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🌺 #thriving

How's your Friday going!? ☀️ I'm working on a vlog with Q&As so if you have any questions or suggestions on topics to touch on or types of videos to make: comment below👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽#YouTuber #Vlogger #TamilNadu

Happy Friday! 🏍️ I was just minding my biz, vlogging down the street, when someone stopped me - the archaeology prof I met a few weeks back! I don't know how he saw me whilst driving but ofc I hopped on the back for a lil tour. Man, for such a big and populated city, I keep getting thrown off by the amount of people you can run into here. Literally every time I'm out, a new friend bumps into me - so cool/eerie. Don't stop! Come say hi 👋🏽 #TGIF #Chennai

Their smiles😍. Ya know, we have a never-ending supply of joy within us? There is so much happiness to be crafted. I can't help but laugh a lot lately, life can be such a high🤷🏽‍♀️. Doing the right things. With the right people. With the right mindframe. You can't go back and change anything that's already happened (whateva), but you do have control over the VERY next moment/s. Over everything else. Over your responses (heck ya!) ☀️. I literally have gotten into this habit of interrupting negative thoughts (saying: scoot, get outta here). We can't allow space for a build up of crap in our minds. Instead, we can get into the habit of panning & focusing attention to the overwhelming wonder all around us

A lot of peeps ask me how I 'get' to travel -- a weird question to ask a woman, i.e. not a kid even though I feel like one half the time🤷🏽‍♀️. But the question is probably because I'm a BROWN-- or #தமிழ் girl to be exact. Welps, my parents have always been the ones to say, you can travel or do XYZ once you're married and I HATED that. Like kill me now mannn...our lives do not have to revolve around marriage or men. Being super financially independent/taking care of your shiz (and living on ya own?) must be the saving grace - coz in that case, you can just get up and away as you please. Also, show 'em whassup. Take 'em out to experience diff things, upgrade em from Facebook to Insta👀. Our parents missed out on a lot of things we take for granted. However, they'd have enjoyed wandering, going on adventures, trying yummy foods and basically gooftrooping just as much if not more than us. This was in Geneva ♥️ #TBT (disclaimer: this may lead to them wanting to tag along with you everywhere so they may not be more chillz in actuality🤦🏽‍♀️)

😍♥️... Thank you for creating & inspiring - not just with your art but with the grace of who you are @artbythiviyaa #mixwiththivs

The older I get, the more clear it becomes for me that life is about falling deep in love with IT. The way the sun kisses our skin; the way leaves rustle to the rhythm of the wind; the way water sustains us; the highs from learning or trying something new; the bliss in pursuing what we love; wandering the world; exploring; creating; discovering our truths; and being around pure energies to grow with. May your life be your love 💛 #lamariposadeSerendipia

அப்பா (appa) said not to climb up buildings & sit off more rooftops or he'd come down here so this is for him of course

அப்பாவும் நானும்// pa & me whilst exploring a corner of Italy. He always has a moustache and a cap on his head. He was quite built since he was a kid because he worked on the family farm to support his widowed mother. Apparently, he'd climb up trees and sing songs. We have the same squinty eyes, big ol' noses, and problematic teeth - ironically, we were both called versions of "Smiley" in school. He is crafty and has always been fixing or creating. I feel so blessed to have grown up witnessing that. He was always fiddling away in his hoarder's paradise of a garage - or in his mobile service truck, if not under another truck. He doesn't think about money, just about doing what he likes though he talks ish to me about just that. We share the tendency to lose ourselves- finding solace in our crafts, alone. He always takes a nap in the afternoon and has a drink with each meal. His lungs are probably ashes coz he always smoked. He wakes up and looks out at the birds, sets up a nest for them if they need help and what not. When I was a kid, I'd get in trouble because when I saw a dead bird, I'd get emo and try to bring them home to give them a proper funeral. I tend to get hurt by his attitude, like he never says he is proud of me no matter what I do! But when I asked for a treehouse, he was onboard. We quarrel and it's funny because his rude ass is just as if not more sensitive than mine. I'll always see him as the Superman whose leg I'd refuse to let go of on his way out. When I left home for a few months for the first time, he emotionally came to me and said "pilla, nee illaati, naan enna seiya poren?". Yet didn't call me once. Hahaha. But when I came back, he was holding balloons in his hand at the airport. I hate seeing him age while we do. Stay fiddling.

