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Lin  Dog-ma four times over with an intense book lust, a thing for tunes and the written word. Pro at bad puns and can drink hot beverages real fast.

At the neighbourhood salon for her weekly blowout and "setto". Her memory may be failing, her legs may not be as strong as before, but she's still the same badass granny I love.
#mygrandmaiscoolerthanyours #oldhabits #beautyrituals #familylove

1. Single pop
2. Anyhow pop
3. Savage pop

What type of popper are you?
#whoneedsnetflix #allwrappedup #bubblewrap

Awkward selfie to celebrate first day out of the house in 5 days since the extreme tendon inflammation hit last Sunday. Not proud that I only clocked a grand total of 1200 steps (!!) in 5 days, but feels good to be able to walk pretty normally now. A different type of #achievementunlocked I reckon 😅

No more baikah, back to paigia.
#icankickassagain #designerbags

Once you go black, you never go back.
Well, except at home where I regularly get possessed by a colour blind carebear-unicorn-teletubbies hybrid ghost.
#blackisthenewblack #latenightdoodles

There's just something comforting about the smell of burning matches. Say, do you strike inwards or outwards?

My lameness is my weapon, until it starts to manifest in physical form. Then it becomes my crutch.
#karma #doggoneit

Original mercat photo by @rozyew inspired my hyper-realistic drawing. Swipe for background story of this #badlydrawncats series 🤣 What can I say, I'm simply too pawsome. 🐱

#closeenough #CATerpillar #artmirrorslife #难怪小学美术不及格

Hopes dashed, hopes trashed. Toto-lly waste money.
#sgpuns #sgig

He held my hand tight, unwilling to let go. I felt a tender love fill my heart... and a slobbering wetness cover my fingers as he attempted to stuff my hand into his mouth. 😯

#wingmaninthemaking #lunchdate

Once upon a time, my brother had an older bro instead of a sis.
#ahboyareyouchinese #cousins

Phone rang at 730am.

Bro: Sis, Nugget is awake, do you wanna play with him before we leave?

Me (Bleary eyed): okok

Bro, at my room door, passed nephew to me.
Bro: ok you guys have fun, I'm going back to sleep for another hour.
#connedintobabysitting #wewokeuplikethis #latergram

Nobody told me it was gonna be so difficult to say bye. 😢😢😢😢 Thanks everyone, going out in dino swag, with so much love.

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