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  Random or thematic posts of what I like about the twins, not just on Seoeonie only or Seojunie only. I love both of them.

From twins' uncle. I am so happy to see this. Thet have grown up so much. When I am free, I will do up the subtitle for twins' appearance in Wife's Taste. Too busy these days.

Looking our cute Seoeonie from the calendar that @mozzijun gave. It makes my day as I work. I hope I can clear this major work soon. I still owe mozzijun the notebook. Sigh...

Our babies. 😍😍😍😍

When will this work end? @mozzijun I have no time to go post office yet. Thousand apologies...

Endless work is making me depressed and tired. Source: seojunie

Watching my darlings again. Sorry for not posting. Life has been hectic. Hopefully, I can soon post more stuff.

Dear Seoeonie, thank you for growing up well too. I miss all your cute little dances and tummy walk first moments. Please continue to be so cool about things. We really miss you. These photos @moonjungwon shares give us so much joy. Thank you.

Dear Seojunie, thank you for growing up so well. I miss you and your cute little voice so much. These cute facial expressions make me miss you more and wish that you never left TROS. Grow up well and healthy. May our well wishes be your blessings. Thank you @moonjungwon for sharing these beautiful photos.

Google Lens identified Seojunie as Moon Jeong Won. 😊 Google Lens is fun. You guys can try too.

Was trying put google lens and it identified Seoeonie as moomintroll. Hehehe! I guess all those fans who did say so will be thrilled.

This is to counter other petitions calling KBS to abolish 1λ°•2일. As you can see, the station decided to put the show on an indefinite hiatus (both production and broadcasting) following the scandal of a former member. Link in my bio
Follow these steps:
1. Click link in my bio.
2. Scroll down and click λ™μ˜ (blue button).
3. A prompt will show up. Click OK.
4. You will be brought to the Sign Up/Log In page. You may use your facebook/twitter/naver/kakao talk account to log-in. Click your choice.
5. You will be brought back to the petition page.
6. Again, scroll down then click λ™μ˜ (blue button).
7. Click OK for the following prompts.

@kbsworldtv Please keep 2day 1night. While we, global fans, are appalled by that person, but the production team and cast are innocent. We love the show. #save2d1n

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