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Sonina Hernández Mikkelsen  I love pictures, my hubby, traveling, and life! 🇨🇴🦋💜

First day of @dmikk52 second year Masters program!!! It’s crazy to see how quick time passes by. He’s worked hard over the summer and is ready to truly dive into his research.
I know it will be different and maybe more difficult now that you are a dad, but I know with 10000% surety you are going to rock this year! Love you babe and I’m always proud of you for chasing your dreams 😘 #TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife #Professorinthemaking #Boilermaker🚂

WEEK 6!! -First boat ride and with her sister! 🚤🐾
-Met a knight!! (Was even tossed a winning flower) 🌸
-First concert, which was also an intro to Broadway musicals 🎧🎭
-Clicks her tongue, especially when she is copying Mami and Papa 😛
-Met her cousins from both sides of the family! 💜

We were also graced with the presence of family this week to help us celebrate our butterfly’s blessing. @dmikk52 gave a beautiful blessing letting her know of not only our love but the love our Heavenly Father has for her. It was so fun to see our family on such a special occasion. #babybutterflymikk #TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife

A bit late but we are at 5 Weeks!!
-Went to her first movie, Christopher Robbin! 🍯 -Now in size 1 diapers ⬆️
-Found her thumb to suck on (use to do this with her index finger) 👍🏽 This past week the butterfly got some extra snuggles from Tia Kim and Uncle Josh! It gave Mami and Papa a nice rest 😬 It was great to have friends over!
#babybutterflymikk #TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife

Happy third anniversary to the man who always has my back! 😘
This year sure has been one filled with changes. From you starting grad school, to me having a new job, to getting to know our new home, and of course expanding our familia.
Time for vulnerability...this man literally deserves a million standing ovations. This past year has been particularly difficult for me and he was always there to calm me down. Dan knew one of my goals in life was to be a mom, we had been trying for awhile with no results which was extremely hard on me emotionally. When I came to terms with being patient we discussed the idea of getting a puppy. Obviously this made him a bit nervous due to our schedules but he knew I needed a fur friend in the home. It was literally right after we got our pup Trixie that we found out we were expecting a baby!! It was crazy that suddenly we were having two big changes in our household.
Along with those changes were my emotions, stress, sickness, neediness, and so much more. Not once did this man complain. He was so understanding and would lift me up (figuratively and physically) when I just didn’t have the strength to do so. He always had the words I needed to hear and the smile I needed to see. He has been my rock through all of this unknown, and there is nobody I would rather wander unexplored paths with.

Thank you for always being you. For always making me laugh and smile. I am extremely blessed to be your wife and to have this incredible familia with you. Here is to three years down of our eternal journey together! Love you hubby babe!
#TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife #babybutterflymikk #OurPupTrixie #EternalCompanions

One of the most difficult decisions Dan and I had discussed was what we were going to name our baby butterfly. Some of the stipulations were:
-Semi unique
-Can be pronounced in English and Spanish fairly easily
-Held importance -Wanted a middle name

We shared names we liked and Aria was always the top pick (it’s a name I’ve loved since high school), but we weren’t sure about the middle name. One day I was reorganizing my jewelry when I came across a special bracelet that was given to me 8 years ago and realized the perfect name, Lynn.
Shanna Lynn Christensen is a special woman in my life. She was always fun, spunky, hilarious, and outgoing. She was also extremely independent, strong, talented, and made any room light up. She was friends with everyone and made you feel like the most important individual in the world. It was for all of these qualities that I knew I wanted my daughter to be named after her and growing up knowing why we named her so.
Throughout my pregnancy I thought of my dear friend often. It brought back many wonderful memories and smiles. Even though Shanna isn’t with us at this time, I have no doubt our butterfly knew her before coming to us. I’m sure Shanna was sharing her love, jokes, wisdom, and strength.
These frames hang in Aria’s room. One is pressed flowers Shanna gave me, the other is an old photo I’ve hung onto that showcases her personality to a T.
Miss you dear friend, but I know you aren’t far. I hope we raise our baby girl to be just like you.
#babybutterflymikk #OurIndianaLife #TheGreatMikkAdventure
PC: @rebeccajoslynphotography

Four Weeks/ ONE Month!
Can’t believe we have already had this precious baby with us for a whole month. 😱 We have a little more of a routine. Some big things this week include:
-Was babysat for the first time so Mami and Papa could go to a broadway show 🎭 -Went on the first small road trip to Chicago! 🌃 -Attended her first sorority legislation/convention 🦋 -Met her Tia Kim and Uncle Josh 👫
-Met her MANY other TNX Aunties 🦋👭👭👭👭🦋 (including being held by @pumkinp123 😉) Packing was definitely different when traveling with the baby but now we are more confident and want to go on several trips! 🤗🚗 #babybutterflymikk #TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife

Feliz cumpleaños to my favorite G^2!! 🎉🎂 I am literally stoked you came to us as your first stop back in the U.S.! It has been FOREVER without my best friend and I am thrilled to have you back with us for a little while. Hope you had a special day filled with fun and much needed rest. Love ya sis! #babybutterflymikk #OurIndianaLife #TheGreatMikkAdventure #theswirl #interracialcoupouts

Three Weeks! -Had her first trip to the city! We even ate out at a restaurant and she slept basically the whole time. 😴 -Took her first bottle from dad! 🍼 -Got all dolled up and went to church. ⛪
We still aren’t sure who she looks more like but what we are sure about is she is 100% adorable!!! 😍 #babybutterflymikk #TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife

My very first convention in 2011 and then convention in 2017. One of my favorite parts has been who I have been able to go with to convention!
There was no better way to do a first convention than with my tail @sage_tierra!! We had so much fun exploring New Orleans and meeting sisters from all over.
Last year @dmikk52 and I road tripped to NC where he was able to see the full Butterfly Effect. It was so fun to introduce him to the sisters he always hears me talk about!

This year I can’t wait to go with my cute little family, best friends, and fellow sisters. #TNXCon18 #EveryONEin #TNX21years #TBT #TNT

#TNXCon18 is next week and I’m ready for this countdown!! Today’s challenge is to post a favorite picture with our Founders. Last year I was fangirling hardcore when I got to meet Founding Monarch Brenda Eribo. She is the the starting point of my family tree so I was THRILLED when I had the opportunity to finally meet her. #EveryONEin #ΘΝΞLove #TNX21Years

I want to give some extra love to our puppy Trixie. 🐶 💜Bringing home her baby sister has been an adjustment for her. Thankfully she is protective of her and checks on her often.
The past few weeks she’s noticed we’ve been pretty distracted, played a little less, and have taken shorter walks. I personally think she understands but just like any other sibling, doesn’t mean it is easy to get used to.
Today we took our first family outing as the four of us. Trixie now has her own “car seat” (which again was a big change considering she use to roam across the back seat) and she got used to it like a champ! We roamed across campus for a long while and she was as happy as can be.
We sure love this pup and are blessed to have her in our family. We wouldn’t be the same without her and we love her beyond reason! #TheGreatMikkAdventure #babybutterflymikk #OurIndianaLife #OurPupTrixie #furbaby

-Had her 2 week check up. 👩‍⚕️ Is now weighing 9 lbs 13 oz and is 21.75 in long. -Did her first photo shoot! 📷 A full 4 hrs with no fuss, basically she’s a natural 💁🏽‍♀️
-Received her first piece of mail (her SSN but we thought it was funny it was addressed to her) ✉️ We don’t know if we are just as sleep deprived or just getting used to it now 😂. We feel like we are getting a little better at this parenting thing.
#TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife #babybutterflymikk

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