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Roshiv vm on "Bom diggy diggy bom bom"💃 Made this vm few days ago but coz of some issues I was unable to post this hope u all like it :) probably my last vm before my exams😉 @karanvirbohra @imouniroy #monvir #karanvirbohra #mouniroy #roshiv
Thanks @heba_kvbian_2 for saving it and posting in ur acc ❤lots of love😘

I've nothing new to post but I really like to write and post about her 😘 the only girl whom I adore the mossttt ❤ Love u for being u ❤😌 Its difficult to describe my love for her in words mouni u r like a cute lil kidd😘ur this things make u more special and diff from everyone 😃My love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending at neverr.. you are always on my mind and forever in my heart ❤I love you more today than yesterday, but not much as tomorrow...😌 Shubhraatri kisses to u too 💋💋 @imouniroy#mouniroy #mysunshine #mostbeautifulgirlintheworld #monstar🌟

😋😍my dancing doll😍💋 she is PERFECTION!❤ @imouniroy #mysunshine #monstar🌟 #mouniroy #throwbackdiwali
P.s- Last post before leaving see u all soon in a month👋🙏

😍❤ I just love her each and every performance💋😍 she is LOVE and her each and every step is perfection 😍 @imouniroy #mysunshine #mouniroy #monstar🌟 #throwbackdiwali .

Stunner..😍🔥🔥🔥💯old pics❤

@imouniroy #mysunshine #mouniroy #monstar🌟

Some offscreen fun videos of karanvir and mouni 😍❤ aah! Missing them 😢😭 #roshiv #naagin2 #karanvirbohra #mouniroy #monstar🌟 #monvir .
@karanvirbohra @imouniroy 😘❤love u both

😍❤ Queen of dancing and my heart 😳❤her each and every move it lit🔥 @imouniroy #mysunshine #monstar🌟 #mouniroy

She is perfection isn't it?❤😳😍😍 @imouniroy #mysunshine #monstar🌟 #mouniroy part-3

Tu bani meri radha😜❤ part-2
My dancing doll😍 @imouniroy #monstar🌟 #mouniroy #mysunshine

Mouni's performance on mai banu teri radha💃❤ part-1
My dancing doll😍 @imouniroy #mysunshine #mouniroy #monstar🌟 😘

❤She defines Beauty❤ @imouniroy Some old pics of my LOVE😘 #monstar🌟 #mouniroy ❤❤
P.s- don't copy 😈

Breathtaking should mean YOU in the dictionary.❤ You are the winner and the soul owner of my heart.🌹😍The meaning of my love is you, the meaning of dreams come true when I'll meet with u🙈Are you a Camera? Because everytime I look at you I want to smile😍❤Roses are red violets are blue I'm not a poet I just loveee you😋😂your sweet smile is intoxicating, your beauty is breathtaking and you are simply amazing ❤😌Words are veryyy less to define my love for u I love u the mossttt❤ I'm never gonna stop loving you and I'm never gonna stop falling in love with you. Happy Valentine's day @imouniroy God bless u 🌹🌷❤ .
#mouniroy #valentineday #monstar🌟

I can promise that I can love you and will always love u both😘Every time I see you, I realise that life doesn't need to be perfect as long as it is happy. And you both make me happy. Happy Valentine's Day! Sry for the bad edit I made it in hurry 🙈❤ Hope u all like my edit🤐@karanvirbohra
Missing u #monvir :( #karanvirbohra #mouniroy #roshiv #naagin2 .
Boyfriends come and go but best friends stays forever 😁 Happy Valentine's day to all my friends 😘😘❤

Happy kiss Day 😁😍😘 #karanvirbohra #mouniroy #roshiv #naagin2 #monvir

Shiv tandava stotram . Once again happy mahashivratri to all❤🙏 #omnamoshivay har har mahadev ❤🙏
Karta kare na kar sake shiv kare so hoye. Teen lok nau khand mein mahakaal se bada na koye😌❤
Mouni and KvB both are very big worshipper of Lord Shiva so thought nothing could be better than making a VM on shiv strotam! I Hope u like It!❤😊 @karanvirbohra @imouniroy #mouniroy #karanvirbohra #naagin2 #roshiv#monstar🌟 .

Wishing u all Happy Mahashivraatri❤ Oh Lord Shiva bless us with happy and peaceful life and noble wisdom. May there be peace in every home!🙏 Namha sabah bhya sabhapati bhyaschavo namo namo❤🙏
We should worship Lord Shiva so that we are freed from our wordly attachments just like a fruit fall from a tree after ripening. Once we are successful in doing this we are liberated from this vicious cycle of life and death ~ Yajur Veda
Karta kare na kar sake shiv kare so hoye. Teen lok nau khand mein mahakaal se bada na koye😌❤ #omnamoshivay Har har mahadev🙏
Mouni and KvB both are very big worshipper of Lord Shiva so thought nothing could be better than making a VM on shiv tandava stotram! I Hope u like It!❤😊 @karanvirbohra @imouniroy #mouniroy #karanvirbohra #naagin2 #roshiv #monstar🌟 ❤ .

@imouniroy 😘she is still cute 💋
Allll the best for brahmastra lovie 😘 @imouniroy #mysunshine #monstar🌟 #mostbeautifulgirlintheworld #mouniroy 😍❤❤❤

😃❤M love with this song so thought to make second part too 🙈 .
@imouniroy @karanvirbohra #karanvirbohra #monstar🌟 #mouniroy #roshiv #naagin2 ❤❤ .
P.s - do watch first part also🙏

Sabki baaratein aai doli tubhi laanaa dulhan banake humko rajaji lejanaa❤❤ #mouniroy #roshiv #naagin2 #karanvirbohra #monstar🌟 @imouniroy
@karanvirbohra .
I just love these songg😍😄I tried to do it the way shown in the film I hope it's looking good! Feedback if u liked 😃 Vm part-1

This is my fav bit😂😂😂😂first time mouni ke mu se kalmuhi and kulakchani suna😂😂😂😂 and that dance aahaa, aaahahaa😂💃😍😂 Enjoyeddd Thiss live😍 .
@imouniroy with @gauravgera #bigbazaarfacebooklive#mouniroy
#monstar🌟 .
Full video link in my bio

Pilade deewani mai hu jiski I'm a bad girl I like whisky💃💃💃🍾🥂😂🙈🙈 sry for the badedit 🙊🥂😂
#mouniroy #karanvirbohra #monvir #roshiv #naagin2 #rockyshivangi ❤😆🥂 #monstar🌟

Pyaar hua chupke se😍🎶 her voice is sooo beautiful like her😘 my talented @imouniroy#mysunshine #mouniroy ❤😍old video 🤗
Video sended by @mouni.and.arjun.my.love 🤗❤

Mouni roy spotted at special screening of @akshaykumar 's #padman
😍such a beautiful and breathtaking smile😍 Love u girl 😘 @imouniroy #mysunshine #mostbeautifulgirlintheworld ❤😘 #monstar🌟

❤😍New photoshoot❤😍 #mouniroy #mysunshine @imouniroy 😃Shining like a diamond 😍 my diva❤😘 #monstar🌟

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