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T.Y.πŸ’―  Jet Life✈ Free B.G. ( S.O.G. Stay On Game )Features: s0gbeatz@gmail.com Bookings: s0gbeatz@gmail.com


Round my way niggas really gettin it bruh, but one false move and CHECKMATE! πŸšπŸ›©
cc: @dexstr8dope

Beat a nigga up then be waiting outside for him. πŸšπŸ›©
cc: @dexstr8dope

Kill'em with success! Watch'em die slowly. πŸšπŸ›©
cc: @dexstr8dope

Popz got locked up that's when it all got bad.. It was only so much momz can teach me.. I had to turn myself into a man! πŸ›©πŸš
cc: @dexstr8dope

Stay in yo fucking place! πŸ›©πŸš

I been smiling less... Gettin numb to that hating shit! πŸ›©πŸš
cc: @dexstr8dope

They ain't think i could do it at first... They ain't think I would come this far.. I let'em think what they wanna. I know wuz up! πŸ›©πŸš

If they lead me the way, Ima take it. πŸšπŸ›©
cc: @dexstr8dope

I'm in love with the hustle! πŸ›©πŸš
cc: @dexstr8dope

Walk in yo trap and takeover.πŸšπŸ›©

Just listen.. #pilottalktrilogytour #neverdiecorporation πŸšπŸ›©
cc: @dexstr8dope

Mann these niggas don't want no smoke πŸ’¨πŸšπŸ›©

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