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Sheila Jane  Everything Sonoma County First person to visit 100 Wineries In 100 Days Cork jewelry designer @sonomawinelifeshop I 💗 wine, food, and cozy ambiance!

I don’t want your eyes to glaze over and think...I never win so what’s the point and scroll past. (That’s what I usually do 😬)
Kendall Jackson wanted to know if OUR ‘Sonoma Wine Life Crew’ would like to win tickets to their next event.
On behalf of all of us, I emailed back to them, ‘Heck Yes!!!!’
Hope that’s ok....
KJ events are total wine country opulence.
Their Harvest Celebration is on Sunday, September 30 from 11am – 4pm.
Tickets get you access to cooking demonstrations from renowned chefs, unique plates, exceptional Kendall-Jackson wines, farm-fresh produce, master gardener demonstrations, educational wine seminars, live entertainment and more.
Tickets are $150 per person.
I’m giving away 2 tickets!!!!!!!!!
Easy to enter:
*Follow Me
*Follow @kjwines
*Tag friends bellow.
!!!!!Each tag gets you an entry!!!!!
Winner announced FRIDAY the 21st.
Who will be the lucky winner???You?

Dear weekend,
Please come back.
I’m not done with you yet.

Throw out my scale.
Buy me some Thanksgiving stretchy pants.
How about 100 Sonoma County Winery EVENTS In 100 Days?
Noooooo. I kid. I kid. But really....
I’ve happily found myself on the winery event circuit.
Not sure how, but your girl’s out there trying to be all wine industry schmoozy. .
Don’t worry.
I haven’t let the wine-ing and dine-ing go to my head.

The winery owner’s mom had to come over and wipe loads of plant fuzz off my butt after I sat down near lavender. Classic me.
I digress. Bowman Cellars @bowmancellars
I’m often asked.
So of all 100 wineries you visited what were your TOP favs? @bowmancellars is always high on the list.
The owners are adorable, and bright eyed, and oooooozing wine passion, and making flip your wig Pinot/Chard/Cab, and Graton is the cutest little town, and the winery decor is trendsetting and they are fresh and young and vibrant and welcoming and salt of the earth people.
That’s why.
Last night was their winemaker dinner with @jaclynnreneewines
Wine should never be stuffy and stiff and unattainable. Bowman wine is a best friend in a glass.
Attending a dinner event at Bowman was like being at the best wedding of the year. Hilarious speeches, the winemakers family surrounding you, Katie Bowman’s on point decor skills and her leopard print dress was New York Fashion Week goals!!!!!!
You’ll notice the last pic in this album is me with a mustached cutie. That’s my man.
Cheers to the Bowman’s.
The winery owner newbies are making some serious waves and shaking things up in our Sonoma County wine industry.
Dare I say this is one of the TOP hottest wineries in Sonoma County right now! Get there. You’ll love it. I promise. .
#sonomacounty #bowmancellars #winemakerdinner

Annnnnnnnnd these are the nights that I live for. Where are you? Come play with me in Sonoma County. Harvest magic.
#nightsky #twinklelights #delorimier #winenights #geyserville

I don't really consider myself an impeccably curated, manicured, flawless, pristine, crisp blogger/instagramer.
Yet, I can't get enough of beautiful instagram feeds.
Entertaining, interior decor, foodie table scapes.
White, crisp, magazine worthy, white linen, flawless.
I absolutely LOVE this aesthetic.
I’m more like the perfectly set table with that little piece of food that escapes the plate and stains the tablecloth.
Lest we forget my blogger debacle of 2018.
Invited to Bucher Wines and within an hour I spill wine all over the front of my shirt. My aesthetic.
I should include a disclaimer in my RSVP to blogger events.
Something like:
Swirls wine aggressively when nervous.
May stumble while sober.
Known to have "wonky eye" in photos.
I’m grateful I keep getting invited to exquisitely elegant blogger events.
Here was today's invitation:
La Crema Estate at Saralee's Vineyard.
A wine and culinary journey with entertaining expert Camille Styles @camillestyles
Top 5 memory captures from today:

1. Camille Styles. Host of HGTV's new mobile party planning app. Founder and creative director of Guess what?!?!?! After lunch Chef taught us how to make apple galettes. Camille picked my galette as the most beautiful. The entertaining master herself spotted my dessert masterpiece out of the lineup. Arrived.
2. Saralee Kunde. As we walked about the Saralee Vineyard at the La Crema Estate I was drawn to Saralee stories. Called the county's Daffodil Queen. She’d purchase thousands of bulbs and pass them out to anyone who would plant them along the highways. A Sonoma County Icon.
3. Every dish at lunch came from the culinary gardener Tucker Taylor @farmert Veggies so crisp, flavorful and colorful I’m convinced he is the Willie Wonka of the Veggie World.
4. The restored La Crema barn. Like being up in a wine treehouse.
5. Woman winemaker alert!!!! A treat, Jen Walsh come out and talked to us despite being in the midst of harvest season.
#lacrema #sonomacounty #winetasting #wineblogger #pinot #chardonnay

