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Johnna  👻 : soo_anti📍The Bay

One of my favorite/funniest things we did while in Phuket was ride the elephants. This guys definitely did whatever he wanted to do like “bump the guide” 😅 and was NOT feeling the stray dogs that roamed around the jungle so our trek was short but very sweet as we were able to thank him for the ride by feeding him a bunch of bananas☺️🤗😘

...an absolutely perfect day!
😌 👙 ☀️ 🌊 ⛵️ 🍉

Close your eyes and open your mind, tell me, is the feeling still the same?
Shot by Ace

...Look deeper.

90% of my awesomeness lies beneath the surface, to be allowed to know me is the real blessing #icebergslim😌

Shot by Ace
Hair/mua: @ab_killem
Styling: me☺️
Bottoms by: @ivorionda

“Baby, the sound of you
Better than a harmony
I want you off my mind
And on me
Holding me closer than we've ever been before
This ain't a dream
You're here with me
Boy, it don't get no better than you
For you, I wanna take my time
All night”

By Colby

By Colby

Just enjoy the ride... Shot by Colby

“Something bout what you’ve don’t to me baby, wanna make you mine
You really bring out the best in me baby, can I make you mine”

Shot by: @bornvizionary
Styling: @mazthecreator
Hair/mua: @kimberlysimonsays

Shot by: @bornvizionary
Styling: @mazthecreator
Hair/mua: @kimberlysimonsays

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