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This quite literally took my breath away today. Find me a more beautiful muse than the Earth. I’ll wait ✨ photo by @mjasik #RothkoInTheWild

Doing a deep dive on the microbiome. Bacteria is actually quite incredible. Preserving metabolites in a -85° freezer is actually quite exciting. And also V chilly, though that’s not surprising 🤓 Nerding out with @seed at #HoustonMedical #NerdingOut #MyHappyPlace

Y’all. Sister @therealmariskahargitay’s POWERFUL documentary, #IAmEvidence, is about to start on HBO. Turn it on. Learn. Be enraged and motivated to call for change. The backlog of untested rape kits must be handled. Victims deserve justice. We can end it. #EndTheBacklog @hbo

... streams #BeyChella all weekend ... 🐝 #cantstopwontstop

What she order / Fish fillet #fbf #Alaska #FreshSalmon 🎣 #flyfishingwomen

Thank you so much to the team at @pttow for such an inspiring conference. I’m beyond humbled to be one of the recipients of the Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award. It was an honor to share stories of the great work being done by #TheGirlProject and @pencilsofpromise to advance education access. And being recognized alongside @michaelfranti and @alaamurabit?! Incredible. I won’t forget it! #PTTOW #NelsonMandela #Changemaker

Hey ma! It me! An all new #Incredibles2 trailer is out tomorrow! You ready!? #Voyd is coming!

The film will be in theatres June 15th! 💥🕳💥

That feeling when you see a friend do the very thing they were born to do. @pattimurin IS Princess Ana! She is so radiant in @frozenbroadway I hope that all of you who are able to go and see her shine! She also happens to be a huge hearted human that advocates for animals with @muddypawsrescuenyc. And she’s frickin’ hilarious. So yeah, she’s my #wcw! ♥️ So happy for you Patti! #Frozen #PrincessAndPups #latergram

Today is #EqualPayDay. Did you know...

Last March, Trump REVERSED Obama’s Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces act. Not even kidding.

The pay gap is worse for women of color. We must discuss this. Because though today is the day the white women catch up to white men’s earnings on the dollar, Latinas make 54 cents to a white man’s dollar; Native women make 57 cents; and Black women make 63 cents.

According to a report from the Economic Policy Institute, Black women with a college degree or higher earn 12.3% less in wages than white women with a college degree or higher.

Women of color-mostly Black, LatinX and Asian, make up 54% of the domestic labor workforce, but still earn less median salary than white women in the same field.

Also. Did you know? Being a MOM is a greater predictor of wage discrimination than gender?! Unacceptable.

Paid Family Leave is even harder for women of color breadwinners, who’ll only earn a percentage of their normal wage.

And we must acknowledge that “work life balance” has often been built for white women on the backs of their domestic laborers of color. Women who have had to raise white children and their own, simultaneously.

The climb is not the same for all of us. And if none of us are free until we’re all free ... then you know what you have to do.

Lift up your sisters. Fight for the rights of ALL women as you fight for your rights. A rising tide lifts all ships. Be the tide, ladies. And gents? We need you on this too. Fight for us. Pay us. Be the equalizers.

And? We vote. Women are tired of the bullshit.
#EqualPayDay #maternalwagegap #stayhuman #keepshowingup #resist
Data and words, complied, via both my sisters @sarahsophief and @mspackyetti. Artwork by the wonderful @monachalabi, boarder flair by @mspackyetti

Oh hi good morning 🌞 Here’s lookin’ at you, Tuesday

When your week is so packed that you’re feeling overwhelmed but also really excited about everything that’s happening... “Both, and,” ya feel me? 🐑 #GetAfterIt

#MondayMantra “I was not interested in what I could bring to myself ... but in what I could bring out of myself.” — Sophia Loren • Perspective shift. Work at being interested rather than being interesting. See what happens ✨

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