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Sophia Bush  Storyteller. Activist. Technerd. Obsessed with dogs and interiors. And oh yeah! Detective Lindsay on NBC's Chicago PD. snapchat 👻 SophiaBushSnaps 👻

#MondayMantra "she didn't always follow the recipe..."

One of my dearest friends posted a photograph of a memento that has this quote on inscribed on it today. It was the last thing her mother gave to her before her mother passed. It hangs on the wall in her home, and some days the light catches it just so and she knows her mother is saying hello.

What she said about it, when the light hit it, today struck a deep chord in me. "Such a simple string of metaphor to remember there is never one way, there is only your way."

That's the kind of thing that makes my soul cry out in a way it only does when it comes face to face with deeply universal truths. The kind that encourage human tenderness. Yes. There is only your way. You will learn the hard way. You will make mistakes. You will have great love. You will experience tragic loss. People will give you advice and it will, sometimes, be taken but it will not save you from the good or the bad. You will live in your own way and you don't need to apologize for ANY of it. There is only your way. There is only your heart beating in your chest. Serve it first. Do so with kindness and consideration for the world around you, obviously. But dammit. Own your own way. Grip it in your first and hold it tight. Be true.

Thank you Mama K ✨

#NationalBookDay 📚 #MaryOliver 📚be still my heart ...

The sun is out in Chicago and I am LIVING for it. Bare ankles whaaaat?! 💛☀️💛 #SpringIsFinallyHere

This is Dreamer. She's adoptable today @pawschicago's special event at the @sohohouse. And if you adopt her or one of her other buddies there, @pauloctavious will take the coolest portrait ever of you and your new fur baby. Welcome to Sunday 🐾❤🐾#AdoptDontShop #SaveThemAll

I love bad bitches and it's not a problem 💪🏼⚽️🖤 @chicagoredstars #WomensSoccer #LadyLoves #Persisterhood

science 🖤 #earthday #sciencemarch

"I don't care where we go / I don't care what we do / I don't care pretty baby / Just take me with you" #RunForBetty #SpinForPrince 💜 #FriYAY @soulcycle

When your queen SLAYS the crowd and also the whole damn universe 💙💥💙 @bettywho #BlueHeavenMidnightCrush #MamaSay #SoulSister

Got the sickest blazer of my life today @2pennyblue and my purchase gave a school uniform to a girl in Africa. Female owned businesses often use their influence to change the lives of females around the world, who can then use their influence to do the same. Talk about a domino effect. #FashionForGood #WhoRunTheWorld #BlazerBabes #BlazingTrails

The Resistance is WORKING. Making noise works. Giving a shit works. Demanding that people be held accountable and treat others with some goddamn decency and respect WORKS. Keep it up y'all. Keep changing the game. And don't let them forget that we are watching. We both expect AND deserve better. Buh bye Bill! Don't let the door hit you in your perverted, sexist, racist, entitled, repulsive ass on the way out! #FireOReilly #UseYourVoice #DefendYourFellowHumans #NoMoreHiding #NoMoreComplacency #NoMore

Some days really make you think ... Today, shooting a very heavy scene with @brianluce000 was one of them. He is our technical advisor on CPD. He's taught me more than I can say. Not just how to move on a raid, but how it feels to do this job. What you carry home at night. How you learn to make split second decisions when life hangs in the balance, and how much pressure that comes with. How a human heart can witness such darkness, and still have a sense of humor. His insight is invaluable because his heart is boundless.

He wore this uniform for 27 years. His Father, rest his soul, died wearing this uniform.

The complexity of this world is undeniable. It's not always easy to tell what's right side up, I know. But I also know that there are so many great human beings who suit up in uniform every day because they love people, they love their cities, and they want to do right by them. So much so that they're willing to risk not making it home at the end of the night. These are the same cops I've witnessed become enraged when someone in uniform abuses the power of the badge. It breaks their heart in ways I couldn't have predicted before this. The ones I know and love wear it with honor. For every damn good cop out there, days like this on our set are for you. We do our best to honor your service and your sacrifice. We do not take wearing these blues lightly. We know who has worn them before us. #ChicagoPD #BTS #FinalesMakeMeEmotional #EverybodyGoesHomeTonight 💙

A #MondayMantra of "hope in the midst of suffering" from my sweet sister @ruthielindsey. I'm so honored to know and love you, lady. Be sure to watch this video in full. Context is everything ❤
#Repost @ruthielindsey I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up but last year when I spoke at @yellowconference for the first time i immediately knew my purpose. I'm here to share this message of hope in the midst of suffering. I love speaking so much bc I get to look people in the eye and say there's so much hope for you! You can live such a full and beautiful life in the midst of your pain!

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