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Sonina Hernández Mikkelsen  I love pictures, my hubby, traveling, and life! 🇨🇴🦋💜

Two in one post 😂
16 Weeks! -Finalized plans to visit family in Colombia! 🇨🇴
-Finalized our plans to go to Disney World! 🐭 -Hair is growing so has a little less of a bald spot on the back of her head 💁🏽‍♀️
-Mom survived a crazy week of spilling milk and being covered in spit up 🤮

4 Months (17 Weeks!) -First trunk or treat and Halloween 🎃 She was the cutest Dalmatian around! 👻 -Started growling and making gaspy squeals. 🦖 Actually scared us at first but now we can’t stop laughing 😆 -Went to the polls with us to see the importance of voting! ✔️ It’s crazy to see how quickly she is growing. She is grabbing on to everything and demanding to always be able to see the world. She makes her self laugh and it literally ALWAYS puts a smile on our faces to see her smile and hear her “conversations”. There are moments where I still go “WOW...I’m a mom” 😮 it’s the best thing in the world and I’m glad I get to be HER Mami 💜
Special thanks to my sisters:
@the1andonly_kimberly for the ONEsie
@ndnlegaldiva for the purple bow
#TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife #babybutterflymikk #motherhood #mamilife #firsttimemom #babygirl #firstchild

Glad @tnx_iu invited Alumnae and local sisters to join them for dinner. It was even better to see my mei mei (little sister) @huan4ying and my Triple G @alyssamjeanne. These ladies are KILLIN it! Proud of you ladies and always excited to catch up #ourindianalife #gapiswhereitsat #thetanuxi #onelove #faml #tnx #tnxhouseofroyals👑

Out of all the wonderful things SigEp gave me, the best gift of all was this handsome hubby!
Greek life brought us together and continues to provide us with the most incredible friendships. I can’t imagine life without those individuals and you all know you’re my family. Special love to all the Utah-Alpha men of Sigma Phi Epsilon. 💜/ Your Sweetheart 🦋
PS- Had to show our butterfly one of my favorite songs they sing! @ususigep
#thegreatmikkadventure #ourindianalife #babybutterflymikk #sigepsweetheart #sigepfoundersday #sigepfoundersday2018

“Dognapping! Tsk, tsk,tsk. Can you imagine such a thing?” If it was this cutie absolutely!! She makes the cutest pup around!! I LOVE Halloween and we go ALL out! I was even more excited to have babies to dress up and think of a family theme!
Aria loved the trunk or treat! She was laughing, smiling, and enjoying people watching. I am sure she will love this holiday just as much as I do!
And yes...we did even dress Trixie up as another pup 😂
#thegreatmikkadventure #ourindianalife #babybutterflymikk #ourpuptrixie #bootterfly #halloween2018 #mamilife #disney #dalmatians #cruelladevil #jasper #dognappers @tnxao

What a difference a year can make. It was exactly a year ago today Dan and I first met Trixie. She was shy and didn’t want us coming near her. After we took her on a small walk she let me pick her up. Dan and I then went home and decided she would be a perfect fit for us!
Halloween day was officially when she started living with us. Again she wouldn’t let us come near her and would run away when we tried to pet her. Slowly she came to see we loved her with all our hearts. She is a spunky, funny, and loving puppy! We honestly could not picture our lives without her.She was meant to be in our family. I love watching her love and protect Aria. She is our first baby. We call her Aria’s big sister and honestly I believe they will be best friends. Love you Trixie pup! 🐶 💜
Pic 1: the kiddos
Pic 2: first time we met
Pic 3: today at home!
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15 Weeks! -Is actually enjoying her baths! She started splashing around and laughing 🛁 -Had her first experience in a blackout. We had a candle and she LOVED watching it for the 5 hours we were in the dark 🕯 -Met another one of her butterfly aunties @lilyhsg 🦋
It was during the blackout that Dan and I were reminded of how amazing the little things are. Watching Aria stare at the flickering light, be curious of the shadows, and shriek with joy when close to the candle holder it all brought happiness to our hearts. It shouldn’t take a lot to be entertained. It’s also nice to have no electronics and just laugh, chat, or play as a family with no distractions. Overall it’s a beautiful experience to be experiencing life through her little eyes. Thank you for the reminders my lovely butterfly 🦋 💜
#TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife #babybutterflymikk #motherhood #mamilife #firsttimemom #babygirl #firstchild

