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Lin  Lusty for books and have a thing for good tunes. Pro at bad puns and can drink hot beverages real fast.

Those who stay in the west are prone to sadness, for all you get are sunsets.

But darling, I see the intense hues of dusk, those colours so deep and rich right before darkness falls, so what sadness is there to speak of?
#skyporn #dusk #twilight

Grandmothering it up on the last work day of the year. Knitting while listening to Nirvana is pretty knit, if I may say so myself.

#grandmalife #knitting #fingerknittinggood #宅

Amputating natural shade providers to make way for man-made ones. Pretty though ☂️ #streetart #umbrella #tree #sgart

🔹The dinner affair started with steamed dumplings in beautiful hand-kneaded jade and ivory coloured wrappers, served with a fragrant soy sauce and chili oil dipping sauce. ⏩
🔸A light clam broth followed, lightly seasoned with nothing more than salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lime. The umami of the clams was a big flirt, deceivingly light on the tip of the tongue, yet so flavourful as it washes over the palate. ⏩
🔹The dongpo pork (look at the glistening skin!!) with fresh lettuce and fried renkon chips was painstakingly prepared over 8 hours. It was the first time I've tasted such well-sealed flavours in a hunk of meat, and absolutely no gravy was required. Alternating each bite of meat with the crunchy, unseasoned chips switched up the textures, and the lettuce provided a fresh balance to the hearty dish. I've actually cut down on pork for a while now, and I think I'll eat even of it less after today simply cos it'll be hard to find anything remotely close to the amazing flavours of this #东坡肉. ⏩
〰️ Palate cleansed by a shot of home-made 4-year-old tangerine vinegar, which was smooth, light and refreshing 〰️ ⏩
🔸Panfried eggplant with asparagus and shrooms was meant to be the first dish, as the chef wanted to set the uninhibited tone of the dinner with something that we would need to eat in one big mouthful without caring about image or decorum. This was eventually served as the 4th dish, but I had given up on being coy the moment I drank my clam broth straight from the bowl, so stuffing this into my mouth and munching with gusto wasn't an issue. 🤣 ⏩
🔹This "four treasure sweet soup" was a favourite family recipe by the chef's late mother. The intimacy of sharing a piece of the chef's family legacy added to the gentle sweetness of the dessert and nearly made me tear.
Had a dozen dramatic captions in my head for each dish while enjoying dinner, and yet I can't quite put the awe of my experience in words adequately now.

So much heart and thought went into this special homecooked meal, shared over easy conversations and concluded with a birthday surprise. Thank you, 森哥 @nvms9889, for a truly incredible experience.


Levelling up activities done, thanks to every epic person featured and those not photographed but sent your love remotely too. Your well wishes will see me through another year! 😘

#birthdayeveryday #thankful

Non-expert opinions after a good rush of blood to the brain:

Bridge push-up, another formerly much-hated move turned friend that has helped with the glutes, hamstrings and problematic hip flexors tremendously. Not suitable for those who have high blood pressure and existing lower back issues, especially if you can't check yourself for hyperextension.

I've learnt to always listen to your body, and that the "pain" in "no pain, no gain" isn't meant to be taken literally. Working your body to a state of injury is way worse than low levels of activity IMO, and there's a fine line between pushing yourself (often a mental thing) VS going beyond what your body is ready for.

Prioritise good form and posture, over fancy poses, it's not worth getting hurt for a nice looking photo unless your body has been trained for it. 😊

#channelyourinnersadako #bridgepushup #sgfitness #fitnessreminder #imsweatyandiknowit

Party tricks with a web developer
#spidergirl #bugwhisperer #spideryoyo #punsfordays

Not just a month, but certainly a year to remember, even the bits that were lousy to the core. We are who we are because of the good and bad things that happen to us, and even more so when we gain good lessons from the bad experiences. Here's hoping that 2017's bad juju reaps positive vibes in 2018. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
@Regranned from @otimoasia - 3 days into the final month of 2017, and we're grateful for the friends and supporters who've shown Otimo love and support since we started. Managing a small business isn't easy, but folks like you make it all worthwhile! #😗 As a way of saying thank you, some really sweet deals are coming your way soon. Final month of the year, we hope to make it count! #♥ #qotd #December #acaifamilyunite #acaisg #acai #acaiberry #fruitpower #superfruit #superfoods #wellnesssg #healthysg #sgfood #sghealth #sgfood #sgeats #healthyfood #healthyeats #organic #eatrealfood #eathealthy #eatclean #antioxidant #singapore #singaporebrand #otimosg - #regrann

Another fun activity unlocked at @aerialandfloor!

Featuring a playcheat secretary pose (pic 1) and clawed toe man on the moon pose (pic 2), achieved under the patient guidance of the talented @mseunicesim and the support of partner Jan. The process of getting into the poses is clumsy and unglam, but hey, I did it!
Injured shoulder popped a bit cos I exerted strength the wrong way, and I know the bruises are forming, but the pain actually feels pretty good? 😅 Oops.

Can't wait to hang again!
#closetmasochist #letshangout #aerialhoop #aerialandfloorsg #aerialfitness #selfimprovement

Always doing last minute shopping for Christmas? Don't be that person this year lah 😆 Make use of good deal + shop early = smart shopper! -------
@Regranned from @otimoasia - Busy and happy Sunday morning at the Ótimo office, we're getting your orders out while singing along to @teddysphotos songs 😁

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👵🏻❤️👩‍❤️‍👨 Congrats @blackeyedben and @xueshasha, welcome to the family!

#sgweddings #badassgrandma

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