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Lars K  Hanji Edition

Psyched for this...

Back in the US... remembering all of the incredible artists I met on this trip, including master weaver and painter @jigmulnori. She and her friend invited me into her hanok studio for tea, where she showed me her collection of cotton and wool weavings done on custom-built looms (swoon). I especially loved the delicacy of her one-of-a-kind pieces, including these peony and lotus blossoms which she hand-painted on silk. She offers intro workshops in her Bukchon studio for anyone who is interested in textiles! Thank you for sharing your talent ✨

More patterns of mythical guardian animals: bonghwang (phoenix), kirin (deer-horse) and hyeonmu (tortoise).

Master Im gives a sandcasting metal type demo in Cheongju. This city is famous for producing Jikji, the world’s oldest extant book printed with movable metal type. #letterpress #metaltype #sandcasting

Braided mugwort, raindrops on lotus leaves, hand-sewn silk hanbok, fresh peaches, rows of hangari (clay jars) full of sauces and vinegars... all details from an afternoon spent exploring my mom’s childhood home.

At a Confucian academy in Imgo, built after one of my ancestors.

Bulguksa, an architectural jewel of the Shilla dynasty. Some of the world’s oldest woodblock prints (dating from the early 8th century) were found here.

Found a 600-year-old sacred zelkova tree (Samshin) in the heart of a traditional village... also loved the natural yellow earthen walls and half-timber homes 💕

Wandering around late at night with my bro, drinking in both the architecture and busy night market scene. Some parts of Seoul do not sleep. #동대문

Naturally vibrant pigments used for folk art paintings(minhwa)... azurite, malachite, coral, realgar, orpiment + more.

Rubbing of an enormous fourteenth-century constellation map taken from a stone stele. The North Pole is shown in the center. #koreanastronomy #constellationmap

Early moveable type and goldsmithing in Korea. #letterpress #moveabletype

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