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Sophia Bush  Storyteller. Activist. Technerd. Obsessed with 🐕 @treehousepups and 🏡 @sbxdesign. I play VOYD in #Incredibles2 and #Surveillance is up next @cbstv!

Babes. Yesterday was my sweet sister @ruthielindsey’s birthday. And while I gushed and told her all the things I love about her on a FaceTime, I feel like her ringing in another year in the wholehearted beauty with which she operates deserves to be celebrated all damn weekend!

This woman. Y’all. THIS WOMAN. What an honor it is to walk alongside her in this life. To call her my sissy and my best and my framily. Ruthie has taken pain and tragedy and turned them into luminescence and love. Her heart glows for whatever stands before her. Sunsets. Flowers. Friends. Animals. Did I mention sunsets? She is always the first to point out what’s beauty-full in people, and in the world. She reminds me of what it means to live centered. Watching her evolution over these past years, her hard won triumphs, and her courageous vulnerability has made my heart grow a size. And she has — how lucky am I!? — proved to me that my heart has a safe place to rest. Because of her friendship, and the friendships like this one that exist in our precious community, I have torn down protective walls. Life is so much gentler and easier this way.

And I say all of this to illustrate a point. That this is possible. That real connection and selfless friendship can foster magic. And that having a bestie you share a meat tooth and penchant for real dirty hip hop with doesn’t hurt either. And margaritas. And podcasts. And cheese. We will eat all your snacks and dance all over your house. And we can rarely stop laughing for a photo. You can’t take us anywhere.

Happiest Birthday my sister. Happiness looks damn good on you. ♥️🎉🎈👯✨💋 #SisterSister #HappyBirthdayToYou #SmallAndTall #Framily

Y’all! On Monday I had the supreme pleasure of meeting with Lauren Underwood @laurenaunderwood in Chicago. She’s running for Congress in the 14th district in Illinois and I could not be more inspired by her passion!

She’s a nurse, and thus is fighting for the healthcare of all in Illinois, and beyond. (HELLO she was one of the people tapped to work on the ebola crisis in the Obama administration. She is legit amazing!!) When she found out that her congressman voted to strip protections for those with pre-existing conditions, even AFTER he promised not to, she sprung into action. As a nurse she knows exactly what that kind of coverage loss means for families, and how devastating it would be for both the people and the economy. I am so glad that someone with her knowledge, expertise, and drive is running in my home-away-from-home state!

EARLY VOTING IS ALREADY UNDERWAY IN ILLINOIS, y’all! Please go vote. Please take 5 friends. Every. Single. Vote. Matters!! And a major perk of early voting is avoiding any last minute blizzards, so hey, get out there!! #GOTV #Vote #Chicago #Illinois #laurenunderwoodforcongress

AND if you can canvass for Lauren, please do! Get active via the link in her bio! ✊🏽♥️📢

Friday #MOOD, courtesy of brilliant and beautiful sister @americaferrera
It’s FriYAY y’all! Have a great weekend! 🎉(Oh, and also, it’s 18 days until the midterm elections and I don’t want to live in A Handmaid’s Tale without knowing I did everything in my power to stop it. Please do something this weekend to Get Out The Vote! Grab your friends and volunteer for a congressional candidate near you so we can win back the House & Senate! Donate! Register your friends and family! Get out & vote early if your state is early voting! I love you all so much and I want us to feel so proud on Nov.6th that we stood up during our time in history for what’s good and right!!! And if you need musical inspiration go listen to @andradaymusic RISE UP and imagine us all showing up in record numbers on Nov.6th to save our country! It always works for me!) #fridayfeels Who’s with me?
*update- evidence of said @andradaymusic moment might exist in my instastories

LEGEND. Yes to all of this! I would NEVER have let my grandparents pick my playlist, my clothes, my college, or my boyfriend. Would you? Nah! Why the ffff would we let them pick our future? ‘Cause that’s what elected leaders control! Let’s #VOTE like our lives depend on it, because we’re the ones who are going to have decades of their policies to deal with. #Repost @attndotcom
President Obama doesn't have time for these 7 excuses not to vote. Tag your friends now and get all your voting info at

Yesterday marked 50 years since @tommiesmith68 and John Carlos raised their fists at the Summer Olympics. The year was 1968. They were standing atop a platform in Mexico City. The gentlemen raised their fists to protest inequality and the horrific treatment of people of color. This was the very definition of peaceful protest. Yet the stadium erupted in jeering and racist slurs, the men were stripped of their medals, and received death threats at home. Much like what we’re seeing today, the backlash was swift, intense, deeply racist, and the feedback centered around the “not this way” rhetoric.

