefashionbasement pleated dress 😻✨


🍬🍭🍬 all the Sugar vibes 🍬🍭🍬

So wierd how this came up. Have been having such heart to hearts yesteday and today and I was explaining how the ugliest moments of my life actually opened up my eyes and made me so wise ... changed my outlook , attitude & mindset on life and made me a better woman / better mother all by choosing not to let ugly things make me ugly. Log onto insta and this post came up. Bizzare.

I think it is so bad how body shaming can only be projected to bigger girls ... telling a skinny girl she's too thin / to go eat a burger / telling her she has an eating disorder is just as bad as telling a larger girl to lose weight / to diet / she's obese ... why does it not count for skinny girls when they get body shamed. I uploaded a picture before of my weight loss and I got such vile comments saying I should be ashamed ect. But why should I ? Weight loss isn't just for OVER weight people. We all have a desired look for ourselves and it seems skinny girls always get made to feel guilty about that !! Body shaming counts for girls all different shapes and sizes. Curvy women be screaming "Real men want curves, only a dog wants a bone" <<-- THAT is shaming skinny girls but no one seems to see the wrong in that .... wether your fat, curvy or skinny it is not okay to shame someone with a different body shape to you. We all have different genes and we are all different shapes , sizes and heights. As long as you as an individual are happy with your size - no one else should have a say. Stop body shaming and stop thinking it is okay to body same a skinny girl because she's skinny it makes it right? Yet to body shame a fat girl is wrong? No it is all wrong. Just because I was not overweight at my biggest I've ever been doesn't mean I shouldn't be proud of losing some of that weight / happy with the way I look . Stop making girls feel bad/guilty / shaming them for the way they look. #bodyshaming love your curves. Love your bones. Love yourself.


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