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Sonny Boy  ⚡️West Coast Artist⚡️LA ⚡️

Come see us and some nice ranflas, hot rods and customs!!! Tomorrow at @mooneyesusa open house!!! #sonnyboy #sonnyboypaint #mooneyes #gowithMQQN

If you missed out on the Born Free 10 limited edition print, then don’t worry... We still have some of the BF 8 design limited edition of 75 left over. And 2 of the Maple wood veneer printed design. Only 4 were made on veneer. Follow the link in my bio ➡️ #sonnyboypaint #bornfreeshow #bornfreemotorcycleshow #bornfree10

I would like to thank everyone that came by the booth to purchase something or just to say hi and chat at the Born-Free show. Nicole and I are so appreciative of you all. Big thank you to @large_hands_grant @mikedavis70 and the @bornfreeshow crew who continuously make this the best motorcycle show and provide a platform for all of us creatives and enthusiasts to congregate and have a great time and show support for one another. I feel like I’m on an emotional high right now over the great time and success over last weekend. Thank, thank you everyone!!! ✌🏽#sonnyboy #sonnyboypaint #bornfree10 #bornfreemotorcycleshow #bornfreex

I’m so beyond grateful and really shocked at the reaction with this art print for the @bornfreeshow It really speaks volumes and shows that there is an appetite and appreciate for hand crafted art work. It means the world to me the amount of support and clientele that I have. I promise to keep up the momentum and fine art coming to you. Thank you all from the bottom of my ❤️ Thank you to @bornfreeshow @_geoffree @ntrach @riskrock @__anti__ #sonnyboy #sonnyboypaint #bornfree10 #bornfreex #bornfreemotorcycleshow

ATTENTION!!! Born-Free show prints are now available to order on my web store. Follow the link on bio page and it will bring you to the site. Only a few left from the limited edition series of The BF 10 poster. 18”x24”Printed on 80 lb cream speckletone coverstock paper.
The BF 8 is also 18”x24” printed on 100 lb Krafttone paper. All are signed, numbered and embossed for authenticity. Thank you to every one that purchased one over the weekend. And to all those who inquired, here’s your chance if you missed the show. Thanks! ✌🏽#sonnyboy #sonnyboypaint #bornfree10 #bornfreemotorcycleshow #bornfreex

Limited edition silk screened prints, signed and numbered. will be available tomorrow only at the @bornfreeshow at the Sonny Boy booth. Come by and see us! It’s going to be a great weekend with so many amazing motorcycles and good people in one place. Best motorcycle show in the world! Don’t miss out! #bornfree10 #bornfreeshow #bornfreemotorcycleshow #sonnyboypaint #sonnyboy

I am really glad that I have the friends and support to accomplish all that I do. Making these poster prints is a very hands on process that I love to be involved in and I couldn’t do without the help of my girlfriend @ntrach my friends @_geoffree and @riskrock. Risky’s studio is a creative utopia that I love and am privileged to work out of when I need to. Being around these graffiti giants @instaseen Seen and Risk has helped me learn so much and inspires me to reach for a higher level everyday. The lessons I am learning are priceless. If you swipe left you can see the process and environment in which these prints were made and hopefully understand the amount of satisfaction I get from creating and making something by hand, and then making hand pulled silkscreen print editions out it. It’s very gratifying and I hope you like it. Thanks! #sonnyboypaint #sonnyboy #riskrockstudios #Risky #Seen #bornfree10 #bornfreeshow #bornfreemotorcycleshow #handmade

I am so happy to see my art work used for the cover of the official @bornfreeshow book that was curated by @shaneliveslong @bentheboog @dicemagazine and published by @gestalten. Truly an honor! Thank you guys for doing this!!! #sonnyboy #sonnyboypaint #bornfree10 #bornfreeshow #bornfreebook #dicemagazine

We are going to make a new edition of this design from 2016. The first edition sold out and we want to offer it to those that missed out because we’ve had a lot of people asking for it. #sonnyboy #sonnyboypaint #bornfreemotorcycleshow #bornfreeshow #bornfree10

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