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eric johnson  バドトフー

not the og hardcover, but it will do.

was dope

#rtj #runthejewels let fuckin go

these def weren't as popular as the first RT x Nike af1s, but i rocks with them and with another week of rain in Oakland, these will be on feet for sure.

could never find OG spiridons in my size, so these will do.

finally grabbed RTJ3 on vinyl
#rtj #runthejewels

so I was like, "I need my feet to look even bigger, and make me about 6' 2", and Rick was like, "I got you fam". Adidas x Rick Owens Mastodon
first kicks of 2017

dear 2016,
get yo bitch ass outta here.
Eric & couch leopard

my album of 2016:
Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition
my top pickups of 2016:
near mint copy of UNKLE - Psyence Fiction, which is one of my top 10 albums ever. AND an unopened ORIGINAL copy of the Batman soundtrack by Prince.

hopefully 2017 is as good for music as as it was this year.

didn't even get shot at. 🙏

you ain't the boss of me, now gimme my damn bag...

every now and then I pull these out of back of my closet. time to let them go