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요즘 부쩍 고민을 얘기해주시는 분들이 많아서..메세지로 고민보내주시는 분들중에 몇몇분들에 사연들을 골라서 같이 얘기해보려고합니다 :)
날짜는 비밀🤫

Lately many have been sharing their concerns with me... Send me your stories through DM && I will choose some stories to share and solve with you. date TBA 🤫 #guerillaradio

However I will appreciate it if you send it to me in Korean🙏😆😆😆😆

뮤뱅에서 곧 바유☺


누가 보면 맞춰입은줄...🙄

all that remains is a picture📷


So happy :)

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