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Sophie Kolasinski  movie magic, baby✨ • sdsu '21

I feel like a successful business woman

this is how I'm feeling tonight. blissful to be spending the night with @elizabeth.crawford and her fun college friends

although I won't miss the cold winters

I'm gonna miss this lovely town

brunch with @taylorkon123 and @juliiiepalmer before the three most problematic girls take on college

guess who's on da gram (fun concert w @libertydeepdownband @heyviolet @ajrbrothers @superduperkyle @jonbellion )

kat franko. it all started in criminal law when I hated you (only because you were much better at the subject than I was). but we soon found ourselves with the same job and in the same show choir. because of this, I spent much of this past year w you by my side. I wish I would have cherished these times before they went away so quickly. I remember you telling me at Disney that you wear a ring for each of your best friends. and after spending almost every night this summer with you, we decided that you needed one for me. this ring is made with baltic amber from Poland. I hope it makes you think of me while I'm away. I love you kitty kat 💕

the smile hides my deep sadness for my inability to tan

drew this on the plane home. if there's one thing I've always wanted to be, it's a mermaid in neverland

all I learned at orientation today is that everyone is more tan than me, and I'm going to be crying daily due to stress

my body is numb to timezones at this point, but this view was well worth

last morning in this beautiful country. I will be back soon. something here feels like home 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

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