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☻☻☻☻☻  TX | 🌼I C♡ULD CARE LE SS est'➒➑ | full time pet mom |📱07.12.17 ♱ twitter & sc: sonyat23 | K🖤

And I hope I don't drag you down 'cause I'm starting to feel alright thanks to you 🍃 #neckdeep

If it doesn't open, it's not your door 🚪

On July 12 at 12:03 AM, you were called home to the big Man upstairs. Today, we lay your body at rest. Although this goodbye feels bittersweet, I know that this isn't goodbye forever. I hope you're enjoying endless Chinese food up there. I love you. #restinpeace

Distance : 120 miles
Places: Skagway, AK ➖ British Columbia ➖ Canada
Animals Seen: 1 deer, 1 squirrel, 2 alpacas, 4 goats, and a bundle of Husky puppies
View : Priceless
#skagwaytours #nature #cruiseday4

Did " Juneau " that Juneau is the only U.S. state capital to border another country? 🛳🌲 #juneau #alaska #cruise #day3

" I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like magic. "- Sleepless in Seattle 🏙 #seattle

Generic fireworks photo 💥💥🇺🇸#summer2017 #fourthofjuly #collincollege

When I'm with you, all I get is wild thoughts 🐾

I don't like plain nails 💅🏻🌸 #summer2017 #snapchatsawitfirst

A lot of geese, a lot of 🦆, and a rainbow made it out to be quite a good day with you 🌈 P.S. Geese still scare me #summer2017

I have a pretty 🔥squad #summer2017

The Okay U.S.A Tour was more than just 🆗 #okayusatour #deepellum #prophetbardallas

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