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Puppy & the lost city. This pup looked thirsty so we stopped to feed him and soak this in. And I say lost city because I can't remember the name - we saw too many places like this. We roadtripped Morocco for 3 weeks without stopping in one spot for more than 2 days, at most. It's my favorite country to date because it's like a bunch of enchanting worlds in one. One incredible landscape after the other - the most exquisite ones became normalized by the end of it. Like this is just what you expect from Morocco, nothing out of the ordinary #CodeBlue711💙 #MoroccanSerendipia

Pitstop through the Valley of 1000 hills - less than an hour drive 🏎️ inland from #Durban, a bomb city in #SouthAfrica. Nestled along the Indian Ocean, it's where we first tried surfing!🏄🏽‍♀️ Did you know: it's as Tamil as #Africa 🌍 gets. A quarter of the population looks Tamil but a lot of the ones we asked would be like, no, we're "Christian" ✝️ as if it's a religion vs. a cultural/ ethnic / linguistic identity 🤔. Goes to show how removed we become over generations, when displaced⏳. In contrast, if you ask if they're Indian, it may even seem like a redundant question - like no shxt, Sherlock - even though India wasn't even India when Tamils were brought from *Tamil Nadu*. Tamil populations were scattered all around the world as indentured labourers or slaves from #colonization 🇬🇧. They were typically referred to too widely as #Indian by white folks -- and this created a wedge in the connect & embrace of #Tamil imo. Eg. a lot of people in the #WestIndies 🌴 identify with & adore #Bollywood💃🏽since it serves as the biggest form of connection to #India 🇮🇳. Yet, #Kollywood & #Tollywood of the South may be closer to the ancestral roots of many. #Identity #Diversity #History

Last year, my parents went back to France where they had lived for a couple of years before moving to Canada. They had a few weeks there and I knew that they'd be sitting around at relatives for the most part & that they wouldn't rent a car or venture out much on their own. So, I flew down just to chauffeur them around. We started in Paris and drove through farm country and stayed in a barn, my dad loved it. We went through the Alps to have brunch in Geneva and scrumptious Italian & wine in Genoa by night. Next was fancy ass Monaco. My mum's fave - yea, she fancy too. Then back into France: Nice, where they had also lived for a short period. They weren't able to explore much then so to wander alongside them 30+ years later, was special. For the record, they are cooler as travel buddies than as parents & this may be the only photo we have of us three from then✨

France ➡️ Switzerland

Who elses like being a shadow? 👻

#CultureShock18 goin' down tonight 🔥 - throwing it back to last year, goofin' with @elachika♥️.
Got so admiration for @_bharathy - community leader & #GirlBoss - who literally *alters* the fashion game: @CulturelleCouture focuses on empowering women to embrace & own their unique selves. (Makeup by the sweetest @thenistouch & Rocking another gem 💍 @gemsbyabi)

The bravest people I know are women. Mothers. Girls who push against societal restrictions to pursue education or employment or entrepreneurship. Women who speak up about rape or sexual assault only to be scrutinized, blamed and traumatized further. Courage isn't having no fear, it's having a sh*t ton of it and facing life anyway. Often, it's more in the quiver of a statement than in a poker face

If you put yourself online, you welcome yourself to all sorts of things: wonderful & bad. And sometimes absolute malice & terror. This affects men & women but especially women. To be a woman with a full, public profile and to not have received hate or negativity? Hello, exception. .

But where do we draw the line? Do we have to let it get to rape or murder threats? & Even at that point, would anything be done? Is being tormented recklessly & anonymously for months not as serious as a threat? Do social media platforms and law enforcement have an understanding of the very real impacts of cyber bullying on mental health? Does law enforcement even understand social media? If platforms like @instagram (@facebook), @google TRULY care about the people they DEPEND on - why is bullying so easy when shutting it down is so complicated? Why are they tracking our words and behaviours to target ads and monetize off us but not to protect us? .

Kids are all over these platforms. They face depression and all sorts of issues and go as far as suicide yet these platforms can't do better? @zuck, are you waiting for your daughters to face harassment, to make these far overdue changes? Or will you only exclusively protect them and not the rest of the billions who use your platforms? How many people need to hurt or kill themselves before you make such minor updates? What about for laws to change? . .

I'm sharing bits of my experience with the hashtag #DearJony mainly because it isn't unique to me. Many people experience harassment but feel isolated/distraught/helpless/etc when we shouldn't. What disturbs me most about getting harassed (more than the actual tormenting itself) is that these platforms FACILITATE it + that law enforcement is still pre-internet @torontopolice @rcmpgrcpolice #cyberbullying. .
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A lot of us are afraid to be ourselves and to speak about certain things. Obviously due to judgement but that's.. unhealthy. We are so much better off when we learn to communicate well and own ourselves. That's power. // Thank you for working your magic on my hair @massodahakimi ♥️♥️

@massodahakimi is a hair magician, I love my new red locks by her. And I have no idea how to style my hair so she taught me! ♥️

good morning😍.. by @saja.sathiya

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