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Sophia  London✨Fitness, Brunch, HIIT, BBG, Yoga & Negronis 🥃Exploring the best workouts, studios & classes in the city💪🏻 Also a @timeoutlondon Tastemaker

Starting Tuesday strong with a full body workout in the Strength room @hybridfit_london 💪🏻Have a great day everyone! X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness #strength #fullbody

Had such a wonderful weekend that truly felt like a mini summer holiday with these 2 beauties ☀️ Enjoying the sun and this gorgeous London summer, taking it slow, not setting the alarm, walking around, working out at home, brunching and just loving life 💕Felt completely recharged this morning for my usual 5am wake up call as it was back to reality, back to the Strength room @hybridfit_london for some lower body and abs work 💪🏻and now back to work. What I’m left with from this weekend though (apart from how amazing my girls @mimilouj & @hannahfuller21 are)is the importance of taking the time to breathe, sleep, take it slow and give yourself a break ✨Have a lovely Monday! X #london #mondaymotivation #mygirls #staycation #summerinthecity #weekend

How we handle the heat: in a swan paddling pool with watermelon vodka ice lollies, a stack of magazines, music & the best selection of snacks 💕Having the best Saturday with my favourite girls taking in every single ray of sunshine☀️Happy days! X#london #thisislondon #summer #summerinthecity #mygirls #love

Gutted, sad but mostly proud and really grateful I got to experience these incredible vibes that were all over the city this past month or so ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿I’m starting afresh and getting back to reality this morning though by kicking off Thursday my favourite way: with an @alexrenniefit Full body class in the Strength room 💪🏻Check it out for yourself, it’s one off my favourite classes and certainly the one I rave the most about 🙌🏻Happy Thursday people, have a good one! X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness #weights #fullbody

Sass, dance, fun, a live DJ, a great light display & my very favourite girls at last night’s 4KARDIO dance class @new_motion_fitness where we pretended to know what we were doing (we didn’t!) with the pro @frankatz_ (who knew exactly what she was doing)✨Thanks for having us @henry_new_motion and thanks for showing us the moved @frankatz_ ! X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness #dance #squadgoals #dancing

New studio launch in SW8 🙌🏻Monday is usually date night but instead of 1 I found myself with 2 dates yesterday - @petekastanis & @mimilouj ❤️We got glittered up, got our boxing gloves & pads on and were ready with our very best burpees, dance moves, squat jumps and side to side planks at @new_motion_fitness ‘s brand new studio concept in @lightboxlondon 💪🏻Really fun Box n’ Bass class with @henry_new_motion and such a unique experience getting to workout in a nightclub environment with a live DJ dropping beats while you sweat! The studio is surrounded by a garden, more bars and street food stalls @vauxhallstreetfood and is right next to Vauxhall station! ✨They have 4 signature classes: Box n’ Bass, 4KARDIO dance (more on that tonight as I’m going back to check that out too), HIIT vs House & Vinyasa Flowz ✨Go check it out for yourself, I can guarantee you’ll have a blast! X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness #boxing #dance #favouritepeople

Love is everything & love ALWAYS wins ❤️🧡💛💙💜💚We celebrated love in so many ways yesterday & had the perfect day from start to finish! ✨
We started with my girl @mimilouj ‘s second fitness event @thecurtainldn led by @alexcrockford - an amazing event kicking off with a 45 minute body weight workout that had everything from mobility, strength training, HIIT & a lovely stretch at the end 💪🏻refuelling with ice cream from @oppobrothers & goodies from @freshfitnessfood (the dream?! I think so!) before a Q&A with Alex, who took time to answer every single individual question with such care and attention. I was so impressed, he really knows what he’s talking about and feels so strongly that a balanced life is key 🔑being consistent with your workouts, having a goal, taking a rest, listening to your body, having fun with your workouts, making sure to refuel properly - he left me so inspired & I can’t wait to give his #crockfit plan a go! 🙌🏻We then headed straight into all the football celebrations - how could we not? #itscominghome 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿The amazing sense of unity and celebration that has filled the streets is incredible! And continuing on that unity and celebration vibe we headed straight to #pride 🏳️‍🌈to celebrate the most important thing of all - LOVE ❤️Love regardless of gender, colour, rules - just LOVE, FREEDOM, PRIDE - to be whoever you want to be, love whoever you want to love, wear whatever you damn like and just be ❤️ IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Thank you my gorgeous girls @mimilouj & @hannahfuller21 for such an amazing day, it was everything! X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness

Just casually squatting there on our toes (apply unDEFINEd level of burn 🔥) wondering if it’s the weekend yet? 🙌🏻Bring it on please!! #tb to our last visit to after a really fun, hard burner of a class with @ashleybverma ✨Hope you’ve had a lovely week so far! X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness #barre

There’s not one clear definition of what strength looks like ✨Today I’m working on mine with the help of @kelseywells as I’m about to start a PWR back & biceps workout from the @sweat app 💪🏻I’m still loving her programme, the extra added challenge and how it progresses as the weeks go by. Have you tried it? X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness #pwrprogram #pwr #kelseywells

Boxing with @folarinfitness on a Tuesday afternoon is something I can never normally make but since #itscominghome and the whole office headed to the pub early I finally managed to squeeze it in 🥊 And it was so worth it, even without the kettlebells & battle-ropes due to @hybrid_fit_london developing their brand new gym space! Hope you’re all having a fabulous Tuesday! X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness #boxing

Rounding up the week with yoga has become a favourite habit of mine and I will always make sure to book myself a class on Sundays - preferably at @kxulondon where every session is just perfect ✨Week 2 of @marc_hatvani ‘s 10 week challenging programme focusing on the crow pose and I already saw myself slowly progressing with his support - I did a crane pose! 🧘‍♀️ I can’t wait to challenge myself even further next week - I am loving his classes so much and those 75 minutes are honestly some of the only ones in the week where I find my mind completely empty of 1000 different thoughts, can truly relax and focus on my breathing ✨Happy Sunday everyone, enjoy the gorgeous sunshine! X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness #yoga #crane #cranepose

My favourite girls - check! ☀️A gorgeous, 28*C hot summer day spent in the park - check! 💪🏻A smashing workout with my lovely @akfitclub who’s signature Skip HIIT classes I’ve missed so very much - check! 🧘‍♀️ A wonderfully happy yoga flow with my beautiful @yehyoga - check! Couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday afternoon! Hope you’re having a great one and enjoying the gorgeous weather to the fullest! X #london #thisislondon #londonfitness #summer #skiptoyourownbeat #summervibes

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