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I discovered something on our hiking adventure we took today- that when you push yourself a bit past your "threshold" you suddenly gain more energy or resources. I found that after climbing this steep mountain and exerting lots of energy I actually felt more energized. I felt that staying in what feels "easy" can from the minds perspective be a desire to "conserve" energy, but it actually is more depleting. It's kinda like this, so imagine you're inside a bubble that's inside an even bigger bubble and you are used to using what's inside that smaller bubble put suddenly you use up all of the small bubble and it bursts, but instead of being left with nothing you suddenly have access to what's in the bigger bubble, even more energy (resources) which you never would have had, had you not used up the smaller bubble. I think this applies to other aspects of our lives as well, not just hiking. 😉🤔
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Jumping into life with full force @lightsnsoundgo

My dad started crying about the holocaust this morning. His rational mind doesn't really exist anymore so he's a bit like a child, he saw something that made him think of it and he just reacted. He kept saying "so many people died" as tears were streaming down his face. He's one generation removed from it so he never experienced it but his parents did, one of whom was in a concentration camp as a child. The event however still felt so painful to him. It made me realize it's really in our power to create a world that is more tolerant and moves further away from events such as that. We are all so connected in consciousness that something that may have never happened to you, you still feel the affect of it. It's so amazing what one can accomplish when you learn to restructure your own consciousness. It's what will truly change events of the future. The more people learn to do this the chance of another event like the holocaust happening is diminished until we have peace on earth. We can create a better world for the future. I see the proof of it every time I do the work that I do. ❤️🌎 #consciousness #enlightenment #alzheimers #spiritualgrowth #energy #worldpeace #personaldevelopment #personalempowerment

These are the children on the Avatar® Course. They are the next generation and they will change the world because they are learning tools that no generation before them has had since childhood. They are the brightest future I have ever laid eyes on!
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Rock Star 🌟going where no man has gone before... well not really. Orlando here we come. As some of you know me and Oleg moved to upstate NY to live with my dad who has Alzheimer's and be a support for him with the help of professional caregivers. After some crazy last minute "issues" (two caregivers we had for my dad both quitting within days of each other and two days before we were planned to leave) it was easy to feel like things were falling apart. We didn't panic (too much 😂) and knew we would create it to work which of course we then did. With pretty much no issues. The ability to create deliberately in life is priceless. Being with my dad I have learned so much, it has been like a boot camp for the soul. He reflects back to me my darkest shadows in a way that I can't hide from. I know though that facing them now means not carrying them around with me till I'm his age, and for that I am so grateful. It's easy to create life in worry and confusion, a lot of us do it all the time, but it's not very rewarding. I see the result of that in my dads disease. Imagine creating your life from an place of ease and trust. Ironically through my dads inability to do so I am learning to more and more. I wouldn't be able to understand the lessons in this experience though if I hadn't already done the ground work, using the tools that I've learned. Exploring your consciousness will give you everything you need in life. ❤️it's an ability I never knew I was missing till I did it it for the first time. And life hasn't been the same since. 🌟

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The stages of growth!


We found snow in summer (pollen)

You are super human it seems sometimes. Happy Mothers Day! I can only hope to become as great a mother as you are. (around my age here) ❤️

Back to country life...living next to these cuties

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