14 Weeks! (Sorry I’m late 🙈) -Went to her first pumpkin patch and we got a cute little pumpkin for her 🎃 -Went through the WHOLE Strangers Things corn maze 🌽 (she slept the whole time 😂)
-Has been getting on her side more. Even got onto her stomach once 🔄
-She saw her first snowfall ❄️ -Went to a movie rental store 🎞 (documenting because who knows if they’ll exist at all soon 🤣) Dan and I are finally up to planning date nights that take longer than an hour! 🙌🏽 We are still working on being able to leave the house when we plan. ⏰ Seems like we always forget to pack something, she decides to explode and needs a changing, or gets hungry right as we are leaving. It’s gotten a lot better but I’m sure we will get it down one of these days 🤷🏽‍♀️ #TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife #babybutterflymikk #motherhood #mamilife #firsttimemom #babygirl #firstchild
PS- I will get week 15 up soon!

I can’t get over these pictures we took! This past weekend was so fun and literally the most perfect fall weather!
#thegreatmikkadventure #babybutterflymikk #ourindianalife #mamilife #motherhood #newfamilytraditions #fall

13 Weeks! -First General Conference. Now she won’t ever remember what a three hour church block feels like 😂 ⛪️ -Went on a mommy daughter date to learn about result bias in search engine algorithms 🤓 -Tried on her Halloween costume! 🎃 If anyone guesses right you’ll get a shout out 🗣
-Went to the park and took a nap 😴
It was a pretty slow week with not a whole lot happening. Even though there weren’t a lot of events we are grateful for the lazy and slow days we get to enjoy together as a family.
#TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife #babybutterflymikk #motherhood #mamilife

Happy International Day of the Girl!
This world isn’t perfect and by no means is it easy, especially for women. Even though it’s tough I promise to work hard and be the change where I can be. Most of all I hope to raise you to know you are strong, capable, and a force that can’t be stopped. You are our little genius and we promise to always support you with your dreams, celebrate your accomplishments, and love you beyond reason. Spread your wings and fly my baby butterfly 🦋 #babybutterflymikk #thegreatmikkadventure #ourindianalife #internationaldayofthegirl #dayofthegirl #girlgenius

3 months!! Finally reached 12 weeks! -Starting to solidify her laugh. Constantly makes us smile and laugh with her 🤣 -Starting to hold on bottles because she’s our little foodie 🍼 -Grabbing on to anything and everything she sees 🖐🏼
-Hates pacifiers but will shove everything else into her mouth 😋
-She’s become our little drool monster. EVERYTHING will get wet, but we wouldn’t have it any other way 💦
We love seeing our butterfly grow in every little way. She is constantly smiling and reminding us why we are blessed to be parents. If we don’t give her enough attention she will let us know with her cute sighs and grunts 😂 She makes coming home from work the best experience every time.
#TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife #babybutterflymikk #motherhood #mamilife

-Went on her first flight! ✈️ Slept the WHOLE trip 😴 -Met 3 pairs of her aunts and uncles 👦🏼👩🏼👦🏼👩🏽👦🏽👩🏼
-Partied at a wedding 💍
-Met her great grandparents 👵 👴 -Met some incredible friends, including one of the missionaries who painted her room! 😘💜
-Visited the grave of the wonderful woman she’s named after, and met her loving family.💐💕
-Has picked her favorite blankie
It was a blessing to be able to fly out to Utah in order to celebrate with family, visit great friends, and enjoy the wonderful presence of so many we love dearly! Flying with our butterfly made me nervous at first but as per usual she was a CHAMP! We look forward to many more flights with her 🦋
#TheGreatMikkAdventure #OurIndianaLife #babybutterflymikk #motherhood #mamilife

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