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soma system  soma system® is a self-bodywork practice that blends movement-based assessment with myofascial release, stretching, and strengthening.

No comments needed. Our customers are satisfied with the value they get. Go ahead and give a try to a Soma System massage ball set. You won't regret. #triggerpointtherapy #massage #relaxation

Don`t let tensed feet to destroy your vacation! Thanks God, there is no need to look for a personal massager on your voyages. With Soma System, you can take a massage with you! Even in Rome 🙂 #vacation #Rome #somasystem #tension #release

All you need is... love! The good old truth now has a scientific proof! Researchers revealed that holding someone's hand or hug buffers the stress response... P.S. can't find a warm hug? Take a hot bath instead. Jokes aside, a survey showed that it literally makes you more socially connected and open to others! #stress #release #hug #warmup #soma

Guys, summer is around the corner, and it's a high time to start exercising! By the way, researchers found that increasing the amount of moderately intense exercise reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. P.S. sexy and vigorous body is a benefit! 😉 Find out more details on The Atlantic blog. #health #heart #summer #run #move #live

The truth is, constant stress triggers your body to release hormones which impair your health and increase the risk of dangerous diseases. Adrenaline, for example, speeds up your heart rate and can raise blood pressure. Cortisol, in its turn, causes changes in the blood vessels that can, over time, increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.Find out more details on The Atlantic blog#howtoovercomestress #stress #theatlantic

Uhh...I already feel this pleasure😍🙈 #triggerpoints #relax #sport #yoga #healthcare #somasystem #spikymat

Still don't know how to use Soma System tools? No worries. Keep track of our posts and stories. Let's have some fun together 😉 #triggerpoints #relax #sport #yoga #healthcare

Ho Ho Ho guys, Christmas is coming and everyone is looking forward to receiving presents.🎄
But you are not Santa and you didn’t have all year to prepare for this magic time.🎅
Does choosing tons of presents for your family and friends create unwanted migraines? 🎁🎁🎁
Let Soma System be your helping Elfe.
We offer the best package to get rid of headaches at this wonderful time. 🎇
Pamper yourself or be a hero for others.💪
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What could be better than the gift of health, both mental and physical? You probably have a friend, a relative or someone else you care about, who regularly or occasionally experiences headaches. Sure, a pill might alleviate the symptoms for a short period of time, but it won’t address and treat the causes of the headaches.🎄🎁
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Get the relaxation and pleasurable feeling that comes with a good deep tissue massage. And don’t forget the people you care about 👌🛍🎁
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