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Tom Blankenship  Bass things for @mymorningjacket ✌️️❤️🍕NASHVILLE

Wha? Okay, so like what wuz yer fave Gameboy cartridge?

Incredibly proud of my dude @carlbroemel & honored to have been a part of his gorgeous new rekkid. Stoked y’all get to experience this musical journey next week.

Suckin on chili dog behind the Tastee Free-yeeze

Back in February with the dudes @hotelwar ☄️ #fbf

This was my church on Sunday mornings. But it wasn’t always like that. For years mom & I would sit thru service at the local Methodist church. One morn when I was in hs she asked if I wanted to skip Sunday School to hang out w/ her & my aunt at DQ. I was totally cool with this. SS was just discussions about the bible, which is kinda like convos about Lord Of The Rings but not nearly as fun. DQ was smoky & greasy & filled with genuine laughter. I was treated like an adult. Like the things I felt & thought were validated & valued. And everyone talked about real shit that was going on in their lives. No one was hoping that a fictional character from a fantasy book would one day save them. But sometimes I still think it would be cool if Gandalf appeared in a flash of light with some biscuits n’ gravy to help me on my journey. Amen.

Every bag of Bugles should come with a warning about ghosts 👻

Whadda ya do when you’re a trumpet player in 7th grade concert band? Make a superhero of yourself over John Buscema’s pencils in How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way. Guessing my superpower is shooting trumpet sounds from my hands? Aw hell yeah. Note the Gambit trench coat, cos it was the early nineties. #tbt 💪🎺💥

The light in the window is a crack in the sky

Proof I’m not a natural redhead 🧜‍♂️

“Dad said it was Cookie Monster vocal day” -🍪 the cat

Happy August! Listen to “Little Sunflower” by Freddie Hubbard on repeat.

Sometimes it’s fun to keep a secret knowing that its revelations will produce a lotta smiles. Excited y’all have the opportunity to hear this album that’s been keeping me company on many a long walk & quiet morning. Proud of my dude @carlbroemel for crafting another beautiful rekkid & letting me be a part of his fantastical & evolving musical journey once again. Y’all are in for a treat.

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