36 years old😱
I’m having crazy life epiphanies. (sidenote: who is this beauty next to me? @elysiamyers.wineart she’s fab. Our first friend date. More on that later🎨)
From 1st grade to senior year of high-school I had the same two best friends. Inseparable. 12 years and we are still connected.
I’m loyal like a golden retriever.
I like to stick to small she-woof packs.
I fought this for years though.
Always looking for bigger groups of female friendships.
Kinda Desperate.
Even when I sensed no click.
Or my gut had a weird vibe.
Or worse when it was toxic.
I would push friendships forward.
Women friendships are tricky!
I’ve experienced and seen drama, cattiness, competition, and fake-ness pull women apart.
And I’m not innocent.
Before I started my Alanon program and even within the last year I’ve struggled to keep my part in female friendships clean and serene.
Until it clicked.
I threw out my scarcity mindset and finally trusted that my higher power/universe/whatever you want to call it...
would bring me the right gals in the right timing.
Patience. Lean back. Trust.
And it’s working like magic.
Last Friday I drove to downtown Sonoma to meet-up with a friend I met here on Insta.
Elysia!!!! She is tall like me!
Not going to lie. I was super sweaty and nervous.
We met at my FAV spot @panglosscellars and shoutout to Amber! Another wine industry dear gal I just adore. Go see Amber at Pangloss. She is the BEST! @amberlesniewski
We chatted about everything wine, creativity, instagram, competition, and life.
The Pangloss staff was BLOWN AWAY when they found out Elysia creates wine art masterpieces and paints with wine! She is such a talent. Seriously follow and check her out @elysiamyers.wineart .
I’m so grateful.
Grateful for the with-it and genuine women I have met so far in the wine lovers community. Cheers to more beautiful friendships coming my way!
#sonoma #pangloss #sonomacounty #friendship #womenempowerment

The question has come up now what?
You’re just going back to posting normal pics after 100 Wineries In 100 Days?
Don’t you want to keep the momentum?
What’s next???!!!
All very valid and important questions.
It does feel odd.
My posts were so focused and with intense purpose and wine information for 100 days.
I have doubts creep up.
If I don’t post serious wine pics all the time I’ll lose people.
I can’t take wine too seriously.
I’m still a wine novice.
Wine tasting notes often make my eyes glaze over.
I sometimes don’t resonate with only wine talk and wine bottles and wine everything.
I need more.
I like stories and humor and life talk that’s not always wine related.
I want to post about my experiences. My experiences here in wine country. Food, scenery, people, cozy home life, dinners, friendship, art...and of course wine too.
What’s next?
Me in Sonoma County.
Giving you all my recommendations, tips, and Sonoma Wine Life adventures.
What’s next?
I have something HUGE launching. Specifically for my wine lifestyle loving ladies.
It’s still in secret production, but it’s beautiful.
Let’s just say the perfect accessory for wine tasting.
More to be revealed.
Bottom line.
I love Sonoma County.
I feel blessed to have moved here 5ish years ago.
‘Wine Country lifestyle’ is the way I chose to live my life.
Low key, simple pleasures, glass of wine in hand, candlelit dinners, vineyard views, the poetry and art form of an open bottle, immersed in my senses, and stories shared around the table.
THAT’S the ambiance I want my brand Sonoma Wine Life To Have.
After all...I started this Instagram after a heart wrenching breakup.
I needed to get out of the house and explore an area I was new to.
I will continue to explore.
Sonoma County has a magic.
A magic that heals and restores me.
A magic that ignites my passions.
Harvest time.
100 Wineries In 100 Days has been harvested and was deliciously spectacular.
Now onward!

Free? Up for grabs?😱
Pink Rodney Strong Aviators?!?!
Oh heavens yes💗
I’m all about free swag.
Swag me up!
I’ll swag with a swaggy-swagger all around town.
Spotted these Rodney Strong PINK aviators and snatched them up faster than that meme spread of Jay Z riding a jet ski in a helmet.
Thanks @rsvineyards ! You make my pink dreams come true!

I’ve never met a 🧀 cheese table/spread I didn’t like.
Scratch that 🙅🏼‍♀️
I’m not a goat cheese fan🤭
Anybody else think goat cheese tastes like licking dirty barn floor?😝
#charcuterieboard #cheese #tasteofsonoma #wineandcheese

She’s back and she’s feeling fabulous. Oh hey Taste Of Sonoma. I’m all up in your event today. Can’t believe I’ve never been! ☀️😘🤗💋💃🍷

I’m going off the grid.
It’s time.
I’m leaving Social Media until September 1st.
Not TOTALLY leaving.
I’ll be around liking and commenting on posts.
I’m just not going to be posting pics.
Mum. Hush. Shhhhh. Silent. No photos from me.
Might be more challenging than 100 Wineries In 100 Days.
What will I be doing in this hiatus?
•Working my day job.
•Blogging like a maniac.
Look up that GIF with Kermit The Frog typing like a maniac. Yep, that will be me. My goal is to make an ultimate resource. A site you can land on and see all my fav wineries and plan your Sonoma wine tasting trips accordingly. I really care that what I Blog is not fluff but down and dirty info that is fascinating and helps you.
•Hanging out with @sonomawinedog She’s annoyed that I’m not being a good enough Insta Mom-ager for her. I’m not Kris Jenner of Kardashian management status. I’m slacking on her insta 🤪😉🐶
I love the connection we all have here. I’ll look forward to connecting with you on September 1st. I have a TON of exciting things planned upon my return. 🤗
Thank you for being here. Thank you for likening me as I am. Thank you for loving Sonoma County.

My mom and I wrapped up the weekend ☀️ at Dutcher Crossing’s @dutchercrossing BBQ 🍗 themed wine club release party. .
My poor mom! Her cute flip flop broke right as we were handed our wine glasses
Has this happened to you?
She was a trooper.
Going barefoot at a wine release party is the new trend.
In our glass is the 2016 Maple Vineyard Zinfandel. All I have to say is 👌🏻
#dutchercrossing #drycreekvalley #flipflopfail

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