Apparently it’s never the “right” way, the right place, or the right time to take a stand. History often celebrates the protestors and the martyrs decades after their struggles, but in the present their experiences were awful and unjust. This “not this way” notion? That there’s some better way to do the right thing? That’s a lie. Protest makes oppressors uncomfortable. That’s the point. To highlight what those in power do to those they try to keep power from. And this is where we are today. Y’all, it’s up to us to dismantle systems of oppression and also the lies they’re founded on. There is no finite bucket of power. No finite bucket of success. Everyone deserves equal access to life, liberty, and a pursuit of justice. It’s our birthright. And anyone who tells you differently is operating small. They are motivated by scarcity mentality. Let’s not be those people. Let’s be Tommies and Johns.

Last night, as we kicked off @mspackyetti’s study group at the @harvard IOP, we watched a video from Tommie Smith. He asked our class to join him in a third salute to mark this monumental anniversary. To commit to the fight for equity and justice. I was so proud that virtually every student stayed for the photo. For the cause. For a commitment to unity. Y’all are the future. You will change the world. Now do me a favor and prove me right. #Vote like you mean it. #HarvardIOP #HarvardKennedySchool

#AboutLastNight Anyone who says millennials aren’t engaged in civic action + responsibility hasn’t met this crew. ✊🏽♥️📢 #Illinois #Northwestern #IAmAVoter @northwesternu @whenweallvote @iamavoter @ppillinoisaction

Happy 1st Birthday @detroitblows!!! I am so proud of this business baby of ours, @nialauryn!

A few years ago, a group of gals needed to get our hair done for a friend’s wedding. When we went to a popular service salon, the WOC in our crew were charged extra service fees for “thick hair.” This was despite the fact that one (non WOC) gal had longer/thicker hair than any of the rest of us. Passing friends with wildly curly hair didn’t experience the “texture” upcharge either. We were pissed. And as we learned about how toxic the products are — & thus the polluting footprint is — in most salons, our anger turned into ambition. We decided we would try our hand at changing the industry. We knew we could build a salon that was really a space for women to feel both safe & beautiful. We knew we could create an intersectional community gathering venue where women could commune. We knew we could commit ourselves to non-toxicity standards that align more with Europe than the USA (where beauty product ingredients haven’t been regulated since the 1920s & thus are SCAAAARY!) We knew we could invest — through our own profits — money in other female entrepreneurs in the local area. That’s what #DetroitGrows is all about. And we knew we could invest in a city we love that deserves love in economic support too. And so here we are.

Building a business isn’t easy, y’all. No matter how things look from the outside, it’s crazy hours, tight margins, and a wild learning curve. But our business is now 365 days old! We have plans & goals to expand and to innovate the beauty industry as we do. And we will always stay true to our mission to elevate all women through love & community.

Thank you all for taking this ride with us. To the folks in our local community who show up for blowouts, roller sets, and the rest of our services; for nails, eyelashes and more; who help us pay it forward through #DetroitGrows, thank you. And thank you to our community at large that follows along via our socials and cheers us on. We see you and we love you!! My heart is BURSTING!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABES! 🎉🎈🎉 #DetroitBlows #WomenInBusiness #Detroit 📷 @photobyhudson @catapper @debchungbeauty @thejoshliu

#AboutLastNight Always so good to be back in The D. And especially when we get to ring in @detroitblows’ first birthday with the piano man himself, @eltonjohn. I am so proud of our business baby @nialauryn! #DetroitBlows #WomenInBusiness #EltonJohn #Detroit

Released today, an @amnesty report found that “in 2017 and 2018, the Trump administration appears to have separated approximately 8,000 ’family units’ along the border. Even if half of the people referred to in that figure were parents, the remaining 4,000 children would dwarf the total number of kids commonly reported to have been impacted by the ‘zero tolerance’ campaign — that total tends to hover between 2,500 to 3,000.”

