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함근제 송형우  한국전통문화대학교 전통미술공예학과 전통회화전공 관심사 : 불교회화


전통회화전공 후배들을 위한 전각 - 이민홍, 최연슬, 김혜리, 오지현, 김예은
Traditional painting major. These stone stamp is for my the juniers - Lee min hong, Choi yeon seul, Kim hyea lee, Oh ji hyeon, Kim yea eun.

This is the spring watch which my father gave me. As sway from side to side two or three times every day, the spring winds itself up. Can use forever without replacing bettery. These days, most people use a battery-operated wristwatch, but it's very interesting to see that this is used in a traditional way. It's very interesting.

아빠가 선물해주신 신기한 태엽시계입니다. 매일마다 두세번씩 좌우로 흔들면 태엽이 저절로 감기기 때문에 배터리를 교체하지 않아도 평생 쓸 수 있습니다. 요즘은 배터리로 작동하는 손목시계를 사용하는 사람들이 대부분이지만, 이렇게 전통적인 방식으로 사용하는 시계가 제작된다는게 아주 신기하네요. 아주 흥미로워요.

Yesterday ate kingcrab and lobster with my father.

In the early Joseon Dynasty on the Korean peninsula, the rate of the Upper class(Yangban) accounted for top 4%, the Common class was 50~60%, the Lowest class was 20%~30%. The Upper minority class used classical Chinese(Hanja) which was very difficult to learn and write, but only the ruling minority class knew how to use Hanja, while most commoners were left illiterate and ignorant. The classical Chinese writing system was not suitable to express the ideas and emotions and had limits to communicate with each other, because of the complex ideograms. Hence, it was difficult to submit a written opinion to a higher court reading officially announced contents and information from the public office. And many times they were swindled out.

So, around 600 years ago, King Sejong(1397~1450), the forth king of Joseon Dynasty, and his scholars established an academic institute called Jiphyeonjeon, where they devoted themselves to studying the Korean language. When King Sejong tried to arrange an easy language which is easy to learn and write, in order to solve this sad problem of his subjects. A lot of courtiers offered a determined opposition to King because they thought if the Lower class who had been ruled by the Upper class ‘Yangban’, were able to use written language, then will become stronger then ever before and cannot be ruled. So, the Upper class had insisted the use of difficult letters ‘Hanja’ because they don’t want to lose their vested rights and supremacy. So, a large percentage of ordinary people were ruled out for hundreds of years because just don’t know the letters ‘Hanja’. Finally, Hunminjeongeum which is Korean script manual was invented and published in 1443.

Let me give you a similar example of a different context.

In 1887, a Poland eye doctor, Lazarus Ludwig Zamenhof(1859~1917) lived in Bialystok in Poland, There was a social problem. Polish, Russian, Jewish, and Germans were lived together. However, due to differences in language they could not understand each other’s positions, there was a lot of conflict. In order to create a world where they could coexist peacefully without any conflicts, He created the easiest and simplest language in the world,

18~19세기 화원 김홍도의 작품 '무동'
18~19世期 画员 金弘道的作品 '雾童'
18~19century painter Kimhongdo's painting 'dancing boy'.

졸업작품-석남사 대웅전 석가모니후불탱
毕业作品-石南寺 大雄殿 施加模拟后佛画
Greduate painting - seoknam temple

그림그릴 때가 제일 행복하다.

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