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someofmybestfriendsarebooks  Live in 🇬🇧Belfast 🇮🇪 with my wife & 👭 Big reader, 📖 sometimes writer ✒ Dream Job: high school librarian 🏫 🆕 Love finding new writers! 🆕

⚡The Power⚡
Have been meaning to read this for a while, I Unfortunately I am not that impressed, (sorry everyone). There is a local reading group in a bookshop so I thought 'right, I'll read it now!' I just needed more details on the characters, their little idiosyncrasies, ticks and frailties to bring them to life. It is a story of events rather than characters and I needed both.
Sorry everyone, cos I know this is a very popular book.
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So excited! 😁

The new Frances Hardinge has arrived! A Skinful of Shadows.

Such a great writer, did I mention that I am excited.! It's so pretty, the cover reminds me of the bear and the nightingale.

#WaterstonesBelfast #franceshardinge #askinfulofshadows

👋 Hello book lovelies 👋

Sorry that I have been away for so long. In truth I have not been well and the 'real' world has been invading! 😨😱 It's good to be back 🔙

#bookstagram #penguinclassics #elizabethgaskell #northandsouth

Page 77 and enjoying very much. Usually Historical Lit is really not my thing but this is superbly written with lovely little touches of detail. And Mr Smith in the middle of it all is a great mystery in himself.
#francesspufford #goldenhill #faberandfaber #faberpublishing

Almost the weekend. Part 2 of the week, and the best

#theroadtowiganpier #tfifriday #almosttheweekend #bookstagram #georgeorwell

. . Stephen King. . 🔫The Gunslinger 🔫 🗼The Dark Tower 🗼
Well life seems to have been very busy just recently although I have no idea why?
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George Orwell
The Road to Wigan Pier
Only about 50 pages in but brilliant.
I don't often read non-fiction but Orwell's accounts are so well written and compelling I am hooked. More journalistic than Down and Out in Paris and London but I think sharper somehow, less romantic.
#georgeorwell #theroadtowiganpier #penguinmodernclassics #penguinpublishing #bookstagram #non-fiction

Family day

Stepping back in time

The blue one is pop's pink is boo

My holiday read 📖
The family 👪 is on holiday in beautiful Donegal. We see sharing my my wife's sister's family.
So we have a house full, five mischievous kids and four adults trying to relax.
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🌬️Chronicles of Narnia 🦁

Mr Tumnus at CS Lewis Square, Belfast.
@geniebooks and me have been reading The Magician's Nephew for bedtime 🛌 story for our girls 👭Pop and Boo.
Confession time. I did not like the Chronicles of Narnia as a boy and have never read them before. Some of the language has aged very quickly and feels a little starched but the worlds are compelling and feel very up to date.
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