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  mean? always. i love art :) also, don't litter. and please, hold doors for others. umbc || @stumpstrong

same old story, mortys killing mortys

hip dips? who the fuck cares

Happy Birthday to the person who beats my ass in poker every time!! 😜 enjoy being able to vote♥️

aerobie rings do not float!

skin, heat

my fonfon ru

remember, eagles do not fly with pigeons.

Hello everyone. This is going to be long, so brace yourselves. For everyone possibly going through or has been through something similar, here you go. I've gained around twenty five to thirty pounds since I've been in college. It's been a crazy struggle these past few years because of this. I've missed parties and so many events because I was too uncomfortable with myself to get out of bed. I started to compare myself to literally everyone, especially models like alexis ren and em ratajkowski or random girls on my explore page. they're all beautiful women, but I couldn't help but ask myself why I didn't look like them. Maybe I wasn't working hard enough? (I mean odds are I wasn't) but it got me thinking that maybe I wasn't born to be as beautiful as they are. That I wasn't born to be beautiful at all. These thoughts, along with still having a binge eating problem, made me think that I wasn't worthy or beautiful enough to be with my wonderful boyfriend, because he deserves better than what I have to offer. It made me think that nobody could ever truly love me and who I am because my body was just too repulsive to look at. I'm trying to learn to love myself, because it's honestly something I don't remember ever having in the first place. So here I am, thirty pounds heavier, unedited without make up, trying not to give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Because I want to live my life again. I want to feel beautiful again. Thank u

we have a very expensive hobby

America kinda sorta really sucks but at least I get a day off of work 🤷🏼‍♀️

give me attention thank you

enjoying my freedom before i enter the real world of work 🤦🏼‍♀️

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