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Amanda McCrossin 🍷YouTube  The Sommelier with a Bon Vivant lifestyle 🍷 #Sommelier @pressnapavalley 📍 Napa Valley 📽 YouTube Creator 🎞👇🏼$15 Friday- 3 Fav 2018 #rosè ‘s VIDEO👇🏼

#tbt to a few of my favorite things at the first (hopefully annual?) Mr. Pink #rosé party! What are your thoughts on canned wine? Into it? Not into it?? I’ve been kind of eh about the whole thing, not because I don’t like the idea, but because I haven’t tasted anything I’ve been excited about. So I was pumped to taste the next iteration of the @sanswineco lineup which is now focusing on more single-vineyard wines for their all canned-wine brand and includes a Riesling from Rutherford, an appropriately carbonic carignane from Poor Ranch in Mendocino, and a Rosé which is now a bit more dry than it had been in the past. I’m going to be sitting down with the Sans Wine crew next week to get their take on the business of canned wine so make sure to leave some questions for them in the comments below!! Be sure to scroll through to enjoy some sexy shots of @winexyz and his effortlessly delicious pink Juice under his own label Le Artishasic 💕 Huge thanks to @complinewine for kicking off our summer season right with some of my favorite local rose producers!!!

Today’s #winewednesday goes out to a most deserving bottle of ‘96 Dunn Howell Mountain opened and poured @sundayschoolatpress by @beer_jonah and @saraebeer 🖤
A particularly lovely bottle of this wine, with just the right amount of Brett. As one of the OG Howell Mountain producers, Dunn remains a cult favorite among those seeking structure, tannin, and often times, Brett. And if you’ve ever had older Dunn with any sort of regularity, you’ve surely noticed the irregularity of Brett that exists with any bottle pre 2002. The subject of Brett remains a debatable one better suited to be argued by more researched professionals than I (see @kelliwhitewine ‘s shockingly comprehensive article on it on @guildsomm ). But as it relates to my own palate, I remain in the less is more camp. In any case, this Dunn was pretty as a peach, showing a faint hint of funk, just enough to give it personality but not enough to define it- a problem I often find in other vintages where it can be downright overwhelming. It was a pretty killer ending to a very fun afternoon. Looking forward to seeing the next 15 of you on May 20!
#howellmountain #mountainwinery #napavalleywine

First Day of School! @sundayschoolatpress
Sitting here trying to wrap my head around those 90 incredible minutes with @beer_jonah and @saraebeer of 🍷 Without hyperbole, my heart is absolutely warm and full tonight as I lay here grasping to hold on to the already fuzzy details of those magical moments. What seemed like a pipe dream became a reality today, and I’ve never been prouder of my girls and teammates @gilliedoc and @nicolizmurray for pulling this off - i love you both ❤️ To the first 15 of you who took a chance on our crazy little idea, I can’t begin to thank you enough for your support and enthusiasm. I hope you found our conversation as valuable as I did and left with more than a goodie bag full of @professorbagel east coast bagels. We’re just a couple of east coast girls who are lucky enough to have landed in the greatest place in the world with the absolute best people in the world. Tomorrow we will launch our next Sunday School and if you want in, I suggest you head to the @sundayschoolatpress website and sign up for the list immediately. The list will be the first notified tomorrow when the event goes live and the 15 tickets go on sale. And if you’re wondering who the next guest is...well...I suggest you head to my IG stories 🐻 thank you again to all and don’t forget to tell your mother you went to church on Sunday.
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What’s the best thing about Forty Ounce #rosé ?? F’ing everything... but drinking straight from bottle is certainly up there 😆
Hate the concept or not, it certainly gets your attention - and I’m always ok with more eyeballs (and mouths) on Wine 🍷 This weeks #$15Friday is multiplied by 3. My FIRST 3 picks for 2018 summer rosé’s offer three very different choices for all different palates and occasions. Because after all, not every rosé is made equally. I’m debunking a few myths about color as it relates to sweetness, but if you really want to dive deep i highly recommend grabbing a copy of @geturgrapeon Victoria James ode to rosé: Drink Pink. It’s the perfect summer read to kick off the warmer months and welcome a few new pink bottles into your cellar while learning a bit more about the nuances of this often misunderstood Wine. Enjoy your Saturday and follow me today on IG stories as I head to @complinewine for their Mr.Pink party this afternoon! Cheers and happy Saturday!! **link to video in bio.
Featured wines:
@kermitlynchwine Domaine de Fontsainte Gris de Gris
@thackreywines Fifi
#drinkpink #roséallday #drinkrosé #bestrosé #winetasting