I am horrified and heartbroken by this. And by the people I see denying the humanity of these children. The people who are willing to ‘other’ their fellow man. There is a better way to keep borders strong and vet anyone seeking asylum. We’ve done it for decades. *And before you dare @ me about policies put in place by the last administration, which were set in motion to — and only to — protect children that agents believed might be victims of traffickers, don’t ignore the data that shows the Obama Admin deported more people than any POTUS before him. Not stating that fact because I even agree with it, but rather because if you’re claiming he was “too easy” on immigrants, you’re factually inept and your racism/partisanship is showing.

Our nation needs to get back in touch with both its heart and its ability to think critically. Luckily, my brilliant friend @minkakelly directed this video to help us reconnect with our empathy and our humanity. I am endlessly inspired by her commitment to the cause.

We are 77 days past the deadline for our government to reunite separated families. The fact that they’ve been lying to us, the citizens who pay their salaries, about just how many families have been destroyed by their barbaric choices should enrage all of us. In more than two-thirds of these cases children’s parents were deported without knowing how or even IF they might be reunited with their children. This is a true humanitarian crisis.

Please vote November 6. For these children, for human rights, and for the hope that we can become a better version of the nation we are today.

Text VOTER to 26797 to make a plan to vote. @iamavoter (full article via @amnesty #linkinbio)

My SECOND day-maker!! Happy #NationaComingOutDay to all of my LGBTQA loves out there. It’s an honor to stand by your side and celebrate each and every one of you for the wonderful, joyous, perfect babes that you are! And if you haven’t come out just yet, no rush. Just know that there’s so many loving humans standing by to receive you with open arms whenever you’re ready. All love. #Repost from my dancing king @mkik808
Happy #NationalComingOutDay 🤗❤️🌈 #pride #pride🌈 @dianaross

thank you @howbizarre for being my #rainbro

Well this just made my morning! Happy #InternationalDayOfTheGirl! #Repost @globalgirlsalliance
Right now, more than 98 million adolescent girls around the world are not in school. We all have a responsibility to change that. Today on International #DayoftheGirl, the @ObamaFoundation is launching the Global Girls Alliance—a program which seeks to empower adolescent girls around the world through education, allowing them to achieve their full potential and to transform their families, communities, and countries. So follow along and join the alliance—because the future of our world is only as bright as our girls. #GlobalGirlsAlliance

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. For some reason, our culture seems perfectly okay with fitness plans and food regimens and the latest workout craze, but we keep the reality of how much work it takes to be emotionally fit completely hidden. Mental health — and the attention we pay to our own — shouldn’t be buried. It shouldn’t be an afterthought. It takes care and it deserves respect. So, today, I’d like to share a few things that keep me emotionally fit.

• My friends, who welcome all of the deep talks and all speak the same language I do, which’s centered on the truth that vulnerability takes immense courage.
• My pal @wakingupwithryan, whose morning practices center my day so beautifully. If you don’t follow him yet, you’re welcome!
• My badass therapist, who offers me space to process thoughts and feelings and experiences in real time. I’m a verbal processor, so when I’m out of emotional shape (aka skipping therapy) I fall out of step with myself, and get really good at being “fine,” which isn’t fine at all.
• Mediation. I learned TM 13 years ago and I’m better when I’m practicing regularly. No question. A great way to get started is with the app @headspace.
• And finally, the most important place I’ve ever spent deep and expansive time focusing on patterns, inherited processes, and trauma. It’s called @onsiteworkshops and it utterly changed my life. My wish is that everyone on earth would have the time and resources to attend OnSite, and delve into whatever curriculum would best benefit their lives.

To everyone out there dedicating practice and attention to their emotional fitness? I see you. I respect the hell out of you. And I’m cheering you on! 🤓💪🏼🧠💭🌻✨♥️ Photo (it’s me!) by @juanazulay + @pandagunda + @maavven

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