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On our way to 80% of an #eclipse

Beauties from the farm

When you walk away from your #eggs and leave them in the hot pot, you have no one to blame but yourself for the gross green chalkiness. 😢 next time I set the timer for 7 minutes and shock 'me right away ❄️💦

Taking off the doors was a game changer, but how do I use that shelf without keeping my step stool there permanently?#shortgirlproblems

What's more #American than asiago cheese with olive and chives cream cheese on #bagelfriday @panerabread

Much thanks to @nic.antoinette for the quote, @divyae for the mirror, and @ikeausa for letting me continue to be a college student forever and ever amen 🙏🏾

Finally #knitting @jared_flood's Koolhaas #Hat after years of admiring it! Also, that #Roomba in the back was the best birthday gift ever aka the gift of TIME. So here's a two-fer of things to make up for missing yesterday's #happier2017 post.

It's amazing what my momma and some Michaels clearance can pull off--as much fun as it is to see the seasons change, seasonal #decor is less impact and more #happier2017

Plummer's putty and other cheap fixes to life's dilemma's, see also: a new shower caddy with working tension rod, non-faded door decorations on clearance, and coupons for items you need that are also on sale this week #happier2017

When your #plant is flowering #happier2017

Getting to sleep always makes me happier. Getting to sleep earlier and/or longer would make this a #happier2017 #goals

New #headphones so your #happinesspodcast inspired #happiness911song playlist can be heard in both ears simultaneously, all of the time, and regardless of how you position the wire relative to the phone and your body #happier2017

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