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SOLO HNTR®️| Tim Burnett  Hungry, eat. Thirsty, drink. Cold, make fire. Host of SOLO HNTR TV Amazon | Wild TV | Outdoor Channel Brand | TV | Podcast #solohunter

I’m working on getting the podcast fired back up but I’m realizing that I like hearing myself think way more that I like to hear me talk...🤨
Shoot me a list of topics you think we should discuss to get the ball back rolling. #solohntr #solohunter #strongasone #publiclandranch #findingmeat

NEW episode just added to All Access... “POW Blackies” with Remi Warren.
As if stalking black bear with a bow isn’t hard enough, @remiwarren Is going to do it in waders and with a fishing rod hand. 😏
This episode is scheduled to air the week of July 30th on Outdoor channel and is available NOW to All Access Members.
#solohntr #solohunter #livewildhunthard #strongasone

Ive got few words to say right now other than I’m extremely grateful to an old college friend. Hopefully we’re still buddies after the many hard miles and countless ridges and streams we’ve got to cross. And I fully intend on coming home with a Dall Sheep dangit!! These no kill episodes are getting old. Got work to do!!! #solohntr #solohunter #publiclandranch

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WINNER! It’s your lucky day @w1lkerson_. Please contact @joelpilch to arrange shipment of your new @solohntr bino harness, @hoofitsocks socks and @joelpilch limited edition print. Huge thanks to everyone that participated in this giveaway and helped us launch @hoofitsocks! We really appreciate the support. #solohntr #hoofitsocks #joelpilcherart

Say your goodbyes to the original Solorado... The old bull is going to a new home this week.
I bought this truck new off the lot back in 05. The same month I quit my full time job and started chasing a dream. With a 1 year old boy and a skeptical wife I pushed hard to make sure we had what we needed to survive and I went to work learning everything I could about the hunting industry. I’ve chased for a long time and covered hundreds of thousands of miles over the years to rally a like minded community and the SOLO HNTR brand. Thank you all for growing with me.
This truck has been a part of my journey every mile of the way.
Sad to see it go but I’m excited to have a new ride for a new chapter of the book. Time to start writing.
Aug 7th... Alaska... @alaskaadventureservices
#solohntr #solohunter

ALL NEW Episode just added to All Access... “Brothers Bull” with @tradhntr
Available exclusively on All Access and Outdoor Channel until 2019. #solohunter #solohntr

I’d like to announce a new partnership with a great startup brand. I’m so proud of Joel for finally kicking off this @hoofitsocks project. It seems like we’ve been talking about it for a couple years. Today is the day. I think all the designs are awesome but I’m still kind of partial to the SOLO HNTR ones.
Available exclusively at for now.
#solohunter #stepintothewild #standproud

New episode from Season 9 just added to All Access... “Surprise Ram” with @remiwarren
Just in time for #fullcurlfriday
See more at

Dial it up and let er fly. I like the capped turret option for my hunting style. I always prefer to close to within 200 or 300 yards when I can. But it is a nice feeling knowing that if I need to dial it out, that I can.
@vortexoptics #solohunter #solohntr

This bow gets a new home next week. Are you an All Access Member yet?...
LINK IN BIO for more info.
Throwing in some more goodies from @wilderness_athlete with this giveaway too. Good luck and thank you all!!! #solohunter #solohntr @primearcheryg5 @g5outdoors

If you like big bucks, slow motion and butt rock then this might be a fun episode to watch for Whitetail Wednesday.
I’ve hunted this area of Oklahoma almost every year since 2005 and on this trip there were two target bucks I was after. One I missed on the first day and then this one that I killed on the last. It was the classic game of cat and mouse that week. And I feel extremely fortunate to have come out of the woods with this awesome buck.
See this hunt and the rest of Season 8 on Amazon Video or with your All Access membership. Thank you all!!!
#solohunter #solohntr #solonation

Sheep horns, empty soda cans and water bottles, cooler full of meat and the windows down. Cruising back to camp after a successful grind.
I love hunting solo but I always look forward to and take opportunity to hunt with family and friends. It’s kind of what my last hunting season was all about. Much less solo hunter and a lot more duo hunter.
New episodes releasing now on All Access at
#solohunter #solonation

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