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Sonia Espinosa  ✈️🌍👣 📍Costa Brava

Del agua que no me saquen 🐠 #73

The best is yet to come 🤙🏾 #surftrip

Relájate y deja que pase.
Ya lo deseaste y el universo te escuchó. #87

Some people are just made to be in the water 🐳 #89

Distance ain’t got nothing on us ❣️

Maktub 🌎 #98

Good vibes happen on the sea 💦 #116

B e s t L i f e 👣 #121

N e e d . 🌴 #costarica

You’re my one of the best presents life has given me. ♥️ #8months

Give me my surfing days back. #132

La vida es un viaje. Relájate y disfruta 🚐💨 #135

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