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Soman🐏  Oslo | Norway Nothing serious here🍩

"Cake drives me nuts"🎂

Puh. Feels like Monday. But it's Tuesday. Hopefully tomorrow feels like Friday despite being Wednesday😶

I dislike my hands the most. They're rough, dry, cracked and scarred. My nails aren't pretty either; short and brittle. I often feel uncomfortable when people see or hold them. I'd rather hide them. Inside of my pockets, gloves or sleeves. Just don't notice them

Happy Sunday✨

Rest. Breathe. Take a break. Appriciate. It's your face. It's your life. Stop worrying

This Sunday mood😴 What are you up to?

"Listen to my heartbeat. It's calling you at it's own will"

I'll never wear a beret correctly...

Happy midt-autumn festival🍁🍃🍂🎆 (Was so tired that I almost wrote "happy lunar new year"😧😒)

Rearranging my Wall of Happiness🙆

Also, the unaligned postcards irritates me immensely...

Well, I'm not french, so draw me as you see me💩

I love false lashes, but I feel most comfortable without them. Despite my own lashes are short and nearly non-existent... And my eyelook always seems incomplete without them.. #mixedfeelings

Wolf's Rain

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