Another one year'versary with another one of my favourites: The super funny @pure_me_design of @pandyanshouse - our first encounter involved crashing a wedding for her in London😹 .There was hardly an ounce of awkwardness coz not only is she the LIFE of a party she's sweet AF 🥂...man, these Brits. I love em to bits! ♥️ #GirlLove #YouTubers

This is exactly one year ago from when I met these girls for the first time. It feels like I've known em longer now coz we bonded like weeee: @veetha & @miyalovesbeauty, my faves, are supa cool online but EVEN sweeter & completely down to earth in person. Love you guys & thank you for always being kind AF... lez go somewhere soon 😝♥️🙏🏽🇬🇧💂🏽‍♀️💂🏽‍♀️ #GirlLove #SwipeLeft!

There are the Insta-hotties & then there's the rest of us

How you feel > how anyone else feels about you #lamariposadeSerendipia

தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா - Tamils represent, hold ya head high 🙌🏽🔥🐯♥️🌴 #Bharathiyar #Tamil #LearnTamil #TamilNadu #lamariposadeSerendipia 📸@logu_gt


Blessings for you from #Thanjavur Periya Koyil (#Tanjore Big #Temple) this morning. Favourite place ever. --- Built 1000 years ago during the Chola reign - one of the main ancient #Tamil kingdoms which spanned #India & #SriLanka. The Cholas were the first Indian seafarers - the architectural and cultural similarities in places like the incredible #AngkorWat in #Cambodia are no coincidence. ---- Anyway, more peace, divinity & life to you ♥️🙏🏽 #LearnTamil #lamariposadeSerendipia

Senthamizh naattil 😝 - the simple town/village life is hella underrated. I wanna stay back here for months, if not years

Mani & Ameena Bibi been running these shops in front of the Thanjavur palace for 40 years 🍋🍊

I always say this but...can't help but find beauty at every turn in Tamilakam (and around the world, but something special and underappreciated about Tamilness) ♥️. The faded bright paint on the walls, the random displays of Ganesha or other gods, aloe overflowing from clay pots, palm trees, red earth ..*sighs* also, all this sounds even better in Thamizh than in English. English grants access and opportunities but also takes away a lot without us even realizing #thisisSerendipia #TamilNadu #culture #explore #Tamil #globalvillage #beautyoflife #lifeisart #lamariposadeSerendipia

Long days in #Thanjavur. So much to do & explore in #TamilNadu! Here, I'm with Prof. KurinjiVendhan who heads the department for the Development of #Tamil Abroad at the one & only university dedicated to Tamil in the world. We are brainstorming fun videos about Tamil and need YOUR help!!! Gumm ennu kidaka venam. 🙏🏽 Thaivu seithu ungal aalosanaigalai anupungal (send some suggestions plz!) Also... Try this Kochai Thamizh aka #Chennai slang! 😝 #LearnTamil

Mood: Secret Gardens 🌿♥️ #lamariposadeSerendipia

So we were strolling the streets of Parry's and uh, you already know what time it was ⏰
Did you eat? = Saapitiya?
Yes = Aama (or Om if you're island #Tamil 🙌🏽)
You = Nee (informal) or NEENGA (formal) ...'nga is added for respect, sir @philwaukee 👀🙏🏽 #TamilTranslationTime #Awkward #CultureClash #LostinTranslation #LearnTamil

Oru filter coffee please ...you gotstu even if you don't drink coffee - #TamilNadu thangs

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