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Sony | Alpha  Captured by you. Shared by us. #BeAlpha

In honor of the start of fall, here's a classic fall view captured by photographer @kathryn_dyer 🍂 "For me, photography is not about how far you can walk or hike. It’s not about being the most daring or the fastest. It’s about capturing beauty in your own comfort zone. I began taking photos during breast cancer and at times I could only take five steps from the car but I was always able to find beauty. I think of life as a journey to enjoy and not a race to win." | a7R III | 85mm f1.8 | f8 | ISO 50 | 1/60 sec | #SonyAlphaFemale #BeAlpha #SonyAlpha

Landscape photographer and #SonyArtisan @mattkloskowski shares his experience shooting with the all-new 24mm f1.4 GM prime lens 👉🏽 "A pretty obvious difference with this lens is the f/1.4 aperture instead of f/2.8 or f/4 on some other lenses. As a landscape photographer, I don’t find myself shooting much at f/1.4. But I can say that the more I shoot and the more I hone my photography style, I enjoy getting creative with landscapes. I’m not one of those people that travels all year shooting great scenes. So I have to make do with what I have in my hometown. And, as you can imagine, sometimes what’s around you gets a little stale and old. But bringing some creative use of aperture in to the scene gives me more options." | a7R III | 24mm f1.4 GM | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

Astrophotography with the new 24mm f1.4 G Master prime lens with #SonyArtisan @GaryHartPhoto: "I have dedicated equipment for night photography and when I go out for a night shoot I only like to take one lens. Night photography is all about the light so the faster the better, but only if it’s sharp! The first thing I did when I opened the images I took with this lens is I examined the corners. It was sharp all the way the way to the edges. For astroscapes in particular, when I’m photographing the stars and they have to appear as pinpoints, that’s hugely important." #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

A series of images of NY captured with the all-new 24mm f1.4 GM prime lens by @dave.krugman 👉🏽 "The 24mm f1.4 G Master is a street photographer's dream. I move very quickly in the streets, seeking moments that don't last more than a microsecond, so having a lens this powerful helps me capture decisive moments. The extra stops of brightness and shallower depth of field that I get with the 24mm f/1.4 G Master are reason alone to add this lens to my kit. It's also incredibly light, which I wasn't expecting. It adds tremendous quality without adding weight to my bag. New York City is a great backdrop for 24mm." (Swipe to see more!)

Introducing the all-new 24mm F1.4 G Master prime lens!

This wide-angle lens is the 30th addition to our native full-frame lens line-up. Be sure to check the LINK IN BIO for all the details 👆🏽(📷: @mannyortizphoto_)

The Three Sisters captured by #AlphaCollective member @worldpins | a7R III | 16-35mm f2.8 GM | 16mm | f7.1 | 1/250 | ISO 100 | #AICdoesCanada

Lightning bolts over the #GrandCanyon captured by #SonyArtisan @don_smith_photography

"Photographing daytime lightning requires a triggering device. I use Lightning Trigger IV to work in tandem with my Sony a7R III and I capture over 85% of all the cloud-to-ground bolts I see. The shutter lag in the Sony a7R III is the fastest on the market!" | a7R III | 100-400mm | 135mm | f11 | 1/3 sec | ISO 200 | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

📷: @demas "This image was taken during my recent trip to San Francisco. It was supposed to be Summer but it was so cold and foggy every single day we were there! I've always wanted to shoot Golden Gate Bridge hidden within the iconic fog and we got super lucky with the conditions that morning! I think what makes this shot special is the long exposure of the cargo ship that passed under the bridge at the time, it adds an extra point of interest and breaks the leading line of the bridge." | a7R II | 24-70mm f2.8 GM | 24mm | f16 | 30 sec | ISO 100 | 3 shots stacked | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

We are in San Francisco today for our 'Be Alpha' event and will be sharing all the BTS details throughout the day on our Story. Be sure to check it out throughout the day!

📷: @hikester_ "On an early morning drive to the iconic Moraine Lake, I was stopped in my tracks by this scene. Morning light and moody clouds are my favorites for landscape pictures and definitely worth the 4:30 am wake up call. It took forever to get to Moraine Lake, but the road leading to the lake was just as stunning!" | a7R III | 16-35mm | f5.6 | 1/80 | ISO 100 | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

Landscape photographer @mydetoxtravel shares her experience breaking into the photography industry: "I entered the photography world 10 years ago starting as a model and transiting to fashion stylist and art directing. Somehow, I've always been surrounded by male photographers and I had this idea that it was a ''guy'' thing. When I really got myself into landscape photography years later, I noticed there was a strong lack of women particularity in this field. For all the ladies that would like to try landscape photography, don't be intimidated by the current market, we have our place here and I believe we all have the chance to show how beautiful our planet is!" | a7R II | #SonyAlphaFemale

Be sure to check out the LINK IN BIO to learn more about our Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence program. We are officially accepting applications, so apply away friends! #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

#AlphaCollective member @erinoutdoors shares this shot from Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia. Here are some words of wisdom from the photographer herself: "Whatever your idea is, whatever your dream is, go pursue it. Pursue it with integrity, passion and love. Don't get stuck comparing yourself to anyone else–– stay in your lane, do your work, and find a community that inspires you and lifts you up. Quality, consistency and passion will take you far." | a9 | 24-70 f2.8 GM | 70mm | f8 | 1/400 | ISO 320 | #SonyAlpha

Today, we opened applications for our Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence program. Check out our Story or visit the LINK IN BIO to learn more and apply. #SonyAlphaFemale

📷: @errincasa "Some places you have to see with your own two eyes to believe they are real! Havasu Falls is one of those places, the contrast of the bright red rock against the vivid blue water is a sight that many seek to see. To get here, you must hike 10 miles through the Grand Canyon!" | a7 II | 14mm | f2.8 | 1/160 sec | ISO 200 | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

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