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Solveig Wilhelms ⓥ  We are all born to die, what makes the difference is what you do in between. That's what matters. JUSTICE & COMPASSION 🔸VEGAN FOR ANIMALS 🌱✊💚

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a group of people taking a hardcore gangster approach to wellness and conscience living... The Lobbyists are doing an amazing job making sure their products they sell to us are able to stay on the shelves...and those companies spend billions of dollars combined to market to us... And the drug companies are sitting back like vultures waiting for someone to get sick to provide a their product... VGANG!!!
Is me lobbying for me, and taking control of my life and what I eat... VGANG!!!
Is me fighting & Lobbying for the earth via being nutrition conscience on what I put in my body and what I support... VGANG!!!
Is me fighting back with my mind, my selection & my dollar... What I buy and buy into effects not only me, but the environment and all living things... #vgang

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Does this disturb you? This picture messes with my head a bit and the reason for that is because culturally we’ve never been conditioned to see a human hand as food. I have a hand, I wouldn’t want my hand to be eaten and it would disgust me to even bite into this, no matter how delicious it tasted.
What is a human hand is made of? Skin, fat, flesh, veins, blood, tendons and bone. Sounds identical to a pork chop. But how was I tricked into thinking a piece of dead pig, baby lamb’s leg or a steak cut from a cow’s body was something to be eaten; but at the same time if I was presented with this grilled human hand I would have felt disgusted?
In exactly the same way that a human hand isn’t food, in the same way a dog’s leg or a kitten isn’t food; neither is a chicken’s wing, neither is a dead fish or a severed piece of a sheep’s body.
These are all body parts. They came from the living body of a someone. We need to unravel the deep conditioning that has hypnotised us into thinking corpses are food. It’s time to evolve, let’s leave eating body parts as a thing of the plants. 🌱

I refuse to live a life on the suffering of others.
As long as I am present on this earth, I will work for a change. I will never accept people's selfish way of «serving» others' suffering. I will always protest on cruel exploitation and maltreatment of innocent.
I will always stand up and fight for justice.✊ .
Now I am also «labeled» ⓥ
because no one should suffer for the gain of others. #justice .
#vegan #compassion #kindnessmatters✌️️ 💚🌱🌎🐷

🕊Be Kind 🌸 To Every Kind 🕊 .
They are not here for us - we are here with them 🌍✊🐾🐷💚 Let's treat them with the respect they deserve. #crueltyfree
#veganforanimals #allequal #justice #kindness #compassion #value #respect #selfless #passion #vegan #stoptorture #bekind

Incomprehensible. Think about this - 56 BILLION farmed animals are killed every year for human consumption. That staggering number EXCLUDES fish, the numbers of which are simply impossible to count. Did you know that factory farming contributes more greenhouse gases than the ENTIRE transportation sector combined? This is entirely unsustainable, it’s choking our planet and the human population is still growing rapidly so it’s only going to get worse...unless WE do something about it. Try #MeatlessMonday, or #veganuary, or just #govegan 🌱 You’ll be saving the life of animals, the planet and quite possibly YOU! 😌🙏🏼💚 #govegan🌱 #compassionoverkilling #globalwarming #animals #stoptheslaughter #bethechange #animalrights #loveforanimals #savetheplanet #justice #stoptorture

Wish you a compassionate weekend everyone ❣️ Remember that many of our choices will affect the lives of others. A single choice can mean life or death to another being.
So people please choose compassion, not abuse.✊💚🌱 #govegan #makebetterchoices #choosecompassion #stoptheviolence #justice #vegan #allequal #thailandstrays #savealife #fightforrights

I grew up with: «Do not do to others what you do not want to be done to yourself»... Ironically, the people who taught me this did not see the whole picture, some very important were forgotten..........
Luckily, I've learned to SEE so I can make the better choice for them and for me. #freedom #valuesandmorals .
So when you say, «I would never hurt an animal» .....
So stop paying others to‼️‼️
Always remember that others also have needs and value which means life for them! Its not only you...
I wish you all a compassionate weekend !💚🌱🙏
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