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索尼娅 • சோனியா 🌿  happy & free explorer in ♥️ with life no DMs plz!

கல்யாணம் | married ♥️💛

one of us is under 13 & one of us is over 30 😝 #cuzzies ...oh & one of us isn't out of the womb

Feeling like a traditional #Tamil strawberry 🍓
Didn't purchase anything new to wear for my brother's #wedding: my sister's first saree from twenty years ago, a blouse stitched by ma's friend back in #Chennai @zary____ and #vintage costume #jewelry from our younger dance days. #MUAH & #saree drape by my love @sham.waran of course!

Vertical gardens & negative space geometric jewelry >>

♥️ happiness is...road trips, jamming out to whatever's on the local radio, wildflowers, blue skies, too many trees, mountains, valleys, jumping into lakes, riding by the ocean, canoeing, camping 🏕️ #ExploreAlberta #ExploreCanada


Frequently pondering the purpose of our lives just to determine what it is we're supposed to do here. Get educated and work? Fall in love & start families? Pursue our crafts & art? Make money and travel? Eat healthy & get fit? Build brands & businesses? What's it all for & what's beyond all that?

You are magic

Do the random, wild things that make your heart skip a few beats & document them. This way, you can refer back when you need & be like ah yeah :) life is greater than any one moment we find ourselves in. 🏍️
Like wandering this Tamil-French town - #Pondicherry - halfway across the world on the back of someone random's bike just taking in the vibrant colours; night lights; aromas; eclectic sounds; & bits of #Tamil writing scattered on signs = bliss to me ♥️ #HeyAutoKaaran #HowToBeHappy

I ♥️ that we can help each other through social media + make social media that much more of an authentic place to be.
On that note, my teeth have been 'messed up' since I was little but when does that stop me from smiling ...big 🤷🏽‍♀️🤭🌞. We gotta work with or around what we've been given

I've been a real estate broker since I was a teenager (- yes, I went to uni!) This is from 6 years ago, our first flipper home. I was wearing a strawberry dress with a butterfly belt and the same watch I wear now which my sister bought me😅. It was so fun from finding & purchasing a property that needed work - to planning out and coordinating all the work that was needed - and picking out decor to stage it. 🏡

I've been through amazing highs and some overwhelming lows. At many points, I felt the industry wasn't for me. The barrier to entry is about non-existent, the standards/practices can be so crappy and the market has its risks. Especially within the Tamil community, sexism was real. I wasn't prepared for it but fought through (and am confident the specific perpetrators treat womxn better since). I've learned a lot: about people and about marketing/sales/developments/investing. On the plus side, the income can be amazing and you can help people invest and live better ideally. I started my own company 4 years ago and it was certainly rewarding (hello freedom!) but it's kinda all like been there, done that now. 8 years in, I am stuck on what to do. I am interested in other ventures but am unsure if I should be pursuing #RealEstate simultaneously 🤔 what do you guys think?! PS. Thank you to everyone who's sharing your thoughts ♥️

You are such a blessing to our family ♥️ happy that you're becoming my sister! 🤟🏼

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