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Soma Snakeoil  Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation. Frankl

Last evening of @libbycoy makin’ art time. Our palettes have started making out, see their slobbery kisses tomorrow. 💋❤️🔥🎨#taboo #ilovelibby

This Lady. Those who know, know she’s my heart, my Domina, Mentor, Anya, BDSM Mama. She taught me the art of blades, needles and respect not just for flesh, but for ritual, history, protocols and nourished a deep empathy along with tools for empowerment. I honor her in my heart daily. We’ve made a lot of art together throughout the years. Art with skin, tears and blood as well as visual art. Tomorrow we have our first traditional art show together. She’s gonna show her incredibly rich, intimate, feminine portraits from her simultaneously soft and savage long running project Cage of the Soul. Which includes a whole lot of my boots & boobs, if you must know. Can’t wait to explore Taboo with my Mentor. @hello_domina @romanticrock @shoptakemehome @libbycoy @heygrrrlcollective Details for art show on flyer on last photo in this series. Please join us!

We had a very positive phone call with Congresswoman Bass’ Senior Counsel this morning. We will be in further communication. They’re not making promises, but they are listening. We are sending them the ESPLERP agenda. Thank you Mistress Elle, Tara Indiana and Roger Pipeline for preparations for this communication.
If you’re not aware of ESLERP, please read up. LINK IN BIO The list of expectations/needs for the sex worker community and the back up research is comprehensive, cohesive and thoughtful. Decriminalization of sex work is supported by Amnesty International, the World Health Organization, the Lancet, Human Rights Watch, and the UN Global Commission on HIV and the Law.

LINK IN BIO to Erotic Service Providers Legal Education and Research Project (ESPLERP) 2018 Policy Agenda
This Policy Agenda promotes a rights-based approach, whereby consenting adults in the sex industry are neither perpetrators in need of punishment nor victims in need of rescue, but rather individuals with rights and agency who deserve to be recognized as free to make their own choices about their bodies and sexual behavior. #sexworkersarepeople #safenottame #noshame #houselessnothomeless @taraindiana @the_sidewalk_project @dominatrixesagainstdonaldtrump #thesidewalkproject #intersectionalfeminism #sexworkersrightsisawomensissue #stilllookingatyouamyschumer @amyschumer

Today breathes, pulses, and bursts. Today just woke up. Today offers an array of choices. I choose Mischief Brew. LINK IN BIO

More collaboration and sweatin’ with my favorite erotic artist and good friend @libbycoy Makin’ stuff! #artchangeseverything #synchronicity #safenottame #collaboration

There’s a lot of things I can’t control. So much that goes on politically is outta my hands, how other people treat each other, cancelled flights because of rainstorms...Bikini Kill surviving the 90’s and creating new music. Basically, I can not control outcomes in any and all situations. I’m not gonna try. I’m gonna try not to suffer over it.
Socks. That’s another story. I can control the socks I put on my feet. It’s an area I can have as much fun as I want!
And my attitude. I can fully control that. So I will. For the rest of the day I choose to wear my cute as banana pie “Mother Fucking Girl Power” socks, given to me by my dude, and have a good attitude. Because I can.
#choosehappiness #choosesocks

Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there's a big disappointment, we don't know if that's the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure. Life is like that. We don't know anything. We call something bad; we call it good. But really we just don't know.
Pema Chödrön

Here’s an old one. Did this years ago with @nikkiyorkhair and @slaveboyjulia The concept was called “Bloody Hands”, a social sculpture to make change by involving people in the creation of art. Was reminded of this today when @slaveboyjulia asked if she could show this piece at @clubthreshold I love this concept. Everyone should make shit. LINK IN BIO to @nikkiyorkhair blog explanation. #artcanchangetheworld

This morning I intended to wake an hour earlier than I did. I had to rush to prepare for work. I hurried out of my cushy bed, in a tiny hotel room, a faint smell of smoky skunk lingering in the walls. I yanked on the chain to undress the window, noting the laconic script “Goodnight” adorning the edge of the blinds. I always stay in the same hotel in NYC when we’re working on HSH. It’s an easy jaunt in high heels to all the places where we work. Not to be discounted, there’s two vegan restaurants around the corner and my favorite place for a good cup of tea. Feels home-ish, despite the swirl of cheap umbrellas, ball caps and endlessly flashing big screens. Today, a billboard spoke to me outside my hotel window. A Bands Visit. I could talk about how much I love that show, but that’s not what this is about. I wanna go on about paying attention to wisdom broadcast by billboards. Something I also love. Billboard wisdom. This one was annoyingly pointed: “Feel Something Different.” Now, I don’t believe the universe speaks to me personally based on my particular needs and the rise and fall of my emotional states. I find that kind of thinking charming. Similar to how we comfort ourselves with notions of God, or all the sweet things people say about heaven when loved ones die. And. The universe sings. There’s no such thing as silence. The quietest moment is bursting with sound. There’s a voice in every color, texture, taste and smell. I want to hear it. Today, I choose to listen to the poetry of a billboard outside my hipster hotel window. Today, that simple advertising phrase is my Bible. Today I choose to “Feel something different.” Love. Agony. Joy. Gratitude. I feel. I FEEL! #feelsomethingdifferent #homestreethome #choosehappiness

I’m bored. It’s an unusual mind state for me. Which let’s me know: I’m mildly depressed. Numb. There’s parts of my body that I can barely feel. Taking a shower this morning I got curious about being dull. What does it feel like? Slow. Heavy. Cumbersome. My body feels foreign. Everything, a little “off”. The warm water barely making sensation against my scalp. I turned the knob to cold. More! Freezing. I want to feel something. To wake up. To know my flesh. The freshness of the cool water immediately evoked a specific watery memory. I had just been evicted. Was living in a motel in Kansas, with my husband at the time and tiny Sidra. We had been doing a ton of drugs. Smoking crack. Snorting oxy. I got cleaned up. Ish. Through Xanax, antidepressants, exercise and decisiveness. Worked every night at the strip club. Every morning jumped into the shocking cold motel pool, and swam my heart out. Desperately. Impassive face. Every stroke and kick, a scream. The water held me. I come back to now. I realize I haven’t been fully connected to my body lately. Allergies. My eyes have been driving me insane. Both the sensations and the outward visual of having red, puffy, itchy, oozy eyes have caused me to shut down from myself. It’s not the only thing. Still. It is a real thing. The body is a foundation for how we think and feel. We can overcome pain and discomfort. First, we have to notice it. Be with it. Not disconnect. I’m not sure if the depression and general ennui will disperse with cold showers and showing up for my skin. It’s certainly worth the exploration. At the very least, I’ll smell good. And. Everything changes. Curiosity and boredom can not coexist.
It’s probably time for a swim.
#choosehappiness #swim #everythingchanges #curiosity

@libbycoy and I are makin’ stuff together at my place. Our first collaboration. It’s called “Hold Me.” Come to our show July 21 in SD to see our finished piece. Taboo art show by @punkrockandpaintbrushes at @shoptakemehome #safenottame #laart #holdme #taboo #collaboration

Taboo. July 21. Let’s get weird. #safenottame #Repost @gunnerwilliams with @get_repost
See you soon San Diego & beyond!! #shoptakemehome #romanticrock #sandiegoart #sandiegoartshow

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