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Solveig Wilhelms - Norway  We are all born to die, what makes the difference is what you do in between. And that's what matters. - Solveig Wilhelms, IFBB Fitness Figure Athlete.

Loving summertime with my vegan candy🍭🌱☀️🌸 Thank you mom, you care for me and at the same time for all other animals 🌼♥️✌️ #summerlove #vegan #veganfortheanimals #allanimalsareequal #justice #love #kindness #kindnessmatters

There is hope! 🐾❤️ These dogs have been very lucky! Here is a goodhearted local person who has opened his entire home for 40 dogs! They get good treatment here, also medical. I believe these dogs can look forward to a bright future. My feelings was overwhelmed by seeing hope and joy in the eyes of these dogs today, suddenly I felt I could breathe for a moment, and I could not hold my tears... Important: I experience that several people take advantage of these poor animals that brutally suffer, to make money themselves.
This makes me terribly angry, the situation is so already so horrible and unfair, do not let people with bad intentions and values ​​take advantage of this.
Please be extremely careful with who you donate to !! #stoptorture #justice

Guigang China: We see dog meat in the first market we walk into... then we see all the birds .. there was one who called them "the ignored" I totally agree. Several are scalded in boiling water still alive - just like the dogs. The torture they are going through. How they see the blood and hear them scream, knowing that it will soon be their turn... This is an extremly sadistic story from hell...and it is a reality for all kinds of animals here in China - and sadly you find it all over the world... Culture is one thing - but what about justice...
#veganfortheanimals #stoptorture

It's hard to breathe.
It is unbearable to stand so close to all the suffering not to take them away from the violent and unthinkable pain. Seeing them in their eyes. Seeing people torture and laugh at the same time.
I feel a constant strong pressure in my chest. The pain is intense.
The sun does not come through a cloudy cover... at night there are no bright stars to see.. There is a strong smell of death in the air..the whole city is in a thick gray fog ... It's hard to breathe.

#yulin2017 #stoptorture #china #veganfortheanimals

Yulin is not "only" dog slaughter (like a said before, its a lot more to see) after we now have been banned form the largest dog market, we find a pig slaughterhouse in a small alley. To me, all animals are equal. I am here to speak for them regardless of what type of animal they are. I'm her because I feel their torture.
The screams we hear behind the wall is no justice...... #thetruth #yulin2017 #allanimals #awereness

Yulin 2017. Day 1 of the "festival". #yulin2017 #awereness #thetruth #thedarkness #enddogmeattrade

As you can see, we are not very welcome here. We are being pursued from the first second we enter. These are clips from one market in Yulin today, the day before the known dog meat "festival" starts. They kill the animals in the most barbaric ways!
Today we could see a large numbers of dogs, cats, turtles, snakes ,all kinds of rodents and birds, raccoons and possums. Everyone pressed together into small cages alive, many dead on the counter in whole body and some are stirred in boiling water. Absolutely horrible to see!
I do my best to create collaboration with others who are here fighting for the same thing - Ending this terrible slaughter!
#thetruth #yulin2017 #enddogmeattrade #endanimalslaughter #govegan #stopyulinforever #stopthetorture

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