Throwing it back to Bond and that epic tasting a few weeks ago #throwbackthursday 🍷
I love 💕 wines from EVERYWHERE at ALL DIFFERENT price points!!! Big and bombastic, mineral and enamel removing, aged $$$ beauty, or a $15 40oz rose with a screwtop - there’s a place for just about everything for me just as there’s a place for a taco 🌮 truck on Thursday morning and a 10 course tasting menu at a Michelin starred restaurant that night. I love ‘em all....well, a lot of them anyway. Do you feel the same way?? Are there certain wines you just will not drink?? Comment below and tell me what drinking camp you’re in.
**if you missed me waxing poetic about the ‘14 Bond wines, feel free to jump on over to my post a few weeks’s LENGTHY. But truly, I meant every word
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Filming Day!!! 🎞📸 SO many new episodes coming soon, INCLUDING a brand new series!! I’m so excited to share more content on a per week basis with you and am committed to delivering quality recommendations at every price point. It takes a lot of Wine to get there, and most wines wont make the cut. The good news is am not sponsored and can recommend whatever the heck I want!! If there are things you’d like to see, say so in the comments! I appreciate you all more than you know. I am so inspired by your passion and support. You motivate me to get better and do more and for that I am truly grateful 🙏🏻☺️
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Current obsession. 1985 Phelps Backus Vineyard. Literally can’t get enough of this monster. I’ve loved the old Phelps Eisele’s in the past, but over these last few months my favor has shifted more in this direction. The rumor goes, after the Phelps passed on purchasing the Eisele vineyard (which the Araujo’s subsequently made their name with), they purchased Backus in an effort to soften the feeling of regret. Who knows if the rumors are really true, but I think the decision was a sound one. Powerful, intense, brilliantly youthful and textured. This #Oakville vineyard delivers on so many levels and continues to today. Even now, I am blown away by the quality of these wines which showcase a more precise, focused, single vineyard wine as compared to the Insignia blend. Don’t get me wrong, I love both. But the nuances of the Oakville vineyard and the intensity these wines possess make, especially with age, a truly interesting, compelling, and structured wine that can age for decades. .
#napavalleywine #napavalleylife #drinknapa #winegeek

The rain 🌧 always makes me a bit nostalgic. Revisiting a pretty happy moment in my life back in Hong Kong a few months ago when I tasted the @penfolds g3 for the first time. Words will never describe how I felt in that moment, so I made a video instead 😊 Check it out - the link is in my bio 🍷 .
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The Outlier. Is this rosé ??? Have you had this wine? Comment below if so. 👇🏼
What do you do when something fits into no existing category? It’s an interesting conundrum for Maggie Harrison (@harrisonkirts ) of @antica_terra wines in Oregon. No stranger to the avant-garde, Maggie has produced what she has labeled as a #rosé 💕 But the wine decidedly is not.... Or is it? To look at its rich ruby color, almost lathering viscosity, and textural depth, rosé would not be the first thing that comes to mind. It is, as she puts it, “experimental.” It is neither one nor the other. Made in a unique way, to produce a unique wine. A wine in its own category who’s brothers and sisters are most certainly in categories of their own as well. At the tasting for this wine last week, a trade professional made the observation that across the board, the Antica Terra wines don’t taste like their from #Oregon or elsewhere. She wasn’t remarking on a lack of #terroir and what she said was completely accurate. If we were blind tasting any of these wines, what would we call? They weren’t obviously Oregon, but they also weren’t decisively California, or even new world for that matter. It was confounding. How could wines with so much character and terroir, expressed so beautifully across the board, be so ambiguous? We were collectively blown away by the quality and wanted more, but the question of how and why remained. I don’t have the answer. I typed several things beyond this point in search of something that might lead me to the answer and got no closer. The reality is, I don’t think we need to have an answer. Just the ability to accept and embrace when things are magically delicious and keep it moving. I should mention, I found these wines to be just that, and should you find yourself within arms reach - grab it.

Thank you to @theriddlersf for helping to fulfill both our princess 👸🏼 and #champagnedreams last night... and also for leading my parents to believe I attended an event with Michelle Obama NOT drink my face off at an underground sushi 🍣 spot until I passed out in an uber 🤦‍♀️ Fav Hangover remedies below s’il vous plait 🙏🏻🥂 @gilliedoc @kelliwhitewine @nicolizmurray

Happy Easter from your favorite Wine 🍷 (and candy 🍭 ) loving Bunny 🐰 🐣🐇 This was before my sister was born and sharing snickers wasn’t a thing.
**special shout out to my mom @retirementlivingleader for sewing this costume and turning me into a bunny with just a few key pieces from Mary Kay. She’ll be doing a Bunny Makeup tutorial LIVE on IG later for any of you who are interested in how to get those whiskers just right.
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The learning never ends. **which reminds me - only TWO tickets left for SUNDAY SCHOOL - see previous post!!**
For those of you in the wine world, you understand that when it comes to learning about the juice, it never really ends. The constant evolution, the variables, the shift in styles - just when you think you’ve got it, It surprises you. I was fortunate a few days ago to be included in a library tasting of wines pulled deep from the archive of Napa Valley’s oldest winery - @charleskrugwinery 🍷
I’m pleased to say both were showing beautifully, but I was blown away by the ‘74 (sadly cut out from this pic). In any case, I’m back to documenting a bit more and the video of the whole thing - including some fun anecdotes from @eashanm and her uncle Peter Mondavi Sr. It’s a short and sweet video that I think you’ll find fun, I certainly had fun making it on what turned out to be one of the most beautiful days of the year so far! Cheers and happy Friday everyone!!!!
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