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It's a love/hate relationship with this weather ❄☂ #february

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I would like to extend an extra special thank you to all of my amazing friends today. Sometimes it takes going through some really tough shit to see who truly loves and cares for you. And it may not always be the people you thought it would be. I'm thankful for the strong women in my life who have been supporting me when I could not support myself. Thank you is not enough for all the love and care you all have shown me. Every dark cloud has a silver lining and mine has been finding out how many people love me and are by my side even when it isn't necessarily easy or comfortable to be. You all know who you are, please know you mean the world to me... whether we have known each other 10 years or just a couple of months... you all help make me better, make me who I am, and make feel confident to stand tall once again knowing I am standing in the presence of Queens ❤ thank you, and I love you.

Good food with even better company ❤ #famjam #thankful #ediblecanada

💀 I got fake people showing fake love to me

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