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Sophie Dalzell  Follow my main account @sophiedalzellreal ♏️Scorpio 🖇bookings/collabs🌎COLOMBIA✈️IBIZA✈️THAILAND✈️BALI✈️MARBS

Paradise ❤️ life is good finally I am at a place in my life where I have 0 worries all I ever wanted. Cut off all my responsibilities now I am free ❤️ I can finally live my life happy and enjoy my life now (was only after I took this pic I realised I forgot to take my tag off 😂)

What you seek is seeking you 😘

Having 0 control over my diet has to be one of the hardest things I have ever been through imagine eating what ever you want when ever you want and can have it at your door with in minutes then going to another country and other people feeding you Jesus Christ I didn’t realise how hungry and greedy I really was things need to change now I can’t live my life poisoning it with absolute junk even if I just make small changes for now 😂 gastric band is pending I think 🙈

Ask me a question!
Instagram are you gonna let me upload a frigin picture yet 🤮

Damn I can’t wait to see my ass next week when it’s double the size haha #liverpool #kikichallenge

Sooo from now on you all get to choose the content I post for only fans l!! How exciting is that?! So if there is something specific you want to see me in or want to see me do \ use like baby oil/ whipped cream.. dress up as a school girl/ bondage... then simply subscribe to my only fans and send me a direct message there and I will be choosing a new theme every single week and uploading a set of photos and a video teaser video for each one. And the longer videos will be available to purchase and sent straight to your inbox!! #kikichallenge

Can’t wait for Thailand next month 💯💯 @maxwyatt_ @livingdollleigh 🌴🌴🌴

Wet dreams x


Plastic always gets washed up on the beach 🙃🤷🏼‍♀️ #plastic #silicon #fake #barbie #beach #nofucksgiven travel is life xx

Where’s your favourite destination? Mines 1. America 2. Bali 3. Thailand 🌴 I always knew I would do something that would allow me to travel. I remember wanting to be an air hostess when I was younger then finding out you have to be able to swim 🤦🏼‍♀️ and I don’t think doggy paddle counts haha. Plus I could never live off that wage 😂 I always remember when I was little playing with my best friend pretending we own a travel agency shop and exchanging Monopoly money and booking fake holidays😂😂😂🙌🏼 the good times #Russia #worldmap #travel #experience #love #life #explore #limitless #milehigh #holiday #destination #bestfriends #beach #thailand #bali #america #us #usa

No amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart 💕

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