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Solstice Festival  A Celebration of Music, Community, Art, & Technology June 15-17 • Pam Am Park • Austin, Texas

Day 1 of #SolsticeFestival was one for the books! So much fun w/ @holidaymountainmusic, @ggoolldd, @rashiphop, @thelagoonsmusic, @thebishopsmusic & so many more! 🖖🏼
Fomo? No worries, we got you. Don't miss out on the second night of festivities in celebration of life, love and light. Come celebrate the summer solstice right! Bringing you two more days of nonstop music and attractions! Tickets still available. (Link in bio) 📸: @rohofoto

Solstice Festival 2017 #ShineTheLight: The Lagoons

Blending indie-electronic, soul, jazz, and synth-pop, brothers Joey and Ryan Selan have established a unique experimental-pop sound of their own. The duo are originally from Los Angeles, California and reside in Austin, Texas.

Catch Austin's Spotify Streaming legends TONIGHT at @mohawkaustin!

Tickets still available! (Link in bio)

#SummerDaze #GoodVibes #SolsticeFestival
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Solstice Festival 2017 #ShineTheLight: RIDERS AGAINST the STORM (RAS)

This husband-wife hip hop duo operates from a boundless space and time. Their music and work, crafted from the funk, the SOURCE, and the gods of Hip Hop, is ready to take everyone it touches into a more powerful part of themselves.

Being as Fly & Fresh as possible are also always two parts of the equation the duo never forgets. Therefore, RAS doesn’t leave anything behind as they send themselves and their audiences into new portals of light and life. You have to get up to get down!

Get down with RAS on June 15th at @thesidewindertx! (Ticket link in bio) #SummerDaze #GoodVibes #SolsticeFestival

Solstice Festival 2017 #ShineTheLight: The Midnight Stroll

If Joy Division had an emotive range that extended beyond despair and melancholy they may have sounded a little bit like the Midnight Stroll. Dark-hued, but not entirely gloomy, it may be more fair to speak of the Austin duo in the context of other 80’s UK bands like the Jesus and the Mary Chain and the Wake–with a little bit of whirling guitar wails of early Cocteau Twins sprinkled on top. Reverbed percussion and a thick bass line move like molasses beneath a longing synthesizer and a soaring electric guitar in the opening breath of the Midnight Stroll’s debut LP. But don’t get comfortable, as soon as the song harks back to some 80’s gothic shadows, Aaron Behren’s extravagantly flamboyant vocals descend into the mix–it’s about as far as one can get from the cool monotone that many of those UK vocalists preferred. There’s really is no neat comparison to Behren’s vocal style, but the only time on the record when one can safely liken his voice to another’s is on “Losing My Mind” where he, appropriately, sounds like a manic Robert Smith.

Behren’s magnetic histrionics may seem like it’d be the main ingredient to the group’s exciting sound, but it’s Jonas Wilson who concocts the universe that Behren thrives within. While Wilson often summons the colors of the darker side of post-punk, he brews a sound of his own through his intricate production, and furthermore, there are many moments of their new record that dive into soundscapes that some of his progenitors would have never considered. Definitely keep your ears open for this Austin two-piece, they’re bringing something special to airwaves.

Join The Midnight Stroll on Friday, June 16th at @EmpireATX! (Ticket link in bio)

#SummerDaze #GoodVibes #SolsticeFestival
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Solstice Festival 2017 Shine The Light: The Halfways

Born from the sonic spaces between reality and fantasy, The Halfways are a psych noir quintet currently residing in Austin, Texas on Planet Earth.

Catch 'em at Pan Am Park on June 17th! (Ticket link in bio)
#SummerDaze #GoodVibes #SolsticeFestival
#FestivalSeason #Solstice #Summer #MusicFestival #2017 #SummerTime #Bliss #MusicFestivalSeason #MusicFestivals #Festivals #Music #EDC #EDCLV #ElectricForest #Tomorrowland #ACL #EuphoriaMusicFestival #findyoureuphoria

Solstice Festival 2017 #ShineTheLight: Los Coast

Los Coast’s music is a punchy, psych-tinged, lyrical variety of rock and soul. For the band’s three principals, Trey Privott, John Courtney, and Megan Hartman, this style of music is a uniquely efficient medium of communication—one that reaffirms music’s role as the universal language of the intangible.

Los Coast formed like Voltron, and Trey happened to be the heart. He is Los Coast’s “Stax-worthy” vocal feature. To put it simply, “there’s something about Trey’s voice that resonates with you.” He was introduced first to jazz—by his uncle Hiram Bullock—but Trey’s musical enthusiasm embraces gospel, punk rock, electronica, folk, and hip-hop, among other genres, and his eclectic songwriting style reflects his universal musical interests.

John is a multi-instrumentalist with a particular aptitude for keyboard and lead guitar. He is primarily responsible for most aspects of composition and production for Los Coast, and his creative impact on the band is significant. John’s style is deeply rooted in Americana and heavily influenced by an acute understanding of music theory, which he honed studying mood, texture, and composition at Berklee College of Music.
Trey and John formed Los Coast in January of 2015 and recorded their debut album "Voila" in Athens, Georgia with Drew Vandenberg. They subsequently recruited the talented Megan Hartman to join the band on electric and stand-up bass and feature several local percussionists and horn players in their live performances.
Catch the eclectic bunch at Pan Am Park on June 17th! (Ticket link in bio) #SummerDaze #GoodVibes #SolsticeFestival
#FestivalSeason #Solstice #Summer #MusicFestival #2017 #SummerTime #Bliss #MusicFestivalSeason #MusicFestivals #Festivals #Music #EDC #EDCLV #ElectricForest #Tomorrowland #ACL #EuphoriaMusicFestival #FindYourEuphoria

Solstice Festival 2017 #ShineTheLight: Omenihu
After years of repressing his own creativity, 23-year-old Omenihu has completely shunned the safety and security that comes with having a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a world-renowned hip-hop artist. The Dallas, Texas, native and founder of Human Influence released his debut single "All Vibes Matter" in September of 2016 to public acclaim. "I am an advocate of balance. With so many disparaging messages in today's culture, I just want to help people make better decisions through my music," Omenihu says. Showcasing personal growth and commitment to the artistry, Omenihu invites his fan base into his world every time he steps on stage. Not only is Omenihu proving himself as a premier performer and recording artist, he radiates the qualities and promise it takes to not only become the bright new face of Austin's hip-hop scene, but the genre.
Catch one of Austin's freshest faces in hip hop on June 15th at The Sidewinder! (Ticket link in bio) #SummerDaze #GoodVibes #SolsticeFestival

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