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Sonya Yu  magical bitch SF | LA

She’s my style inspiration

A rare quiet moment to myself when everyone else is out of the house and I get to actually pour my water into a carafe instead of drinking it straight from the bottle like the animal I normally am

A quick 24hrs in LA for food & festivities without the kiddos

Respect the é // @oldceline forever


@gusgus has a number of serious food & environmental allergies (including cats 😿), so feeding him solids has been a challenge, especially since food is a love language of mine. This Thanksgiving, I’m incredibly thankful for @yumi so I can provide him w the best quality food for his first 1000 days while providing myself w a peace of mind.

4 going on 14

@gusgus doesn’t have Thunder Thighs; he has *Thor* Thighs

I didn’t catch them all, but I caught the two I wanted the most

8 months later, @gusgus is still drippin with rolls

Staycation sans kids means I slept over 10hrs for the first time this year

Grateful for the respite, but it just doesn’t feel quite right being here without the kids running and splashing around, warming up the home with their joy.

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